This is What Drugs do to Your Brain

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( – Actor and comedian Chevy Chase told that “I believe very much” in President Barack Obama and that “when he is reelected … we’ll see a number of different changes.”

Watch the video to see the most enlightened actor sharing his thoughts.

Chase was asked if President Barack Obama has lived up to his expectations concerning environmental policy. “It’s too early to tell. He’s young. Maybe he has not anticipated or hadn’t yet anticipated, with perspective, a way to gauge what’s going to be most important to the electorate and to people as he came in because he’s young. Perhaps he came in with all sorts of great thoughts and found out that in fact, in order to make things happen he had to deal with upper most issues as it were that were political,” said Chase.

“The electorate is made up of a lot of predominately men who like to fight who at 18 have the biggest balls of all and are sent off to war who are ready to fight each other and have little concern for the softer things in nature,” he replied.

These remarks come from a man that once said, “I never shot things up or freebased. I was pretty low-level when it came to drug abuse. I checked myself into the Betty Ford Clinic after my nose started to hurt.”

Yes kids, this is what drugs do to your brain.


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0 responses to “This is What Drugs do to Your Brain

  1. Chase lost my respect a long time ago.

  2. Understanding what Winston Churchill once said about age, heart and mind, it does seem to me that it has today almost become an excuse for the worst kind of misadventurism.
    Oh yes, this person or that is young and so you must expect a certain amount of youthful stupidity.
    Yeah, well… I do expect it. But what rips my tent is WHY we elect youthful stupids to lead a nation when, after all, we understand the equation.
    Obama is not a liberal, not a progressive… he is not even a Democrat. To date, this man has shown no tendency towards any standing except like a kid who ran away to join the circus.
    Our president seems on a riverboat ride to hell and we… we are wondering why where we are going and why we are in his handbasket.

  3. This is your brain on drugs…

  4. Candance Moore

    Obama was like 41 when he became president. How old does someone have to be – surrounded by professional pollsters and campaigners – before they figure out what the electorate really cares about?

  5. I just don’t think I want to spend 4 minutes and 22 seconds on Chevy Chase right now.

  6. TV, drugs, and the american education system the trio that is doing its darndest to destroy america…


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