This is the Beginning of the End for Barack Hussein Obama

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This is the audio of Rev. James David Manning interviewing Carl Swensson, one of the plaintiffs at last Thursday’s historic hearing on whether Obama, a sitting President of the United States, is constitutionally eligible to have his name be placed on Georgia’s presidential primary ballot.
Since neither Obama, the defendant, nor his attorney, Michael Jablonski, showed up at the hearing, they effectively forfeited their defense. This means the judge can issue a default judgment in the plaintiffs’ favor. And that was exactly what Judge Malihi told the plaintiffs’ attorneys on Thursday morning.
Swensson confidently predicts that Judge Malihi will rule against the defendant and recommend to Georgia’s Secretary of State Brian Kemp that Obama’s name should not be on the state’s ballot. Mr. Kemp has indicated he will act in accordance with Malihi’s recommendation, which means Obama will lose Georgia’s 16 Electoral College votes.
But the impact goes beyond Georgia, because an example is now set for other lawsuits in other states to challenge Obama’s eligibility.
~Video posted by LowTechGrannie
~Summary by Dr. Eowyn

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0 responses to “This is the Beginning of the End for Barack Hussein Obama

  1. Partly it’s because the established complicit media refuse to report on the hearing. Yesterday, I watched the alphabet network TV evening news. Not one covered this.

  2. one huge conspiracy,with many roots.

  3. public schools….

  4. There are conflicting reports on this story and until we see the published decision from Judge Malihi I will be holding my breath. If true, that he ruled against Obama and if also true, Secretary of State, Brian Kemp said he would uphold the ruling of the court and keep Obama’s name off the Georgia ballot then, Yippee! Other states will surely follow. But for now, I need more proof.

  5. What does LTG mean. Texting translator can’t help me with that one.

  6. I did listen to the video. All of it. But, I suggest to you—-listen to the latest video, presented on a recent email blast from Fellowship of the Minds with the news report outside the courthouse in Atlanta… decision yet.

    • As I understand it, you’re correct. The judge advised the plaintiffs’ counsel in chambers that his intent was to rule in their favor. The news video in the Atlanta newspaper indicated the judge requested “all attorneys file briefs by February 5th and he’d make his ruling after that.”
      In my opinion, the judge is in a gravely dangerous position. Precautions and prayers are needed for his safety.

    • very good observation,concerned conservative?

    • I wasn’t aware Fellowship of the Minds generated “email blasts.” That sounds very sensational and kind of rude!

  7. Reblogged this on THE SURF REPORT.

  8. And I tweeted it and it will appear on my blog.
    My question is – why hasn’t ONE Representative or Senator demanded impeachment of Pres. Slimebag? Mine won’t. The answer I get? “No Support”. Is he kidding? Same with Boehner’s office. I could remove that broomstick from the aide who answers the phone’s nether regions and make him eat it, for Pete’s sake. He always gives the same answer…”No support”.
    What about your Representative? Have you asked?

  9. I hope there is no one that still considers Fox News to be in any way “fair and balanced”. Fox is as guilty of protecting Obama as any of the other networks, and they are even more effective because some people still believe they are watching the old, pre-Saudi ownership network.
    Every talking head at Fox, and the regular, “contributors”, are under a gag order not to say anything truly damaging about Barry. Fox News now exist as “controlled opposition”, Even a dictator wants to appear to allow some opposition.
    My advice, stop watching Fox News.

  10. When the First Criminal of the United States is no longer president of the United States, will all of the military officers who questioned Obunga’s birth certificate issue and spent time in prison that ruined their military careers be able to “SUE” Obunga for everything that he has for the fraud that he was?

    • Obama imprisoned his First Official POLITICAL PRISONER =
      The military judge refused to order discovery = did not order Obama to co-operate – to produce any documents as proof of hi “eligibility” to serve as POTUS and Commader-in-Chief;
      Lakin was not allowed to submit his own evidence for trial – during the military tribunal – or to defend himself against his court-martial.
      But yet, Obama releases a long-form birth certificate on April 27, 2011 – placed on a US Goverment website – two days prior to his use of US Military action in Libya – without the knowledge or consent of our US Congress – or the American people.
      DOUG VOGT – a document-imaging engineer -has filed a 22-page Criminal complaint w the FBI – charges indiviuals with the Hawaii Dept of Health, Obama political operatives and an unidentified graphic artist participated in a multi-state conspiracy to create a forged and fraudulent long-form birth certificate for Barack Obama.
      GP, Lakin should file a CIVIL RIGHTS complaint – Civil Rackteering w CIVIL RICO – against Obama – in his personal pursuits – under the color of law – in abusing the power and authority of the Office of the Presidency of The USA – to hide his true identity – that relates to his allegiances to FOREIGN governments.
      No reason for Obama to refuse to release copies of his long-form bc –

  11. I do know that the CFR has been posting the writings of PRO-WAR on Iran. There have been threats from Iran that they plan to nuke Israel and the US. The internet is a-buzz with rumors of war and hostilities. N. Korea has already performed acts of war…but Soetoro has chosen to hide his head in the sand. I am sure there will martial law within 3-4 months. Why else do you think Soetoro ignored coming to court. Soros just this week claimed war is imminent. Our bogus Commander in Chief has it “ALL UNDER CONTROL” or least he has “US UNDER CONTROL!”

  12. We have just filed in California. Illinois has filed. New Hampshire, and New Jersey… to name a few of upcoming clashes… And of course, Georgia is kicking butt in their state! Go to for state by state preview of ongoing battlegrounds.

  13. Obama has sent his GOON SQUAD to Arizona – to push for the recall of Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio – who stated he would not resign or step down – no matter what!
    (The Godfather Politics website has something on it. sorry I do not have a link about it right now.)


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