This is what muslims did to Christians in Lebanon

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Brigitte Gabriel – about the Islamism

This video is 47 minutes of pure dynamite.

I will bet you have never heard her story.
Wake up America, before you experience this.

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0 responses to “This is what muslims did to Christians in Lebanon

  1. I subscribed to your newsletter yesterday and this trash was in the first email I received from you. This Zionist pig (Brigitte Gabriel) is responsible for many of the false flags and/or hoaxes that are run by the Mossad. Needless to say, I’ve unsubscribed.

    • “Needless to say, I’ve unsubscribed.”
      Snoopy dance
      And if you, “localhero,” actually think your unsubscribing makes a whit of a difference, do know that FOTM is a non-commercial blog that is *intentionally* ad-free, which means there is no revenue, which means it doesn’t matter to us whether you’re a subscriber or not. The loss is wholly YOURS.

    • localherog2,” I noticed you are from the islamic republic of Grand Rapidistan. It is no surprise that you are offended by a few words of truth from “Zionist pig (Brigitte Gabriel).” Cockroaches hate it when they come into contact with sunlight. So, scurry back under that rock, or seek more secure shelter from the truth a couple of hours away in Dearbornistan.
      As for unsubscribing… it will be tough for us to do without your subscription fees, but we’ll get along.

  2. Brigitte Gabriel was the first voice I heard speaking out against radical Islam. Several years ago I watched her videos as she went up against Muslims about woman’s rights. She’s a wonderful woman and we’re blessed to have her.

  3. Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    Her story is real and is what will happen in the EU and then here if we don’t have the guts to stop it!

  4. Preach is sister, preach it. It will get you beheaded and probably your whole family and those that associate with you killed, but as the saying goes: “I would rather stand up for God against the world than to stand up for the world against God!” Now if the muslim men would grow a spine, and speak out like you do, maybe just maybe we would believe that muslim/islamist are actually a religion of peace. Nay, won’t happen. They will always hide behind their women’s barqua’s. Ever notice that it is the women of the world that have to “take charge.”

  5. Brigitte Gabriel is a good Israeli propagandist. How does one tell a Lebanese Christian from an Israeli Jew?
    Doesn’t WW11 movies show Jews pretending to be Germans and Christians to sabatogue and impersonate Germans and other nationalities?
    Is Gabriel angry that the Moslems are using the same tactics against the Jews that the Jews used against the Arabs after WW11 to steal Arab land?
    She’s attempting to make sure that the Arabs and their countries are never given the favoritism that Israel enjoys.
    She just doesn’t want the Arabs to have the chance to give the Jews a taste of what they gave to Russia and the Christian Czar and his family and Russian people.
    The Jews .like her claim Israel is a Democracy and news articles continually over the years have said it is not democracy. The Jews and Catholic Church are working together and separately to keep turmoil in the Arab counties A news article once told of Christians being persecuted by the arabs, for a few days and then suddenly, it was no longer just the Christians being persecuted , but both the Christians and JEWS
    They still need to overthrow Syria, and make some kind of excuse to get the OK from the American Government to take out Iran , who stands in the way of Israel’s dominance of the Middle East.
    And now we have criticism of Russia, Putin and China: Why? To provoke the religious war all the religious jerks like John Hagee, Hal Lindsey, Billy Graham, Alex Jones, Steve Quail, , George Norry, Van impe and others have been predicting and wanting to see come to pass for years, the return of their phony Jesus Christ?
    Obama made peace with Cuba so that we can have more immigration of Cubans into the United States and possibly the Jews and gangsters get back their casinos and property they supposedly lost when Castro announced he was a Communist after overthrowing his government.
    Gabriel ‘s story makes a good Halocaust story .even if’s it’s true.
    The fact that she shows or claims to surveil terrorism organizations shows she is involved with Israel or the Jews , and intelligence organizations who they still carry their hate since WW11 against the Germans. The Jews never forget. and they don’t want the rest of the world to forget. but their Old Testament shows their vindictiveness towards their enemies or those whom they desire to destroy or conquer..
    We must continually have wars until the United States is laid low and we are not far from it with our massive National debt to the Jewish world controlled economy and money system.
    Maybe the Arabs are fighting back against Israel just as the Arabs were fought against by the Jews who disposed the Arabs of their land and homes.
    Our United States Congressmen knew who rules the United States.
    We have a Jesuit Pope who pretends spirituality and poverty and who comes from an organization within the Catholic Church created by a Jew who formed it to fight Protestatism and the Catholic Church’s enemies. Isn’t it strange that we are continually having disasters. Maybe one of them will inflame the world to bring about this end-time war the religious , tax exempt, high living religious progagandists are wanting. so badly to happen so they can be raptured with their bodies into the air.
    We had a Bush stir up the Middle East by tempting Saddam Huessin to attack Kweuit , Then his son finished the job by killing the leaders of Iraq and Libya and stirring up a hornet’s nest in the Middle East. In between we had Presidents who carried on the war but largely did not inflate it so now that we had Obama claim to wind down the war, it’s time to get another Bush or someone like them to get something going to finish off Iran and the rest of the Arab countries to make them docile like they did Germany and japan.-All the while flooding the Christian countries with foreignors which is why we need relations with Cuba and immigration reform to allow the Mexicans already in the United States to stay and their relatives and others to flood our borders.

    • Gene, did you forget your meds today?
      And you might be a bit more careful they’re not slipping hallucinogens into your food at Sunrise Islamic Academy in Hilliard, OH.
      Ohio No Stranger To Radical Islam
      Is a sleepy town in the U.S. one of the hottest beds for radical Islamic activity? Erick Stakelbeck reports on Jihad in the heartland:

    • The Synagog of Satan.
      The table is being set. Those who engage their Constitutionally-guaranteed freedom to think, speak and act to oppose their control, corruption and evil; who goes against the status quo; who speaks out against “The Synagog of Satan” (Jews who claim to be Jews but are not) is labeled a domestic threat to the agenda and therefore an enemy in the way of “their progress” of controlling everything in the world. They are attempting to disarm us and when this happens we will be culled. Hitler culled many people’s.
      Untermensch (German for underman, sub-man, subhuman; plural: Untermenschen) is a term that became infamous when the Nazis used it to describe “inferior people” often referred to as “the masses from the East,” that is Jews, Gypsies, and Slavs (including Poles, Serbs, Belarusians, Russians, and Rusyns). The term was also applied to black people. Jewish people were to be exterminated in the Holocaust, while the Slavs in General plan Ost were to be mostly deported to Siberia or Germanized.
      While the Nazis were inconsistent in the implementation of their
      policy, its genocidal death toll was in the tens of millions of victims including Christians, Catholics and other religious affiliated people’s, Gays, elderly and disabled.
      David Rockefeller identifies who his family is aligned with. Global elites, globalist, globalist bankers….they go by many names but they are all part of the 13 bloodlines of Satan. Listen to the last speech JFK made before he was assassinated. He called “THEM” out in a 20 minute speech to the national broadcasters association. “THEM” or “THEY” are the families to which Satan made the same promise he made Jesus. “Bow down and worship me and I will give you all these kingdoms.” Jesus turned him down. These families didn’t. Satan gave them temporal, earthly kingdoms in return for their allegiance.
      The Book of Revelation, Chapter 2, Verse 9.
      “I know thy works, and tribulation and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.”
      (This is a very educational site.)

      • Appreciate your contribution. Knowledge of the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, and British and Dutch royalists is an important part of the beginning of understanding. The Rockefeller/CFR publication, “Foreign Affairs”, began as the magazine “Lucifer”, started by Madame Blavatsky in London, continued in New York by another Luciferian, Alice Bailey. It was taken by Rockefeller and changed the name but declared it published by Lucis Trust, and now published by the Council on Foreign Relations. For a time, maybe even until today, Gen. Colin Powell had an important position there and his son, Michael, was Chairman of the FCC. It was Michael who opened the door legally to media monopolisation and declared that the internet would balance fair access to information needed for our democratic republic.

        • Manly P. Hall gave lectures on Madame Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine The Stanzas of Dzyan. I found it quite fascinating. What I also found was that it was mostly plagiarized from many different belief systems. I had intermarried with “On the Reservation” Native American and took part in their ceremonies & sweats, listened to many of their stories that had been handed down. When I read others works I can hear some of the same old stories, they seem to cross quite often.

      • Sheri, while I speak highly of most jewish people I have known, I do recognize the fact that a lot of trouble has come from Godless Jews. Just look at Hollywood. In my life I have done business with many Jews, been friends with many and am friends with a prominent local rabbi.
        One jewish man was asked why the jews so often vote to the Left, when conservative values are more beneficial to them. His enigmatic answer was, “The Jews will always break your heart.”
        When I see ornate constructs like the “Rothschild, Synagog of Satan, New World Order” things, it puts me off a bit. I’m not saying there’s no substance to it, but that it is too easily spun together into different shapes on the blogosphere by 15 year old know-it-alls. It may be exactly true, but for now it is beyond my depth. So if I don’t yet jump in cheering, it’s not out of disrespect. It’s because I’ve already wasted too much time searching out mysteries and rabbit trails online.
        I should change my pen name to Rabbit Trail Dust.

        • No worries! I just wish people who have been “Down the Red Road” would share part of the journey. Links are appreciated! As for Hollywood, there are a lot of good Christians there also. The membership of the Christian Actors Guild is quite impressive! P.S. My CPA is a real honest to goodness Jew. Who else would I trust?

          • Ha ha ha! 😀
            Sorry to get jumpy, Sheri. I completely respect the stuff you shared. I also get that way whenever I spend any time listening to Alex Jones, although I really respect him, especially for his expose of Bohemian Grove, and of the FEMA camps. I panic, knowing that copious hours are about to be lost down the rabbit hole. In fact, I followed that link you posted and already spent an hour on it. 😀

            • I know how you feel, I spent an hour reading about the “Pleadians” that someone thought I would be interested in. I’m just not into aliens, maybe someday, when I see the spaceships fly in. Mercy. So glad you found a good Ha! Ha! in that! Cheers!

  6. If you get a chance, watch the BBC documentary, “Pole to Pole”, with Michael Palin. In it, he travels from the North Pole for the South Pole, and the travel took him through many cultures. Look for the difference between the Judeo-Christian lands and all the others. (At that time, 1991 or so, Russia was getting its soul back.)
    Part two of the assignment, find “Days of Our Years,” Pierre van Paassen, I hope the spelling is close, a journalist for the European edition of “The New York Herald Tribune”, locate and read the chapter regarding the killing of unarmed Jews by armed Arabs in 1929, long before there was a modern state of Israel. The killings took place in one of the first Jewish sites in Israel, Hebron, and it took place after the British in the “Protectorate” disarmed the Jews but let the Arabs keep their guns.
    Thanks for this needed posting.

  7. TD, you are right on all points. I should have noted that Jews are skilled in so many areas, some with skills in finance (a career into which some were forced by illegality of both most trades and ownership of land) were and are unused to prosper the rulers. We should appreciate the great contributions of the Jewish people in areas of medicine, science, art, … I fear that when their use to others is over, scapegoating occur. However, when the time of the Gentiles concludes, all Israel will be saved.

    • That is why I run to their defense when I see them attacked. In my church, because we are very friendly with our jewish neighbors, some vandals threw a rock into a window, and wrote hateful things on the walls, including swastikas. One of our rabbi friends came to our defense. When chatting with our pastors, he said, “Welcome to my world.”

  8. Error: This woman was Beth. Correction: I meant to say “Martha”.

  9. It’s not just Lebanon. Christianity is going extinct in the entire Middle East because of jihadists’ persecution.


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