This is What He Told Them Before Telling Israel to Release #1 Terrorist

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12/16/2011   Kingfish Addresses American Jewish Organization Promising Unyielding Support for Israel

12/29/2011   Report: US Pushing Israel to Free Barghouti

The Obama  Kingfish administration wants Israel to release arch-terrorist Marwan Barghouti so he can run for election.


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0 responses to “This is What He Told Them Before Telling Israel to Release #1 Terrorist

  1. I’d agree with you Sage, except Bibi has a record of talking tough and then caving. It’s why he had a hard re-election this last time. The real conservative Israelis didn’t trust him. Also, the lefty Ehud Barak who signed onto the Oslo accords is the Defense Minister. He’s a tower of jello. He followed Obama as a speaker at the Reformed Jewish event in the video above. His speech is also on Youtube. The goofy lefties in the audience mindlessly cheered everything.

  2. I’m sorry. I can’t listen to this man for no 30+ minutes. He has made me very nauseous since 2007 when I prayed for the Lord to show me about him and all I could see was evil and all I could feel was sick. I can stand MAYBE 2 minutes of his face and voice and that is a BIG maybe!

    • I feel much the same way, PA. I post these under-viewed videos to establish a record for the future so when he betrays Israel, people will have ammo, his own words, with which to confront him. To date, this video has only had 270 hits on Youtube.


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