This is the Left: Trump-hater assaults California GOP candidate; death threats to pro-life UK legislator

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Last Sunday, Sept. 9, 2018, in Castro Valley, California, a Trump hater and gun-control activist tried to stab Republican congressional candidate Rudy Peters with a switch blade.

As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, Peters was working an election booth at a town festival when Farzad Vincent Fazeli, 35, shouting “Fuck Trump! Fuck Trump!,” threw a coffee cup at Peters. Peters said he threw Fazeli to the ground, but Fazeli hopped back up and reached into his pocket for the switchblade, screaming: “I’m gonna kill you, motherfucker!”. 

Peters grabbed a sign from a nearby booth and braced to use it as a shield. Fortunately, Fazeli’s switchblade’s knife wouldn’t shoot out. A bystander stepped in and urged Fazeli to calm down, who then left the booth.

Witnesses corroborated Peters’ account of what happened.

Peters reported the incident to the Sheriff’s Office, which had deputies seated a few booths away. Fazeli was soon arrested at a nearby bank and charged on Tuesday with a felony count of making criminal threats and misdemeanor counts of exhibiting a deadly weapon and possessing a switchblade.

Fazeli has past convictions in Alameda County for burglary and battery, but is licensed to work as a security guard in California, according to state documents. Information Liberation points out that Fazeli’s Facebook shows he’s a pro-gun control “March For Our Lives” supporter who wants to disarm the American public “presumably so he and his ilk can have an easier time killing us.”

Rudy Peters, 56, a founder and co-owner of AARD Solutions, LLC, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, is running for the 15th Congressional District of California (webpage here) and is a supporter of President Trump. Peters’ opponent is incumbent Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Dublin).

Meanwhile, on the night of August 1, 2018 in Somerset, England, pro-aborts spray-painted the home of pro-life Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg with death threats.

As reported by The Sun, the vandals spray-painted profanities and “shut up and die” on the family’s garage, and “posh scum” and “politics death” on a patio window. In the family’s yard, they desecrated a cross with condoms, and spray-painted the word “scum” and an anarchist symbol on a family car. The vandals also stuck a dildo covered with a condom on the vehicle.

Luckily, Rees-Mogg, his wife and their six children were on vacation in New York.

Abortion is legal for basically any reason up to 6 months in England, and later in a wide variety of circumstances. A pro-life Catholic, Rees-Mogg has called for an end to abortion. He told the BBC in 2017, “There are 185,000 abortions carried out each year, I think that is a deep sadness.” He said he would support an amendment to restrict abortions “by as many weeks as possible” but admitted that it probably would not happen because most British politicians are pro-abort. points out that pro-life politicians in the United States also have been targets of vandalism, death threats and violence. At least three prominent pro-life U.S. representatives, within one week last July, all received death threats.

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14 responses to “This is the Left: Trump-hater assaults California GOP candidate; death threats to pro-life UK legislator

  1. Someone with a name like “Farzad Vincent Fazeli” would make a good high priced homo hairdresser…..
    He needs 2 cute small hoop earrings….

  2. The left has gone completely unhinged. Unreal how they can’t control emotions. Liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

  3. Being “pro-abortion” is certainly proof enough of having no inherent aversion to ‘killing’.

  4. People like these are merely regurgitating the HATRED and LIES they’re fed 24/7 by the mainslime media. They are so ignorant and lacking critical thinking skills, they are lost souls.

  5. “Mad as a hatter”. He has previous convictions and he’s licensed to work as a security guard in California…….? Why didn’t they charge him with assault and battery and/or attempted murder?

    They are training these idiots that being “triggered” is cool. Being hysterical is what men are supposed to do. If I were running a mind-control experiment and got this sort of response I’d consider myself a success.

    We must all preserve our dignity and our sanity. It is obvious that they are either already insane or close to becoming so. Rather than confiscate guns maybe they need to go into houses and cut all the power cords to the TV’s.

  6. Story nowhere to be seen in MSM. Had it been a conservative attacking a liberal, all networks would carry it, with the theme that ‘Trump supporters are all violent’. MSM are nothing more than liberal activists.

  7. Too bad those around the “animal” didn’t pin him down for Rudy Peters to bust his 🏐🏐 with one good kick. I wouldn’t want to be called a m.f. so the kick would have served him right.

  8. Within groups of deranged Leftists, they share a universal demonic mindset. Their creators and controllers generally are the spawn of the controllers father, Satan, which makes it likely that is from whom it stems.

    It is Satan’s spawn who also provide them the internationalist and globalist-favoring instinct whereby they lose their love and caring for their own peoples and for their own heritages and spirituality. They claim to favor imported peoples whom they use merely for their mutual virtue signaling among each other, never truly interested in helping those others whom they have proclaimed that they “want to help” to become self-sufficient and safe within their own countries.

    “German Man Called “Nazi” For Telling People a Migrant Killed His Son”

    “The Left is unwittingly creating “Nazis” every day by calling normal White people who are merely concerned about migrant violence “Nazis”, as is the case with this father in Germany:

    “Last Saturday, a father who’s son was killed by a Syrian migrant in 2017 was booed and called a Nazi by leftist activists and migrants.”

    The video and details are at the link below. Check out the other site links while there.

  9. Christians Ruin Portland Anti-Trump Protest


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