This pic brought tears to my eyes…

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monk feeds tiger

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0 responses to “This pic brought tears to my eyes…

  1. Beautiful!

  2. Kevin J Lankford

    Have to wonder, what the heck is in the bowl?

  3. That’s a real head turning photo, striking to say the least. Kitty must have been well fed on half a cow or something before the pic was taken

  4. omigosh, that’s so precious, God bless them both, sweethearts that they are.

  5. Wow that’s a big kitty! I knew tigers were big, but I was surprised that they can be almost TWICE as large as an African Lion. The largest Tiger in captivity weighed in at 1025lbs!!! In contrast, the largest known African Lion weighed only 690lbs. Now think about how strong your typical 10lb house cat is for it’s size, then think about that record size Tiger that’s 100x larger.
    About 15 years ago one of my hunting buddies took a trip to Africa to hunt cape buffalo, and some of the more deer sized animals like springbuck, sable, etc… and about half way through the month he was there, they had stopped into a village to get supplies and were approached by the guy who ran the town who identified them as hunters and explained that during the previous week a 16 year old girl and 10 year old boy were taken by large male lion. The cat was so powerful that it grabbed a villager by the back of the neck, killing him almost instantly, then while escaping with the bad tasting obama relative, jumped completely up and over a 12ft high wall and took off.
    The Mayor (or whatever he was) asked my friend and his hunting party for help to hunt down and kill the lion because once a lone male stops fearing humans and goes man-eater, the only solution is a bullet. My friend hadn’t even considered hunting lion since it’s typically VERY expensive and as he was to soon find out, incredibly dangerous.
    See… while being one of the most dangerous animals in the world, the Cape Buffalo is dumb as a Democrat. They snort, huff, and typically give many signals that they’re annoyed with your presence and usually charge straight in. Lions are different than anything he or I have ever hunted because of the lack of large predators in North America. They’re good at making themselves invisible to all but a seasoned tracker, they’re incredibly fast, and if you don’t drop it in a single shot, they zig-zag as they come to kill you. So when you combine adrenaline, realizing that it’s you whose being hunted, and the fear of becoming cat-food makes a lion incredibly hard to hit.
    Well they did find the lion that day, and upon realizing how stupid they were to go hunt lion… got a bit shaky and mis-shot the cat with his .338 Lapua, and as the cat came at him, both guides missed AND my friend missed. Now consider the situation they’re in. 500+ lbs of pi$$ed off kitty that’s covering a football field every few seconds (they can run 50mph), and you and both “skinnies” are trying to get another round loaded in time to save your life. lol.
    Lucky for him, he did manage to get another shot off just as the lion started it’s leap of death, and hit it square in the neck, severing the spinal cord and killing the cat almost instantly. I’d imagine he also had to change his shorts afterward. lol. The lion now resides in his “gun room” at his place in Montana and makes a great visual while telling how it all went down. So between that and getting bit by a black momba (deadly snake) a couple years later on another Africa trip… and surviving that AND a crash landing in a 4 seat aircraft… he wont be making a third trip. You only get lucky so many times before it all runs out and you end up being cat-food. lol.


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