This is Kule, Ya have to watch, then have a drink..

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OK, this is so Kule!! I would have to start drinking again. Reminds me of Tom Cruise in cocktail.    ~Steve~——— H/T  My Pal Jean—


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6 responses to “This is Kule, Ya have to watch, then have a drink..

  1. Amazing what you can teach yourself when you have too much time on your hands…love the video, thanks y’all…

  2. The 4-cherries flip is amazing.

    • I can see a five cherry flip as do-able for us mere mortals, but using the Seagull to slice limes AND get a DOZEN into their correct glass is strictly James Bond-able, as is the six place napkin throw: all full of admirable Zen! As for using the human flame thrower to light the Sambuca, how did that get past the Liquor Control Board or Restaurant Ministry? OK, I guess the blue flames will kill any germs transmitted….
      Oh Hell, if ya got that far, who cares!

  3. their good! I bet they draw a crowd in.people probably go there just to watch them!

  4. These guys are great! I think my favorites was the 8 second Sambuca flambeau , good one. Also the 6 cherry Flip.

  5. Well I gotta agree, at 30 feet it was quite a stretch, it was, it was! And by the bye, I think I’m getting the snowfall here confused w/my visual floaters from HBP when my asthma makes me cough from laughing. Anyhow, it all adds to the effect, for sure!


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