This is stupid, even to this never-was-a-cheerleader-girl: NFL’s Colts cheerleaders succumb to the #MeToo movement

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Colts cheerleaders before the “makeover…”

Colts cheerleaders uniforms compliant with #MeToo PC movement…

I’m gonna admit it: I love watching “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (DCC) Making the Team.”

I love the girly-girl outfits, makeovers, dancing, competition and the drive these girls have to be the best they can be in the dance/cheer field. Many of them have outstanding careers outside of cheer and are pretty smart.

But let’s face it: They are all pretty, feminine and have to MASTER the jump split. They got skillz…

But due to the progressive culture pervasive in today’s NFL, I was not surprised to see that the SJW agenda has taken over cheer.

What DID surprise me was the absolutely HIDEOUS uniforms they’ve now prescribed to succumb to the PC movement.

From IBJ: Nearly 65 years after introducing the NFL’s first pep squad, the Indianapolis Colts are making several changes to their cheerleading program amid the backdrop of the #MeToo movement.

The team this week announced its “Next Chapter” initiative for cheerleaders, which includes a more modest uniform, a new educational and professional development program, and an increase in community-service experiences.

The program, which will debut in the 2019 season, is intended to showcase “the athleticism, talent and character of the athlete-performers,” the team said.

Kelly Tilley, director of cheerleaders for the Colts, said the point of the changes is for fans to look at professional cheerleading “through a different lens” and to drop stereotypes.

“It goes beyond [uniforms], just in terms of being able to tell the cheerleaders’ stories in a new way and breaking down some of those traditional stereotypes that have been developed,” she said.

NFL teams have come under fire in recent years for the way they treat their cheerleaders. Some of the country’s largest media outlets have called for major reforms or the outright end to NFL cheerleader squads, which are used by 26 of the league’s 32 teams.

Several teams have been sued by their cheerleaders in recent years over issues including unfair pay, mistreatment, discrimination and sexual harassment. Teams including the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the New York Jets, Los Angeles Raiders, Cincinnati Bengals and the Buffalo Bills have settled such suits, and others are still facing them. The Colts are not among those teams.

While Tilley did not directly speak to what impact the #MeToo movement—or legal follies of other NFL cheer squads—had on the Colts’ decision to make changes, she said discussions with past cheerleaders did play a role.
“We think now is a good time to look to the future and what we can do to make the cheer program the best it can be, especially for future generations of cheerleaders and fans,” Tilley said.

The Colts cheerleaders’ new uniforms will have a more conservative and athletic look, with less emphasis on pushed-up cleavage and bare midriffs than the current attire. The new ensemble, which is mostly white, has a low collar covered in translucent material, as well as a high-cut skirt and boots that rise to the mid-calf.

The introduction of the Next Chapter initiative came Sunday during the Colts’ final regular-season home game of the season, the fourth quarter of which was spent by cheerleaders performing in their professional work attire.

Read the whole story here.


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17 responses to “This is stupid, even to this never-was-a-cheerleader-girl: NFL’s Colts cheerleaders succumb to the #MeToo movement

  1. This is just a way to bring back the fans because football has lost the passion it had before, the injuries, the violence and the dumbasses taking a knee have brought down the sport used to be.

  2. I’m surprised the cheerleader squads don’t have any men on the teams yet. I know there are male cheerleaders, but I mean big, burly, and hairy men who identify as women and dress in the same skimpy little outfits that the women do. Now wouldn’t that be a pretty sight?😂 I have no doubt that it’s coming…just a matter of time!

  3. Hijabs will be next.

  4. I watch College Football for my “Bread & Circuses”. Much better football than the NFL, and without the Cultural Marxist PC bs.

    A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century

  5. Don’t have a problem with it — following the link at the end, the new uniforms look rather nice — but then I always did prefer seeing a woman in a one piece bathing suit — highlights the curves better.

  6. Captain America

    Chip chip chipping away at all things masculine. In a not too distant future, testosterone will be outlawed, except for tranny athletes who slaughter the real women in competition. Oh, and the real female athletes who get pregnant until their competition levels of testosterone are achieved, then ABORT!

  7. Hate PC, have no love for sports or the behavior of most pro athletes. But I think this is fine. No reason for cheerleaders to look like Playboy centerfolds anymore than to only have football players who look like Robert Plant in 1973 (hehe, showing my age)…well, whatever the male ideal is these days).

    It’s kind of embarrassing as a female to be represented 90% of the time either by clipped-hair czarinas (h/t Savage), such as Pelosi and Warren; or Cowboy cheerleader stereotypes; or by rabid college girls who insist they’re just like boys, even when they’re an inch shorter and 50 pounds lighter with half the muscle mass. (Oh, yeah — there’s also the “nasty woman” stereotype– she who marches with silly hats on).

    Slightly changing the subject — boy, do I agree with that last poster — cannot believe how the trans trend is affecting sports. What a joke! “We want to be equal– we want sports teams, too!” Okay, you got it, Title 9’ers. Now what??

  8. As David Alan Coe sang,”What the Hell’s happening-Jesus Christ! Ain’t there NUTHIN’ SACRED no more?” Sorry about the content-this is from a rather graphic satire album he made about Prison,while he was IN Prison,and very little of it is suitable for mixed company. (Some of it’s pretty funny though.)

  9. Meanwhile in Russia they have real freedom these days. No cultural marxism rules to follow like in the States. Just be yourself. And the cheerleaders are beautiful, amazing and wear next to nothing. 🙂 America is going the way of the Edsel where fake morality rules the roost and Soviet style media propaganda and regulations are pushed out by the media complicit with the bought off corporate government. Check out some of those You Tube channels on sexy Russian cheerleaders and models and remember how the United States once used to be when America was really free and red blooded males were men and not metrosexual low testosterone dupes. The Zionists really got you guys spinning now. Fighting each other. Ironically, they did the same to the Soviet Union when they financed the Bolshevik revolution and banned Christianity one hundred years ago in 1919. Look deeper folks. You are being played. Checking out a bit of skirt is the least of your worries.

    • The native Orthodox Christian Russian people took back their nation from the alien Ashkenazi mass murdering Bolsheviks. Too bad they and their descendants were not all exterminated along with ideology and billionaire backers, instead of coming to the US & Western Europe and morphing into the Cultural Marxist Liberals of both parties, and turning the USA into the USSSA.
      We are the new Soviet Union


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