This qualifies as "art": A pop star charging an iPhone in a woman's vagina

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TMZ: Here’s Usher charging his iPhone at Art Basel in Miami using a battery pack jammed inside of a woman’s vagina. Usher paid $20 in exchange for 10 minutes of juice Wednesday night. A crowd of distinguished art enthusiasts stood by and watched the entire thing. 
The woman wanted to show how humans have become dependent on technology and she felt a super-charged vagina would help make her point.  We totally get it.
Don’t worry, the vagina was equipped with a second battery pack … in case anyone had a Droid. Fun Fact: The woman tells TMZ she could take two phones at the same time.
More about the show:
The singer was at the Art Basel festival in Miami, where one Vector Gallery performance exhibit featured a completely nude woman with a battery pack stuck up her hoo-ha. The battery pack had a cord coming out of it that allowed anyone to pay a nominal fee to connect their phone for some juice. Usher reportedly paid $10 for 20 minutes of charging. Video taken at the event shows the Grammy winner initially first walking by, then returning to test the rather unique offer.
The woman offering her, uh, services, is Lena Marquise, and she tells TMZ that she is attempting to show how dependent humans have become on technology. She further wrote on Instagram, “Perfect audience! Usher understood the nuances at first glance, and at second glance got his phone charged by me.”
For what it’s worth, the woman wasn’t the only one showing skin at Art Basel. Miley Cyrus also attended on Wednesday, wearing a thong body suit with pasties covering her nipples.
Accompanied by Patrick Schwarzenegger, she performed with frequent collaborator Wayne Coyne, and smoked a joint on stage. She posted on Instagram afterward, “You know the nights been a good one when you stole a shirt from a stripper.”
Alrighty then…

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0 responses to “This qualifies as "art": A pop star charging an iPhone in a woman's vagina

    THIS IS SICK !!!

  2. You know a culture has degenerated when everything that can be done and has been done is “recycled” and done again. The American scene is more debased and banal than Berlin during the Wiemar Regime. Things are so bad, there’s not even any shock value left.
    I think THIS is what Hannah Arendt meant when she wrote of “the banality of evil.”

  3. This is so far from any aspect of artistic endeavour that it can only be classed as ‘freaks on parade’ for a fee, of course.

  4. this is what happens when people have too much time on their hands…’idle hands are the devil’s playground’….HEDONISTS

  5. Aaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhh!!!!!!!
    And THAT is why I fly into a rage when people ask me how I felt about my years in art college.
    During that time, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. You can imagine how well my new-found faith was received by this kind of crowd. In their own minds, each of them was the wisest and smartest person in the room.
    On the other hand, compared to the Black Muslim I shared my testimony with, this vagina-charger girl would have seemed like a sister in Christ. The Black Muslim girl gave me my first taste of the real danger posed by Islam. This girl expressed a seething murderous hatred for Christians and any non-muslim, that I had never encountered before. So if it comes down to the Andy Warhol crowd vs the Muhammed crowd, I’ll take my chances with vagina-charger girl.
    Maybe she has another attachment that can help me reload my AR15.

  6. This is what happens when “ABNORMAL” when not stopped becomes “NORMAL”.

    • Yup sour for sweet and darkness for light. As I recall the Bible does warn about this upside down time of perils.
      What scares me most is how totally hypnotized the sheeple majority are and if you gently try to invite them so see how sick things are, they’ll sic the DHS, ACLU, ADL, NAACP, GLAD, SPLC, CIA and NSA on you

  7. I especially liked the last line! I have to wonder if she has an attachment that enables her to use the vagina for what God INTENDED it to be used for…

  8. Last night I watched a movie called “Time changer” (I highly recommend it) and I think the main character was right. What we are witnessing is the end of times and we must get back to God or we will perish!!!
    Seriously, what happened to art? Michelangelo, da Vinci, Renoir etc?? When did art become grotesque??? What on earth is wrong with us??

  9. Something else that comes to mind is that she’s NOT “charging” a phone with her vagina-she’s “jump-starting” a phone from ANOTHER BATTERY PACK that happens to be located in her vagina. That’s basically like trying to “charge the battery in your car from another battery. It won’t get a full charge-both batteries arrive at the same charge;a little higher for the dead battery,a little lower for the charged battery. This was all contrived as a simple “Headline Grabber”.

    • I hope she didn’t give the phone a virus…..
      OK, I’m just being silly 🙂

      • I’m not so sure you are being silly–or perhaps I am taking things to seriously. With the instance of genital warts, STD’s, etc. I must confess I would not want to handle any object this woman had placed in her vagina unless I had surgical gloves on. I think the whole thing is a monstrous display of people acting in a “low class” manner. And don’t even get me started on Miley Cyrus; each time she appears, she pushes the envelope just a little bit further. She is neither sexy, nor feminine, nor even particularly interesting to look at. I wish her 15 minutes of fame would quickly get over with! She reminds me of someone who needs to be committed to a psych ward.

        • I hear you, what she is doing with her body/genitalia is beyond disgusting and a threat to public health. People used to be arrested for doing what she does, now it’s called “art” and it’s acceptable. As long as deviancy has the label “art”, it will be accepted. At some point the label won’t be needed because deviancy will be the norm.

    • Won’t it be a hoot if that battery pack in her hooha malfunctions? Electrocution!

  10. Its the end of times, thats what Im going with.

  11. Miley appears to be a girl who is acting out from previous sexual abuse. All the typical signs ‘re there. Look back on the seductive photos taken with her father. Not your typical father daughter shots.

  12. Look at the niggeros drooling over the naked white girl. That girl has no self respect.


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