This is NOT art

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Sick version of “art”

Domestic abuse is now open to interpretation as “art”?

Via CBC News:  An online ad for an Edmonton hair salon is provoking angry responses from family violence groups and calls for a boycott from social media users.  The ad pictures a well-coiffed woman with a vicious black eye sitting on a couch. Behind her stands a menacing man proffering a diamond necklace.   The ad reads: “Look Good In All You Do.”
Fluid Hair began the ad campaign about a year ago, but the controversy hit the mainstream media after the ad was discovered by bloggers this week.  Critics say the ad diminishes the seriousness of spousal abuse and would like to see the ad pulled.
“I think it’s more than lived its useful life,” said Jan Reimer, co-ordinator with the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters.  “This advertisement is at risk of glamourizing an issue that is of serious and life-threatening, ongoing concern to all the women and children who use our shelters,” said Janine Fraser, director of the Edmonton Women’s Shelter.
Salon owner Sarah Cameron defended the ad in a press release posted on her website, calling it artistic and open to interpretation.  “Is it cutting edge advertising? Yes. Is it intended to be a satirical look at real-life situations that ignites conversation and debate? Of course. Is it to everyone’s taste? Probably not.”
However, the release apologizes to abuse victims and promises to donate to the Edmonton Women’s Shelter proceeds from services when a customer mentions the ad. “If survivors of abuse interpret this ad to make light of any abusive situation, we sincerely apologize, that was never our intent as there are people that worked on this campaign who are survivors of abuse.”
The salon has sent an email explaining the ad to Edmonton Women’s Shelter. Reimer said women’s shelters would welcome the chance to work with the salon.  “Hairdressing salons can have a tremendous impact,” she said.  “So many women go to hair salons, it’s a natural place to give out information about community resources.
Cameron blames the media for creating the controversy in the first place.  “Edmonton is presently the murder capital of Canada,” the release states. “Media’s energy and time may be better spent boycotting dangerous areas, gangs, guns, other street weapons, or a sick justice system, which unfortunately is still sadly lacking when it comes to punishing abusers …”
I’m going to blame Cameron on this.  She has a sick and twisted mind to even consider domestic abuse as “open to interpretation” from an “artistic” standpoint.  This woman obviously hasn’t know someone who was the victim of violence.  And she further proves her lack of compassion in her lame attempt to make an apology.  Hope her salon gets the boycott it deserves.
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0 responses to “This is NOT art

  1. Why does “pushing the envelope” always mean displaying the absolute worst in humanity with these people?

  2. and how many abused spouses eventually end up being killed by their abuser? i’ll bet it’s a pretty high percentage…

  3. What I find really disturbing that a woman support this and the unsurprising fact that there were no outcry from NOW.

  4. Don’t you love how she turns around and blames gangs and guns? It starts at home! Little Johnny watches daddy or the latest live-in lover beating mommy because mommy doesn’t look perfect and decides that daddy is right, and then decides that the only way to survive is to be a bully, too. And yes, Igor, the percentage is horrifically high. Cameron has done nothing but demonstrate her appalling ignorance and utter lack of compassion.

  5. Posting from her blog: “Legitimately when creating the series as a group of strong women we saw it as a great way to generate discussion and showcase power in hard situations. For those that don’t understand the photo if you look closely she’s strong, not looking at him, not accepting the necklace (like that still makes it ok/dcg). Our thought process goes so much more deeply than that.”
    And the salon was vandalized (not cool):

    • She thinks that not looking at him makes her look strong? Really? It looks like he is about to put that necklace on her, and she is waiting patiently. Does she not understand that eye contact is a challenge? And she’s sitting, while he is standing. There are so many things wrong with this picture, on so many levels. She’s only digging the hole deeper.

  6. This is just sick.
    What will be next?
    An abused child?

  7. After he beating the crap out of her, he is only telling her how much he loves her. Why women put up with these types of apes I’ll never know? This sicko art is right up there with the Crucifix in urine horrible art. How low can these people get?

  8. **** …”that was never our intent “…*** They may not have “intended” it to be associated with domestic abuse …. They just didn’t care if it did.
    So what WAS their intention? DUH!


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