This Week's Darwin Award Winner

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Largo teen Thorin Montgomery dies after game of Russian Roulette

Written by Althea Paul
LARGO, Florida – A Largo teen has died from his injuries after shooting himself while playing Russian Roulette.
Pinellas County Sheriff’s detectives say 17-year-old Thorin Montgomery and three teenaged friends were on the back porch of his house along 111th Way North in Largo Friday night, playing with a .38 caliber revolver.
Thorin was the first of his friends to have a turn when the gun fired, shooting him in the head.
He was airlifted to Bayfront Medical Center where he later died.
A neighbor, who doesn’t want to be identified, told 10 News he saw an ambulance arrive at the house and then neighbors started running toward there as well. He describes the scene as “crazy.” He says he’s surprised to hear the teens were playing such a dangerous game.
“I’m shocked to find out they’re stupid enough to play that game,” said the neighbor. “Kids nowadays, with them playing with guns the way they do, there’s no reason for that.”
The investigation is ongoing. Detectives will not say right now where the teens got the gun.
Hopefully this stoopid goober did not have a chance to procreate.
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0 responses to “This Week's Darwin Award Winner

  1. i wish obama and moochelle would copy this morons lead and play a game of russian roulette not with a revolver but with an automatic pistol such as a glock.

  2. Good grief how stupid can one be.
    Feel bad for parents though. Wonder if it was their gun?

  3. and the media will play it as being the guns fault and not the kids for not practicing gun safety and pointing a loaded weapon at themselves.. watch the “deerhunter’ once too often and you end up playing russian roulette. steve you have a valid point i wonder could be they forgot to take out 5 of the bullets should have taken out all 6

  4. edward oleander

    Maybe he was just embarrassed about being named after a dwarf from The Hobbit… Either way… Darwin.

  5. Granted, but let me assure you the remaining players will NEVER forget what they learned. If people cannot grasp consequences for their behaviours, then how can they EVER be protected from themselves? We can make social provisions for counseling, etc., but in the end it’s their responsibility to act appropriately, or enforced stays in a mental hospital.

  6. i also have watched the “deer hunter” numerous times also “apocalypse now” i even have a 4 hour uncut version of “apocalypse now” any way i was taught gun safety when i was around 5 years old and never have i pointed a weapon at someone without the intent to kill.. guns are not for horse play and goofing around. they are not toys they are weapons you wouldn’t take a sword and pretend to cut off someones head hoping you could stop your downward momentum in time to stop from slicing off someones head but then again darwin awards point out the flaw in the dna of some people who are apparently too stupid to be allowed to reproduce. and i believe that includes anyone thinking of or having voted for obama.. too stupid. obama is not the answer but rather the problem


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