This is what Hillary Clinton means by being “dead broke”

Hillary dead brokeDuring an interview that aired Monday, June 10, 2014, Hillary Clinton told ABC News’ Diane Sawyer that when she and Bill had left the White House, they were “dead broke.” These are her words:

“We came out of the White House not only dead broke, but in debt. We had no money when we got there, and we struggled to, you know, piece together the resources for mortgages, for houses, for Chelsea’s education. You know, it was not easy.

FoxNews points out:

Technically, Bill and Hillary Clinton were in debt when they left the White House. Financial forms filed for 2000 show assets between $781,000 and almost $1.8 million — and liabilities between $2.3 million and $10.6 million, mostly for legal bills. 

But as the outgoing first couple, they had tremendous earning potential. And within just one year, their financial troubles were effectively gone. 

Hillary Clinton’s Senate disclosure forms show that in 2001, they reported earning nearly $12 million. Most of that came from Bill Clinton’s speechmaking, and the rest came from an advance for Hillary Clinton’s book. 

And that didn’t even include Hillary Clinton’s Senate salary, Bill Clinton’s pension or money made on investments. 

As soon as they left the White House, Hillary Clinton entered the Senate and was earning a $145,000 salary; her husband’s pension was also north of $150,000. 

All told, their financial snapshot in 2001 was drastically different than when they left the White House — assets were listed at between $6 million and $30 million; liabilities were between $1.3 million and $5.6 million. And despite their financial issues, they got help from family friend and fundraiser Terry McAuliffe (now, the governor of Virginia) to secure a loan at the time for a $1.7 million home in Chappaqua, N.Y. 

Stop the “poor me” pity party!

In just one year after they left the White House, the Clintons’ assets ballooned to $6-30 million, and their liabilities were $1.3-5.6 million, which means they were ahead in assets by at least $0.4million to as much as $28.7 million.

I wouldn’t call that “dead broke,” would you?

The American people wish they could be as “dead broke” as you, Hillary “what difference does it make” Clinton. svomit_100-121


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“Ah ain’t no way tard o fightin agin them Clintons.”


This B…. doesn’t have much of a acting career and Obama threw her under the bus because she’s not a good enough liar!


Just think of the money they’ve spent over the years paying others to murder for them.


Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this fascinating post. What a bunch of crap!




This is just a side note–I wish you hadn’t used that photo to get the message across. I understand what you are saying about the Clintons. The original photo has meant so much to me because my family has been near the point of the mother and child and it communicated a special type of love.


Maybe Broom Hilda should hit Chelsea up for a loan.

I saw a story on Drudge last night that NBC paid her a $600k salary.

LOL – For what, I don’t know, but I guess it pays to be a member of the lucky sperm club.

-And having a “D” after your name probably helps, too.



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[…] This is what Hillary Clinton means by being ‘dead broke’ […]