This Is What a Double-Dip Recession Looks Like

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Or is it the Second Great Depression?

Any doubters out there, still?
H/t UrbanSurvival.
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0 responses to “This Is What a Double-Dip Recession Looks Like

  1. Clifton Lee West

    It looks as if it is time to clean house and throw out the trash. I wonder how many Liberals/Progressives I can fit into a Wal*Mart bag? The big cheese, of course, warrants a canoe with a map to an island, any island so long as it isn’t within 500 miles of the American coast, any coast. We have to do anything and everything to get our nation back. I wonder if Russia will take George Soros, please? Americans had better wake up and do something to stop this communist tsunami that is sweeping our nation, because the longer we wait the more we will have to do.

  2. Left/libtard economic policies in action… trickle-up poverty.

  3. Some lib sent me a piece today about how repubs had blown money, Clinton created a surplus, Bush spent it all, blah, blah. Asked her about last two years of massive spending. “Well we wouldn’t have had to spend so much if repubs didn’t create this problem in the first place.”
    Can’t fix stoopid…

    • DCG,
      There was no Clinton surplus.
      That lib is either an idiot at math or a liar.
      Probably both, I’d say.

  4. How can you have a double-dip recession when you haven’t yet emerged from the first one?


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