This is rich: Robert Redford Sues New York State Over $1.6 Million Tax Bill

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Hollywood Reporter: Robert Redford is suing New York state related to the sale of Sundance Channel.
The actor-director sued the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance in Albany County Supreme Court on July 30 claiming that he’s being overtaxed on money his company made when it sold off a stake in the channel in 2005.
According to Courthouse News Service, Redford is being taxed $1.6 million by New York ($845,066 in taxes plus $727,404 in interest owed) on the money he made. But Redford, a Utah resident, says he paid taxes on the revenue in Utah and therefore doesn’t owe New York.
He is seeking “a declaratory ruling on a pure question of law concerning the constitutionality of imposing on plaintiff, a nonresident of the State of New York, a personal income tax on the gain derived from the sale of an ownership interest in a limited liability company,” according to the complaint.
The lawsuit deals with the nuances of an “S corporation,” which aren’t owned by a large amount of stockholders but rather are closely held with profits passing to individual owners. These owners, in turn, report profits and losses on their own individual income tax. Redford says he did that on his own personal tax returns in Utah from 2005. Now, he’s concerned about double taxation if forced to account for the passive S Corporation that once controlled Sundance Channel. Redford’s complaint paints his corporate assets as not holding “any property, payroll or receipts, located in or deemed attributable to the conduct of a trade or business in New York.”
Redford is asking for a judgment that he doesn’t owe the money, plus attorneys’ fees and costs.
In 2008, Redford and his Sundance Channel partners NBCUniversal and CBS Corp. sold Sundance Channel to Cablevision’s Rainbow Media, which was later spun off and renamed AMC Networks, in a $496 million deal. The network was rebranded as SundanceTV earlier this year.
As noted by someone on Twitter, Redford said this in reference to Prop 87 (to create an oil tax and provide $4 billion for alternative energy research):
“A longtime activist, Redford, 70, said he worked for Standard Oil Co. in El Segundo for three years before his movie career took off, so he knows how damaging oil extraction is to public health. The oil companies have been simply getting away for too long with not paying their fair share,” he said.”
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0 responses to “This is rich: Robert Redford Sues New York State Over $1.6 Million Tax Bill

  1. that last paragraph is incredible… I am just thinking out loud but I bet he was thankful for that job BEFORE his career took off
    …in a sense we all don’t pay our fair share… that is why Christ did what he did for us… we could never pay it back..( even though I know this is not reverent to the article) …but you get what I mean. 😉

  2. We can always depend on the Hollyweird Left for being dazzling exemplars of rank hypocrisy.
    P.S. Redford should sue his plastic surgeon because the result is HIDEOUS.

  3. What is it with these lefties and paying their taxes? This guy, Kerry hiding his boat, one hiding his rental income, and etc.
    And you are right, he deserves a refund from his Dr.

  4. Another shrunk head ( his really does look it lately) that only wants taxes to apply to us, never him!! Hope he ends up paying New York every last dime of that money with penalties and interest of course. 😊

  5. What Congress needs to do is hit Hollywood with an Ego Tax. Then listen to the screaming.

  6. Hollywood Trash!!!

  7. I must say I was astounded when the article mentioned that he was ’70’ — I thought from his looks that he was waaaaaay older than that. Yes, his plastic surgeon did him no favors. How could he possibly look any worse than that?

  8. Damn , he looks like death warmed over ……….oh well

  9. Did he ever provide any proof he paid taxes on this deal in Utah? If he did,how would it be legal to make him pay taxes in a different State for the same money?

    • As with most taxes, it’s complicated. I’m sure the lawyers will make a fortune hammering it out. Just trying to understand it gives me a headache. As of July 8, “Publication 35, New York Tax Treatment of S Corporations and Their Shareholders – This publication is being updated to reflect legislative changes.”
      The irony is that these elitists claim others should pay more when it’s “patriotic” to pay taxes. Yet they fight to keep as much of their own money as possible.


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