This Teacher Gets an "F"

Terry Hoffman is a language teacher who organized a student protest in Des Moines, Iowa, against planned school budget cuts . Here’s a sign at the protest:

In this KCCI video, Hoffman is the woman with short grey hair who’s egging the students to chant “Show Us The Money!”


Here’s a puzzle for you: Why do all left-wing women of a certain age look the same? Berkeley is full of women who look just like Hoffman.


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If they could get kids to use “are” correctly in a sentence, that might be something… but, until then, guess why there’ll be cuts. (And, if these dudes were actually serious about education, they’d be cutting sports first.)


Guv’mint egumicashion.
Jezz gotta luv it, doncha?
Sending a child to a government school is a flagrant act of child abuse.
And please spare me this bullshit about how “it’s everybody else’s government school that is screwed up, not the one I send the most precious thing in my life to.”
Your government school is as much of a failure as everyone else’s.
I hear everybody saying the exact same thing about their congress-critters, too.