The U.S. senator whom Obama contemptuously calls “a boy”

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At the Republican National Convention last night, son of humble Cuban immigrants Marco Rubio, 41, newly elected to the U.S. Senate in 2010, was given the distinct honor of introducing former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney as the GOP’s 2012 nominee to the presidency of the United States of America.

Tears were streaming down my face as Rubio described and paid homage to his hardworking blue-collar parents and their belief that America held the promise of a better life for their children. I, too, am an immigrant and a naturalized U.S. citizen who came to this country with not a penny. I, too, worked in menial jobs to put myself through college — washing dishes, waitressing in a tenderloin restaurant, selling Avon door-to-door, working in the fast food A&W. I, too, with a Ph.D. and a Full Professorship (emerita), am a living testimony to the American dream.

If you didn’t watch Rubio’s speech, here’s your chance! As you watch and listen to Rubio, ask yourself this question:

Does Marco Rubio look and behave like “a boy” to you?

I’ll explain the question below the video.

So, did you watch Rubio’s speech?

Do you think this impressive, articulate, and intelligent man is “a boy”?

But that’s exactly what Barack Obama calls Marco Rubio.

Glenn Thrust writes for Politico, Aug. 20, 2012, that Obama’s Last Stand, an e-book published last Monday in a collaboration between Politico and Random House, reports that Obama has a trait that has never been revealed to the American people. The book is the culmination of a two-month reporting project that included interviews with two dozen current and former members of Obama’s team

In Thrust’s words, Obama has a “trash-talking competitiveness, a trait that has defined him since his days on the court as a basketball-obsessed teenager in Hawaii.”

According to the e-book, one night last February, Obama spotted a woman he knew was close to Sen. Marco Rubio in a Florida hotel lobby. This is what Obama, a sitting President of the United States, said to the woman:

“Is your boy going to go for [vice president]?”

The woman declined to answer.

Well,” Obama said, chuckling, according to a person who witnessed the encounter:

“Tell your boy to watch it. He might get his ass kicked.”

Born in 1961, Obama is 51 years old. Marco Rubio was born in 1971 and at age 41 is 10 years younger — hardly “a boy”. If anyone were to call Obama “a boy,” the cries of “RAAAAACISM” would be deafening.

Now you know why I call him a Piece of Sh*t.


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0 responses to “The U.S. senator whom Obama contemptuously calls “a boy”

  1. Marco Rubio may well become one of our greatest presidents at some point. What a contrast between a genuinely good man, and a poser.


  3. I’m glad you pointed out what a trash talker this president at age 51 has proven to be. Anyone who hasn’t noticed how how sarcastic bent belies the low measure of this man, has not been listening. He’s immature, ideologically corrupt, and narccisistic. These traits are cause for the mistrust that thinking Americans have for him. Too bad the majority of the public never read his books. They revealed what he has now shown himself to be.

    • Thank you Linda, it kills me to hear people refer to him as “a nice man”. Says who? I have not heard any “nice” things from him recently or possibly ever, if it wasn’t for pandering fakery.

  4. Wow for the first time in 3 1/2 years I actually felt some hope! GREAT speech, inspiring 🙂

  5. Oh he does have a boyish young face but he’s more of a man than Obama could ever be 🙂
    There’s no arrogance in Rubio’s speech. Obama uses arrogance as a cover because he knows he’s in too deep, although he’d never admit it!

  6. Eowyn, “POS” is too kind and insulting to POS s
    Obama is the lowest, worst kind of bottom feeding garbage there is.
    Never has a creature who walked upright repulsed me more.

  7. Obama is just jealous because while Marco equals Obama as a gifted orator, when Marco is off the teleprompter he is STILL a gifted orator, whereas Obama turns into a rambling idiot when he is not reading something someone else wrote for him!

  8. Ditto to everyone’s comments! Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this marvelous post and for setting out Marco Rubio’s excellent speech that he gave last night. Yes, and tears ran down my face as he spoke about his family and their difficult circumstances. We can relate to what he has said and appreciate and thank him for everything he has said.

    As far as the king is concerned, for calling Marco Rubio a boy, HE IS THE RACIST! And I agree, can you imagine if any Republican would have used that term how he or she would have been crucified by the media over such a comment!!!!

    God bless Marco Rubio, his wife and children, and all of his family! May Our Lord continue to bless him and his family, and may Our Blessed Mother, the angels and the saints, assist him and his family throughout all of their lives!!!!

  9. He’ a sociopath! Wish someone would “out” him!

  10. 0bama is a delusional dope possessed by Satan. He’s Satan’s puppet in DC, and will be getting his just rewards very soon. Don’t underestimate Skippy; he plans to run in 2016 if he gets voted out this November. Right now, he is planning on ways to sabotage Mitt Romney’s plans, and will get America’s enemies to carry his plans out once he leaves in 2013. Keep an eye out everyone!

  11. I wish someone could get thru to the RNC and the Romney campaign that they should stop portraying him as a nice man in over his head. He is a mean, nasty man and it is on TV in his nasty ads all the time and has been for some time.

  12. I keep coming back to this post to remind myself just how vile, repulsive and arrogant 0bama really is. This week, I was chatting with James Hirsen (Newsmax Columnist) when he stopped by my workplace to record his radio show. We were talking about 0bama, and I told him about how he trash talked about Rubio, Rubio’s colleagues and Rubio’s family. I just sent a tweet to him with a link to this post.


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