"Those Diabolical Tea Partiers Ruin Our Meetings" Cries Urban Planner

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Disrupting the Delphi Technique is Working

The following are small excerpts from a much longer article by an Urban Planner -Smart Growth guru complaining about how the Tea Party is ruining everything!

I highly recommend reading it as a quick pick-me-up for those discouraged in the Agenda 21 battle.    There are tons of sassy comments from ornery tea partiers!   ~LTG

How the Tea Party Is Upending Urban Planning

…Across the country, Tea Party activists have been storming planning meetings of all kinds, opposing various plans by local and regional government having anything to do with density, smart growth, sustainability or urbanism. In California, Tea Party activists gained enough signatures for a ballot measure repealing the state’s baseline environmental regulations, while also targeting the Senate Bill 375, the 2008 law that seeks to combat climate change by promoting density and regional planning.
…We’ve spent a lot of time and effort on fostering civic engagement, through a program for mediating land use disputes, or helping community residents visualize future scenarios. Since Jacobs, giving people a voice has been paramount in planning. Local Tea Party leaders attack those kinds of efforts as a ruse – that planners have draped the public process with the trappings of citizen input, while in fact all the decisions to promote smart growth have already been made. Some might wonder whether there’s some truth to that.
Yet, as in national politics, the Tea Party view doesn’t leave room for compromise. Even the most open-minded and free-speech supporting planner can’t operate when the framework for the dialogue itself has been invalidated. Where does one go from there? The skirmishes at town halls around the country over the past year or so means that planners will have to try even harder to make their case. But in the mean time, the chairman of that sleepy planning board hearing might be eying the exits, looking for a black helicopter, to make a run for it.       Full Article


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0 responses to “"Those Diabolical Tea Partiers Ruin Our Meetings" Cries Urban Planner

  1. Hooray!!! Now if only we can carry this movement to upend the White House & Congress!

  2. The Tea Party knows more that the local dumb officals because the socialist government has made their decision about how to eliminate the faminy from certin parcels of land, and let the Elitist have the land! UN Agenda 21 is the BIGGEST lie told to the American people and the people think that this Socialist bunch of BASTARDS are looking out for us, WRONG. Step back and look at the WHOLE PICTURE, when has this government EVER TOLD THE TRUTH ABOUT ANYTHING!!! They want to control every aspect of our very lives , WITHOUT ANY RIGHTS. They attack Ron Paul because Ron Paul KNOWS that this is just one more way that the government is screwing over it’s citizens! I just hope that the American people wake up before it’s too late! Semper Fi.

  3. Packing everybody into cities… how, exactly, is Bombay sustainable?

    • P.S. TEA Partiers ruining their planning meetings… aw, boohoo!

    • Leaving all those open areas for connected cronys’ “green” (after purchasing carbon credits at favorable rates) estates. George Soros, Michael Moore and Warren Buffett must be all tingly with anticipation.

      • Of course, their buddies in gov’t have get eminent domain and turn it over to ’em with a tax break on a promise to keep it “undeveloped” (wink, wink) for the sake of Green-whatever.

        • The other day, I explained Crony Capitalism to someone… “Oskar Schindler in Shindler’s list, that’s Crony Capitalism” (using his Nazi party connections and slave labor to make money in the beginning on the movie).

  4. I attended a Tea party meeting last night. It was very well attended and our Congressman spoke and answered questions. He is a conservative(contrary to our liberal Senate reps.) and very knowledgeable about the issues and concerns. Most of the discussion was about the debt and concerns about Holder.
    I was happy to see that Agenda 21 is one of the Tea Party’s concerns. It was a relief to me to hear two of our county commissioners discuss the dangers of “comprehensive planning”. One of the issues they talked about is that the wording is so vague that it sounds innocuous.
    The meeting room was packed and it looks like we will have an active group working towards the November elections.

  5. Remember, if it’s Delphi Technique, it’s B.S. … parliamentary procedure or straight questions/answers only, please.

  6. Excellent, finally some light! Poor regressives, real Americans are fighting back now, for the life of ‘America the Republi’c and the baby commies scammers know not what to do!!


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