Those sneaky squirrels…

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We have a couple bird feeders, bird houses and a bird bath on our property. This of course attracts the squirrels who use the bird bath and eat the fallen seed.

This past spring, Finches used the bird house in the front twice to nest and lay eggs. The bird house in the back yard, designed with a larger opening for the Mourning Doves, has never been used.

Now I know why…

Those squirrels sure are agile creatures!



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11 responses to “Those sneaky squirrels…

  1. DCG,

    God bless your home for hosting a nest for the finches!

  2. DCG, loving Nature makes us closer to GOD. May God bless us all.

  3. Dr. E,

    Hahaha, that brings back memories! My late mother had a bird feeder in the back yard, and the squirrels were frequent guests. It was one of those mounted on a pole you stick in the ground. First it was located by the trees, where they easily accessed the feeder. We moved it away from the trees, but the squirrels were not deterred; they simply shimmied up the pole. One squirrel would get up there, then dump birdseed on the ground for his fellow squirrels.

    So, I took some lubricating grease, and slathered it on the pole. My mother saw the squirrels try to climb the pole after I put on the grease. My mother said that the squirrel slipped to the ground, and had this STARTLED look on his face-ha!

    On a more serious note, squirrels are smart animals. I remember seeing a documentary on the old Discovery Channel. It was produced in Britain. Anyway, the producers set up a complicated obstacle course for squirrels in the back yard of a typical British house. It featured clear tubes, ladders, etc. Do you know that those rascals FIGURED OUT the documentarians’ elaborate obstacle course? Do you know that the squirrels got the food anyway? Your post brought back memories… 🙂


    • MarkyMark,

      I believe that non-human creatures, not just squirrels, are way smarter than we humans think. Years ago, I rescued a fledgling sparrow. I saw her sitting on the ground as I was walking to my car from a health club, and noticed that she didn’t fly away as I walked past her. So I crouched down and extended my hand to her. She pecked my finger! I knew that if I left her there, she would probably not survive. So I took her home, named her Buffy, and set her up in a spacious bird-cage, decorated with little mirrors and twigs.

      I read every thing I could find on sparrows, and discovered that they are among the smartest of birds. Buffy certainly was intelligent: She knew she was in trouble and asked for my help by pecking my finger.

      She lived for 3 years. One morning, when I was doing her seed and water, I noticed she wasn’t well. I took her out and held her in my hands. Minutes later, she died. Buffy had waited through the night for the morning so that she could say goodbye.

  4. We have the same thing going. When the birds and squirrels are through the possums come out. What they miss our chickens get.

    • Ha, I was sitting on the couch last night with the sliding glass door blinds open. All of a sudden I look up and there’s a possum staring straight at me! Guess he was making his way to the fallen seed as well…

  5. The golden squirrels seem to be a bit more aggressive, and not quite afraid of humans as the gray squirrels I feed. Even if I’m on the porch with my laptop, and I have the front door open, the gold squirrel will venture inside, and see the 30 lb. buckets that I keep the squirrel food in. The same one will also descend down the windows, and I’m very tempted to leave one open, just to see if he’ll venture inside while I’m there. He still won’t let me pet him, no matter how many nuts I offer him…

    I don’t have a bird feeder, but I do “spread the wealth” around, to make sure the squirrels can’t possibly hoard all the food at once.

    DCG, you need one of these:

  6. Squirrels and raccoons are experts at “Hang Ten” and it’s so fun to watch!

  7. LOL – That tree rat is obviously a democrat. 😉

  8. I know this is “late” entry, but I’ve just been “catching up.” My late parents fed birds and other wildlilfe, alike , in their large, half-acre city lot near an old, established park (with 300-+ -year-old oaks, etc). Of course, the squirrels were smartest, and raided the bird food…until, my parents started a squirrel-feeding “center” on the railings of their back deck… peanuts and other treasures…all lined up on the large back deck railings…..Upon which the squirrels in their backyard trees ‘bought-in.” They began almost immediatley to recogize the “cache” that ws set up for them….very easy to get…and the more difficult birdseed offerings…..they called an immediate TRUCE and stayed with their own offerings…….


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