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Hopeandchange visits Seattle

Skippy is in Seattle today doing some fundraising.  You should see some of the comments on KOMO.  Seattle is VERY liberal and these comments say a lot about what the people here in Seattle think of this president.  At the time of my post, there is only one positive comment about him.  
President Obama is stopping in Seattle on Sunday to attend two fundraisers for the Obama Victory Fund, the first stop in a three-day tour of the West Coast designed to re-energize faithful Democratic voters.
The president’s first stop will be a brunch at a home in the wealthy enclave of Medina. Tickets are selling for $38,500 per couple and 100 people are expected to attend.  The second event is a lunch at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle where 300 to 400 people are expected to pay at least $100 each.
Community and labor groups including the Washington State Labor Council and the Puget Sound Alliance for Retired Americans plan to gather for a demonstration outside the theater. They say they’ll call on Obama to create jobs, protect Social Security and Medicare, and support immigration reform.
Some of the comments:

  • For someone who stood on a pedestal of hope and change and yet has failed miserably at that.
  • Hit the road jack. You screwed America and in 2012 America will return the favor.
  • It’s going to take Seattle months to clean up the pile of BS that he’s going to leave behind!!!
  • I wonder how many times in the upcoming months he will blame past administrations for his failures.
  • What a joke. Must be delusional to think he will get re-elected. All he’s going to do is cause traffic jams and waste jet fuel.
  • I’m REALLY getting tired of seeing him with his mouth open and pointing his finger.
  • I’ll give you a dollar to leave. It will be a Canadian dollar, but a dollar nonetheless.


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Maybe the Dear ruler really is in trouble.
But we won’t know for sure until after the election.


Uh-huh, sounds like “Skippy” is not so acceptable as he was in 2008. Those lies he told has come back to bite him in the butt. I agree with one of the comments, I am tired of his mouth being open and pointing that long finger. Problem is, he don’t realize that he has lost before beginning his campaign for re-election. Let’s see if Georgie Boy Soros can pull him out. Not this time Georgie, should have tightened the puppet strings before cause now the clown puppet has a knot in his cord and can go no further.