This pic will melt your heart

A Reddit poster who calls himself JustAnotherGoodGuy was at work when he saw a tiny, frightened kitten clinging to a truck tire outside of his office.

The kitten’s mother had run away. There were no other kittens round.

The man simply couldn’t leave the kitten like that.

So he took a picture of the kitten and texted it to his wife, with the question: “Can I bring it home?”.

His wife couldn’t resist the little kitten either.

So the man brought the kitten home, brought it to the vet and discovered it’s a she.

Now named Axel, the couple wrote on Reddit that the kitten “has made herself right at home with our 19 year old cat and 2 year old dog. She’s safe, sound, warm, and… loved.”

God bless the kind man and his wife.

H/t PawMyGosh


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Luvs a happy ending!

Werner K
Werner K

He texted his wife with the question ‘can I bring it home?’


Thank God for those who rescue helpless animals. I pray for a long and happy life for sweet little Axel.


Awwww, that kitten is so adorable! I recently adopted a shelter cat to not only save her from being euthanized; I also adopted her so my rescue from Peru would have a friend. She, too, has made herself at home… 🙂