This is what public education "teaches" our children…

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And they want more of our tax dollars?  Reason number 13,000,002 to home school!

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0 responses to “This is what public education "teaches" our children…

  1. This is like reading the Beavis and Butthead “Ensucklopedia” (e.g., “Spanish-American War: 1840, Rambo kicks Germans’ ass”) and THAT was an obvious parody to illustrate how dumb they were. Aaiigh! :O

  2. That is scary!!!

  3. …”That is sooo like…wait…no…like it is so Not…no, wait…I am sooo not… wait, what was the question??…”… LOLOL! Sheesh, we are in BIG trouble!

  4. There is a reason why this country hit its economic peak when the average education was at the 8th grade level.
    But that was a long time ago, and I am too friggin’ tired to get into the concept of the millions who have now been “educated” far beyond their intelligence.
    Most of them currently reside in academia and government.
    No further explanation required.

  5. cant say im surprised at this sorry state of the nations future we are sooo doomed

  6. This same experiment was done on a beach on July 4th and people were asked what the significance of the day was and who we fought to gain our independence. A large majority of them got it wrong as well. I suppose bias plays into it somewhat because the same questions could be asked in an Ivy league school with nearly 100% correct answers. I would also assume most all of the kids in the video would have had a complete recall of who won last year’s American Idol. What we value in this country has a great deal to do with our education system. But now let’s get down to facts concerning our public education system, and you should watch a documentary called “Waiting for Superman” which, while I will admit is slanted liberal, lt was a springboard into my investigation. There are three reasons our public schools are failing. 1. Teachers’ Unions. Teachers’ Unions, although they have done many wonderful things protecting a teacher’s job, wield a two edged sword. In protecting jobs they create a tenured position that makes it extremely difficult to fire an under performing teacher. The unions’ contracts assure that all teachers are paid equally and discourage paying better teachers higher salaries. In my opinion, this is not capitalism, this is a form of socialism, and it has nothing to do with the government. Our current government and unions are both socialist but they are two separate animals. Another note about the unions…They place requirements on public schools to five day weeks and only a certain amount of hours a day. When juxtaposed next to charter schools that have the freedom of enhanced educational time, the differences are staggering. Finally, poor protected teachers coupled with good teachers not getting the salaries they deserve only hurts the students and thus we see the stupidity of the children on the video. 2. Bureaucracy. And I’m not talking about government bureaucracy, I’m talking local school boards creating red tape to add to larger bureaucratic red tape. The system needs to eliminate time lost through paperwork and a huge decision making process. It’s a tax on school funds that does not need to be there. Someone needs to dictate how education is accomplished. If you don’t want the federal government doing it then pick one and only one to regulate the education system. Currently the federal government hands down legislation to the state governments who add legislation based on their state and hand it down to local governments who add more red tape and legislation into the system before passing it down to the school boards that repeat the whole process over again. 3. Lack of funds. Public schools are one of the best examples of socialism in our country. It is a government program delving out tax money and redistributing it equally among others. Can you think of a more socialist program. Public schools fit the definition perfectly. I don’t have kids in the public school system and yet I pay tax dollars for kids that can’t afford private schools. This is taking from the rich to delve out to the poor. So…If we’re all in agreement that this system is socialist but…it is the only system capable of providing education to the masses, we can only improve it by funding it significantly. Right now the public education system is terribly underfunded because we need the tax dollars for more pressing needs like imperialism to ensure the terrorists don’t win. The sad part of this is there is probably another Einstein in the public school system right now who will not get the opportunity to succeed. Even if you don’t accept that example, surely our decline in the world’s rank of education is evidence enough that if we fail to fund and promote our children’s education, we will never compete with other nations technologically. Technology gave us everything we have today that created the greatest country on the Earth. Just food for thought.

    • Please show me the evidence for how more funding for public schools will improve student performance. The plain truth is that funding has continued to increase through the decades while, at the same time, student performance has declined. It’s a NEGATIVE correlation. But you propose that the “solution” is to increase funding public schools! It’d be funny if the consequences weren’t so awful.
      Ever thought of alternatives to public schools — such as charter schools and school vouchers? How about ridding the school curriculum of socio-cultural engineering content of teaching indoctrinating students on “safe sex,” “tolerance,” “multiculturalism,” and “gender neutral”, and actually focus on teaching reading, writing, math, and the Founding Fathers?

      • You took some of the words right out of my mouth, Dr E (I say it that way because you are much more erudite than I) I have my doubts that Jeff did that much studying of the problem, if he had, there is no way he would have come to his conclusions. Yeah, the teachers unions have single handedly ruined the schools. After installing all of their “progressive” programs, our students began their decline into ignorance.
        Our public education system is horrid, but an answer is coming…
        My governor Bobby Jindal is on the move. After Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans, the door was opened for charter schools and boy! was that fortunate for the uneducated children of N.O. They have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, that these poor (literally) kids could be educated. Now Bobby is reforming the whole state of Louisiana, with vouchers. No longer will we be last in education in this state. It’s also fun to watch the unions scream and holler…
        Kheta steps down from soapbox… 😉

    • Ah, the liberal solution -more money! Why don’t schools try cutting spending to become more effficient, you know, like public sector?
      Schools seem to have time to teach kids how to put a condom on a banana, what GLBT issues are important, “tolerance”, etc. Maybe if they focused on the three Rs, and history (not their version but actual facts), kids might have a chance.

  7. The problem in my opinion is not the funding, it’s the Unions. It’s too hard to fire a teacher who is a member, and therefore they aren’t held accountable when their students fail.
    I also believe education does not stop at the school steps! Parents must take an active role at home in their kids education. Those kids are a byproduct of those schools and their parents.

  8. the public education system has been dumbed down so the dumb get a chance to graduate…. think about this fact the national average for black americans on the act test is a 17 my dog could score a 17 now these kids with their mighty 17 test scores go on to college where race norming exists and they waddle through a state university with their degree in sociology, african studies (which was primitive cultures when i went to college), and education they in effect become our teachers and if you have stupid teachers and stupid administrators the product that comes out is more and more stupid people.

  9. Enough of the teacher bashing! There are many, many, wonderful teachers who instruct appropriately! As a former staff member in an elementary school MOST staff members were competent and dedicated. These students are pathetic but I know that my seven year old granddaughter would have answered most questions accurately and she attends a public school.
    I do not support teacher’s unions. I do not suppport their political agenda and their unrealistic contract demands. Most staff members have little to do with the politics endorsed by the union.
    I taught for twenty one years and I am proud of my profession.

    • I’m with you, hrmfc! I was a teacher/professor too, and a darn good one.

    • I didn’t mean to offend any teachers! I think teachers are undervalued AND underpaid. But I still think Unions are a big problem for those teachers that just aren’t doing their job. Ditto with universities. Why should there be tenure?

  10. I have said this before, the November election will be won by the dumbing down of America or the current administration stealing the election. People just a few years older than these students are voting and many have NO clue!

  11. And the STUPID people want the government to have MORE control, WRONG. You CAN’T FIX STUPID WITH STUPID! Semper Fi.


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