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Parents keep child’s gender secret

From One family has decided not to reveal the gender of their child.  And you guessed it – they are liberals. The only people who know the gender of their new baby “Storm” is “its” brother Jazz (pictured above on the left with Storm) age 5, and “its” other brother, Kio, who is 2 years old. Also familiar with Storm’s gender are the two midwives who assisted with the birth.
When Storm was born, the couple sent an email to friends and family: “We’ve decided not to share Storm’s sex for now — a tribute to freedom and choice in place of limitation, a stand up to what the world could become in Storm’s lifetime (a more progressive place? …).”
Parents Kathy Witterick and her husband David Stocker (why different last names?) believe they are giving their children the freedom to choose who they want to be, unconstrained by social norms about males and females. Some say their choice is alienating.
In an age where helicopter parents hover nervously over their kids micromanaging their lives, and tiger moms ferociously push their progeny to get into Harvard, Stocker, 39, and Witterick, 38, believe kids can make meaningful decisions for themselves from a very early age. “What we noticed is that parents make so many choices for their children. It’s obnoxious,” says Stocker.
Jazz and Kio have picked out their own clothes in the boys and girls sections of stores since they were 18 months old. Just this week, Jazz unearthed a pink dress at Value Village, which he loves because it “really poofs out at the bottom. It feels so nice.” The boys decide whether to cut their hair or let it grow. Jazz — soft-spoken, with a slight frame and curious brown eyes — keeps his hair long, preferring to wear it in three braids, two in the front and one in the back, even though both his parents have close-cropped hair.
Witterick practices unschooling, an offshoot of home-schooling centred on the belief that learning should be driven by a child’s curiosity. There are no report cards, no textbooks and no tests. For unschoolers, learning is about exploring and asking questions, “not something that happens by rote from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. weekdays in a building with a group of same-age people, planned, implemented and assessed by someone else,” says Witterick.
Both come from liberal families. Stocker grew up listening to Free to Be … You and Me, a 1972 record with a central message of gender neutrality. Witterick remembers her brother mucking around with gender as a teen in the ’80s, wearing lipstick and carrying handbags like David Bowie and Mick Jagger.
There are days when their decisions are tiring, shackling even. “We spend more time than we should providing explanations for why we do things this way,” says Witterick. “I regret that (Jazz) has to discuss his gender before people ask him meaningful questions about what he does and sees in this world, but I don’t think I am responsible for that — the culture that narrowly defines what he should do, wear and look like is.”
I’m no child expert yet I don’t believe this is right.  Children are not capable of making meaningful decisions at a young age. Sounds like these “parents” are imposing their “progressive” ideas on children that have no choice in the matter.  The children are going to be in for a big shock when they enter the real world.
h/t The JawaReport

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0 responses to “This just doesn't seem right…

  1. Try coming from a conservative (not ultra) family, in which one of the girls decided she was a boy at age two, and feels strongly still at age 18. Every posssible avenue was sought, including a psychologist, endocrinologist, etc, and the bottom line is, this person feels the wrong gender.; Come walk a mile in these shoes. It’s an anomaly I would not wish on anyone. But it happens.
    I must say these parents have take this way too far.

  2. these two in my mind should not really be allowed to have children,this is against the grain of nature. This childs life is at stake here. They are doing an experiment. Some day they will be sorry. [very sorry}

    • Michael Jackson is lucky he died before his kids got old enough to take it out on him for being raised weirdly. Unfortunately, these people probably won’t or the kids will rebel, join the military and become conservative Republicans– either way, these parents will soon be mighty unhappy.

  3. Is there a better example of self-loathing than the parents of a newborn so disgusted with their own sexuality and gender limitations that they refuse to acknowledge the gender of their own child?
    There’s a special place in hell for people like this- one can only wish them a lengthy stay in a Sharia society beginning in the very near future; save for their poor children, off course.

  4. This. Will. End. Badly!

  5. Just like everything else Liberals attempt. This too will fail.

  6. OK, let’s try another POV. What if it were a puppy and this technique was deemed “appropriate”? I’m being serious, because this situation is serious.
    Any ideas on how what the outcome might be? As it is, Dr Lori, Teddy’s vet, chides me for not being enough of an “alpha male” to him, and there was never any doubt in my mind or Teddy’s as what gender we are. I thought I was being the best I could be for him, just as I did for my children!
    Fortunately, Teddy’s matured into a self-assured Prince of Pomeranians, and the only drawback I put up with is that he barks incessantly if I don’t get his ‘fishicles’ out in time for his breakfast and dinner. Perhaps this child will become an incessant requester of whatever it feels it needs….

    • “Perhaps this child will become an incessant requester of whatever it feels it needs….”
      Typical of a liberal!

  7. What a strange conception of “freedom” the parents have. How sad it is that Kathy Witterick and David Stocker think gender is “a limitation.”
    No wonder Leftists, e.g. Community organizer Obama’s political mentor Saul Alinsky, admire the fallen angel Lucifer because he too sought “freedom” and rebelled against his Creator. For that, Lucifer instead purchased the “freedom” of eternal Hell of his own eternal rage.

  8. Some people just should not be allowed to procreate.

    • We’re on the same page in the same book, Dave! I think that when we look at the LONG-TERM consequences for society, the family, and the individual, we will find that perhaps 10% of married couples are truly fit to be parents. Few have the time, energy, financial and spiritual resources to raise a child to its potential under the broadest circumstances of life. I recall all our family’s evolution….
      My children were raised seven years apart. This allowed each to get the attention it needed to become reasonably able to look after him/herself. Even though all were –and still are!– very healthy and happy, each had its trials and tribulations. While I was the main income earner and my wife was a traditional mum, she was also involved in our family business, a 40 acre horticultural nursery. It was all a LOT of work!

  9. You people are all crazy. Whats so wrong with allowing a child to pick certain things it enjoys? At the age of 4 gender is not even an issue. Enjoying your young years and allowing to make decisions based on what you like.. not what society has established is a blissful ignorance that only a child can experience. I don’t understand how this is a bad thing and how their parents are going to be unhappy. and as christians why would you condemn these parents and wish unhappiness upon them.. when all they had are their children’s best interest at heart?

    • Since when did I say it was wrong to let a child enjoy certain things? The boy wants braids, whatever floats his boat.
      Gender not an issue at 4 years old? Ever hear of little kids “playing doctor”? Kids know this stuff…
      What is at issue is not allowing a child to reveal their identity and believing a young child can make decisions for themselves. A parents role is to parent and guide their child. Growing up as a girl, I played with Barbies, Matchbox cars and loved baseball and basketball. As a young teen, my dad taught me to fish and shoot guns. My gender never determined what they taught me to do. Instead, as a girl, they raised me embrace my female self and know that I could do whatever I put my mind to, as long as I learned to do it well. Even if I was a girl…
      I don’t wish unhappiness upon these people. Instead, I pray they embrace how God created them, gender included.

      • ha, that’s funny…yet so true! My friend’s 9 year old turns everything into a gun or sword. Can’t mess with what they inherently are…
        My Barbie days are gone but I still like shooting guns!

  10. Hmm…. Some creative knob’s gone down the comments and ticked a “thumbs down” on all but the last two, which are mine and “Mike”. However, I suspect we’re next on knob’s 2nd visit to “correct” us….
    “Ideas Have Consequences” wrote Dr Weaver, and it’s hard for me to see anything but poor to bad ones for this infant/child, a soon-to-be product of what is, if truth be told, an experiment at best, and perhaps a disaster, at worst.

    • That “some creative knob” is “Mike.”
      Happily, I too can vote by clicking “thumbs up” — except for Mike’s comment, of course. LOL 😀


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