This is why you should never snowmobile alone…

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This guy was lucky!

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0 responses to “This is why you should never snowmobile alone…

  1. That is why I never snowmobile. Period! LOL

  2. Sage the first time I saw it I thought he was sucked up under the other guys snowmobile, and my mind said naaaah that couldn’t happen. So I watched again, you can see the avalanche descend towards him and he just disappears. The guy was extremely lucky that there were enough people to dig him out…

  3. Good grief! How could the guy driving the snowmobile NOT see the other guy standing in the white snow???

  4. Yep, “Oh Sh*t!” was most definitely the right call there.
    Glad the guy made it.
    LOL – I sure hope he bought his quick-thinking friends a few rounds at the local pub later on – except for maybe the guy that caused the snow slide in the first place, as he should have had to cover the remainder of the tab.


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