This is such baloney: “Crazy sh*t democrats want”

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Demorats says the darndest things…

A liberal who lives in Georgia and goes by the name of “TDP” claims that demorats just want to “follow the law.”

His Twitter bio states the following: Middle-class white guy, small business owner, marathon runner, pseudo-intellectual political analyst, and garage sale aficionado. Blocked by @SebGorka.”

On Nov. 9 he tweeted the following:

“Crazy sh*t Democrats want to do:

  • make healthcare affordable
  • reduce gun deaths
  • defend the Constitution
  • follow the law
  • count all the votes”

Let’s do a check on each of the “crazy sh*t” points he claims demorats want, shall we?

Make healthcare affordable:

Obama’s biggest lie of the year (in 2013): “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it.”

In 2014, Forbes published an article that concluded “Obamacare Has Increased Non-Group Premiums In Nearly All States.”

From their article:

“However, a new study from the well-respected and non-partisan National Bureau of Economic Research (and published by Brookings Institution), overcomes the limitations of these prior studies by examining what happened to premiums in the entire non-group market. The bottom line? In 2014, premiums in the non-group market grew by 24.4% compared to what they would have been without Obamacare.  Of equal importance, this careful state-by-state assessment showed that premiums rose in all but 6 states (including Washington DC).”

After the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, I saw my health insurance premiums rise each year while my coverage DECREASED to catastrophic-level coverage. My health insurance plan started out at $380/year and rose to $620/year (while my deductible rose to over $8,000/year and double that for out-of-network coverage).

In 2019, some consumers will experience a decrease yet premiums and deductible are still high. From Consumer Reports:

“If you’re shopping for health insurance through Affordable Care Act exchanges, the time to enroll for next year has arrived. After a few years of big price increases, some consumers will see relief.  

Still, what you end up paying will vary significantly depending on where you live. Rates will be lower in 19 states, and eight of those will see drops of 10 percent or more. But six states have double-digit premium increases. The variation reflects how differently states are trying to rein in the cost of health insurance. 

Premiums and deductibles are still high, of course, which means you’ll need to shop carefully and compare plans to find the best fit.”

Many, many people experienced the same consequences of having to “pass the bill to find out what is in it.”

Reduce gun deaths:

Progressives want to reduce gun deaths via the hash tag of #guncontrolnow. “

Yet many cities and states have some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation and for some reason, their gun death statistics are the highest. See the following demorat-government run examples:

The problem isn’t the lack of gun control laws but rather the ENFORCEMENT of said laws. See the following examples:

Defend the Constitution:

This, of course, doesn’t include defending the Second Amendment.

And the Constitution should be defended, as long as it meets liberals’ standards. For many years, progressives have stated that our Constitution is “outdated” and needs to be updated. See the following examples:

Follow the law:

This is rich. Many progressive-run cities and states blatantly ignore the law and have proclaimed themselves to be a “sanctuary” for illegal aliens. Why cooperate with the federal government when you can choose to ignore federal immigration laws? See the following examples:

Count all votes:

This is one point I do agree that demorats do want: To count all votes, including those of illegal aliens and dead people. And if the process has to ignore a federal court order, so be it. Demorats will find a way to win. See the following examples:

Anyone can tweet an opinion about their party. The tougher part is defending your statement with facts to backup your bullet points.

And that little fact irritates liberals. Just best to tweet your ignorance and hope you get lots of retweets!


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17 responses to “This is such baloney: “Crazy sh*t democrats want”

  1. If there’s truth in advertising, TDP should add this to his list of “Crazy sh*t Democrats want to do”:

    “Ignore all the above because Democrats lie — to others and to themselves — about who they really are.”

  2. I almost feel bad for this comrade. That kind of stupidity is probably dangerous. Forward!

  3. What do you guys think about all of the election lawlessness that has been going on for the past week? Why has President Trump been so quiet about it? That’s not at all like him! I have trouble believing that, with all the warnings about voter fraud and even an Executive Order that was issued, he would let all of this blatant disregard for the law go without so much as a peep. Something is going on and I want to know what it is.😎

    • Maryaha, wishing you are doing well. I always agree with you. Sometimes I find myself with a lot of questions about the President and his actions, needless to say I have many doubts. I believe he is letting time go by to see what is the next “thread” he pulls out of the yarn. Voter fraud✔️, swamp✔️, invaders✔️, Mueller✔️. The invaders will be, eventually, let in, not the mass but most, we need laborers, I believe he is buying time and eyeing for a second term scratched off unless he debates Killary Rotten Clinton or old goat Joe Biden, his time and $$$$$$$ are elsewhere out of this mess. And we will fold our arms, grin and bare it.

    • Well Mary, understanding that things are what they are, not always what I want them to be, there’s an old saying that “there’s a “Left Wing” and a “Right Wing” but they both belong to the same bird.

      For me at least, I don’t like being manipulated……, by anyone. I think you’re right that it doesn’t add up. This is too much like Worldwide Wrestling for my tastes. They tell us what to watch and ignore the rest.

      The election is criminal. The only thing I can derive from the inattention is that the message is “its out of our control” (or something to that effect). Just like Clinton’s prosecution. Where is it?

      The CNN lawsuit over the copy reader and part-time actor, Acosta is another example. Obviously, he can throw anyone out that he wishes. He should say so.

      Then there’s the temporary Attorney General. Same thing. The “media” is screaming and they’re acting like they OWE them an explanation. Now we hear that Whitaker went to the Demonrats to ask them whether to recuse himself. What…..?

      He gets insulted constantly. The more that happens the lower the prestige of the job. Regardless of reason it has to stop or the “media” will be running the country (if they aren’t already).

      I know many think that some “wonderful” thing is going to happen in a magical place far, far away, but I don’t. On this planet, where I live, it looks pretty bad. Somebody (cough!), should do something about it.

      • I read on Twitchy that Fox News is getting in on the CNN lawsuit. Sigh…

      • “Somebody should do something about it”, ahem, you are not kidding are You Lophatt? All you have posted is very true as is Mary’s, they are here, that’s all that counts, who comes after will reverse ALL, will control the puppets and the puppeteers, the ones leaving back to normalcy, in their “ world” we are the ones that will be in bad shape, that is if the left gets a stranglehold and hopefully the incoming milenials will put the gloves on, and…..nobody will do anything about it, status quou.

    • Snipes is a hack that needs to go (apparently she’s already thinking of retirement – with a fat pension, no doubt). Here’s a funny pic of her:

  4. Hey, they have Swiss Cheese for brains would you expect anything differently?
    They represent a greater threat to our Constitutional Republic than all of Radical Islam. At least Islam has a game plan 😉

  5. His bio noticeably leaves out any reference to family, but he loves garage sales, like the guys on American Picker. I think it’d be safe to assume his “defend the constitution” actually means defending the very unconstitutional Obergfell and Lawrence rewrites of the Constitution, but who knows? At least he’s probably far more honest than the Republican establishment who endorsed those decisions sacramentalzing anal intercourse as the basis of marriage by pretending their hands were tied.

  6. Kevin J Lankford

    Will these fools ever realize that it is the very notion of insurance and the industries built around it that is the problem. Insurance [I]s a major contributor to inflation. The “slush fund” created from absurd premiums is the driving force behind the endlessly increasing costs of not just health care, but so many others.

    Governments have two interests in “health care” and neither has any thing to do with health. It is the vast “Income” it can generate, and the control over human behavior it can create……..Do what you are told or no medical care ‘for you’.

  7. I’ve mentioned several times here recently that one of the hallmarks of the Demonrats is to accuse everyone else of what they specialize in. It is like the TV propagandists constantly whining and howling about Trump being rude while they call him names.

    The Demonrats have shown themselves to be liars beyond anyone’s imagination. Their agenda is toxic to American society. They are the Rothschild’s puppets and the globalists wet dream.

  8. More cranial neuropathy.

  9. The Democratic Party is, for all intents and purposes, the Communist Party in drag these days. Theirs is the party of overt and outright criminal activity. Well, it’s been like that since at least the LBJ years, only then it was kept under wraps.

    No More: Thanks to the Clintons and others, they have become outright arrogant. And it’s more than just attitude: They have become—at least intellectually or ideologically—the new Jonestown

    But let’s not jump over the Republican Party just yet. Both parties are corporately controlled, by different levels, for different aims and purposes. Both parties are, obviously, criminal, at least in the effects they have visited upon the American People.
    President Trump has got to figure out a way to destroy this paradigm, before it destroys us.

  10. At least TDP got the “pseudo-intellectual” part right.


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