This Photo Cries Out for a Caption

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H/T to Kelleigh and her sister who sent this to her!

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0 responses to “This Photo Cries Out for a Caption

  1. LOL – This takes the term “riding b*tch” to a whole new dimension.
    And whoever photoshopped in the sparks needs to study a little more physics, as that bike is moving forward, thus the wheel is rotating counter-clockwise.
    The sparks should be going the other direction.

  2. Caption for this photo…”Let There Be Lite”

  3. “He lives dangerously in more ways than one, and we’re not talking about going sans helmet!”

  4. LOL!!! Does this motorcycle make my a$$ look fat????

  5. lowtechgrannie

    Girl Powwwwwerrrrrrr !


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