This Really Bugs Me….

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Before Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad was apprehended on board the Dubai-bound plane on the tarmac of New York’s JFK Airport, the authorities put out an alert for a “white middle-aged” male suspect — the guy who changed his shirt in this video:

Watch the first seconds of the video again. Do you see that the “shirt guy” did not emerge from the SUV parked at the curb. Instead, it was a second man who came from the SUV and briefly crossed path with the “shirt guy.”
Watch it again. Do you see what I see?
Now, if we both can see that the “shirt guy” did not come out of the SUV which contained the bomb, then wouldn’t the FBI and NYPD also see the same thing? So why was “shirt guy” identifed as the suspect, but not the second guy?
Also, does either man look even remotely like Faisal Shahzad to you?
Lastly, this video was taken by some public surveillance street camera. If the camera captured “shirt guy,” shouldn’t the camera also have video footage of  when and who drove the SUV and parked it at the curb?

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0 responses to “This Really Bugs Me….

  1. Political Correctness is going to be the death of Western society.
    That, and stoopid government goons who are supposed to be protecting us.

  2. Ok, I’ll bite. How do we know the van where the second guy came from is the Pathfinder? But if it is then you are absolutely correct in your assumptions. This is a great cover up.

    • Because the narrator of the video says the “shirt guy” changed his shirt, walked away “looking back in the direction of the SUV.” The guy looked back over his right shoulder at the black SUV parked at the curb.

  3. Blame the white conservative guy first! Oh, wait, it’s a male muslim between 15 and 45… um, there’s no story here. America must’ve “made” him do it or something. (Gee, thank you, liberals.)

  4. As Dave said, this is the typical “downplayed response” as directed by the Obama Administration.
    I can almost hear the conversation:
    [Aide] Sir, we have a potential terrorist trying to ________ (a. shoot up a recruiting station, b. shoot up a transitional station at Ft. Hood, c. blow up a plane over Detroit, d. blow up a vehicle in Times Square, e. ?).
    [Dumbo] Really? Okay, whatever you do, use the pre-determined keywords: Rouge, loner, amateurish, not-likely terror-related, and white guy. We can’t risk people thinking this is Islamic in nature.
    [Aide] Okay sir. I’ll call some friendlies in the media to help spread the word. Zucker, stop rubbing the President’s feet and wake up that sissy, Matthews. Geeze Curic, stop the damn lap dance and get to the studio; we need to keep those idiots that watch you in the dark.
    [Dumbo] Aw, Zucker can stay, can’t he?
    [Aide] Okay, Zucker? Make your calls-quickly- and get back to rubbing the royal feet.

  5. Damn, then way things are going– hell, if we’d been like this in World War II, we would’ve conceded the war to Japan on account of our “racism” by April ’42.

  6. Just heard on Fox this AM that there are rumblings of “poor guy, he had some problems and was under stress”. This infuriates me. Stress is a part of daily life, and people do not fill their vehicles with exposives and plan to kill innocent people. Enough of this CRAP! Call it what it is–MUSLIM TERRORISM.

  7. The whole world is laughing at us because of the Chicken-in-Chief. He cannot govern his way out of a wet paper bag. He lies when he says we will do everything to protect the American people. He wants the American way of life to die. I’ve just about had enough……
    Libertas inaestimabilis res est – Liberty is a thing beyond all price


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