This pretty much says it all…

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0 responses to “This pretty much says it all…

  1. Clifton Lee West

    Concise and correct, something a Liberal/Progressive will never be. I think Obama is finally getting the message. We will probably see a great deal of “don’t you feel sorry for me,” and “I did the best I could with what I had to work with,” but both will fail the credibility test, hands down. Had the American people known about the gay, Muslim, socialist leanings of Obama in 2007 and 2008, I doubt Obama would be President now. The Liberals knew, the main stream media knew and George Soros and the Liberal power players certainly knew all there was to know about Obama. There will be a number of Americans who classify these people as traitors and I will be one of those Americans.
    Clifton Lee West

  2. incompetence, arrogance, and near retarded electorate = the obama administration a failure in all facets of running everything from a lemonade stand to the country. vote the usurper out in 2012 put him on a prison ship never to set foot on u.s. soil for the rest of his days.

  3. and each and everyone involved igor. every last one of them.


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