This Is Insane

This morning’s news:

Transport Canada continues to tighten security at airports, which were thrown into chaos as a result of stricter security regulations in place in the wake of the attempted bombing of an airplane on Christmas Day.
Effective immediately, passengers headed to the United States will not be allowed to travel with carry-on bags, Transport Canada said in a statement.

At the same time, American airports are beginning to deploy FULL BODY SCANNING machines.
When will the American people stop behaving like sheep and start demanding the TSA and airport security abandon their moronic pusillanimous policy of treating EVERY passenger as potential terrorist — including blond blue-eyed little babies and old crippled ladies — instead of using PROFILING and intelligence?
That’s what the Israelis do. Can you remember a terrorist bombing of an El Al airline, ummm?
Just ask El Al how it’s done
By Michael Traison
For a decade plus more, I have flown about 200,000 miles a year. Between 20-30 transoceanic flights annually and many more transcontinental. The lack of real security is too much. I admire anyone who can put up with this non-sense-pre-tense-past-tense-pre-tend security whose value, if any, is the comforting illusion it may provide. 
One might not be blamed for concluding, after the Friday incident en route to Detroit, that now we would finally dispose of the shoe stripping liquid banning belt removing idiocy because it obviously doesn’t work. Instead we added more.
Some will choose suffering on a long ride and delayed trains and buses rather than go like sheep thru this meaningless fantasy dance knowing full well that if it ain’t richard reid its some 23 year old Nigerian mental case whose father reported him to the Embassy or “security experts” months ago.
When will someone get the idea that it’s not body searches which will stop the next crazy but that, to the degree you can stop this lunacy, it’s skilled knowledge of the person and professional scrutiny?
The ineffective strategists responsible for our lives make millions of innocent people sit in their seats with nothing on their lap but bulging bladders but let a lunatic Nigerian without luggage board a flight without a second thought 2 days after another Nigerian set the same flight number’s airplane’s cabin on fire?
Ask El Al. Each time it has thwarted a terrorist attack it was a result of intelligence, not body searches.
Who is more insane? The guy who tries to murder the 231 passengers? The security “system” which thinks removing belts will save the 231 passengers? Or the 231 passengers for accepting the charade?
Michael Traison is a commercial lawyer and a principal for Miller Canfield in Detroit and Chicago. He has business interests throughout the world with a special focus on Israel, Poland, the Czech Republic and elsewhere in Eastern Europe.

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Doc's Wife
Doc's Wife

I swore a year ago that I would NOT fly again unless there was an absolute emergency! Our trip to Spain to visit our youngest daughter who was living there was great, but the trip to and fro was miserable!! I do not mind security but profiling is needed. My husband is fiftyish, blond, and speaks w/ the slowest Mississippi accent imaginble, was held up due to some unknown beep. After a very long time, he discovered a chewing gum wrapper was the culprit. I am also blond w/ blue eyes, and I was checked again.. They couldn’t figure out… Read more »

Tom in NC
Tom in NC

The last time my wife and I flew we were returning from Colorado the day after Christmas in 2005. My wife had broke her knee on Christmas Eve when she fell down some stairs bring packages down. Going thru airport security was a nightmare, she already had two hip replacements since 2001 and now she was wearing a leg immobilizer due to the broken knee. Now my wife has the patience of Job and very much a Christian but we both had our patience and Christianity pushed to the limits that day. My wife was still in a good deal… Read more »


Frankly, I just hate to travel by plane now. I have two knee replacements (steel and/or ceramic) and it takes about 20 minutes for the security airline personnel to finish with me, even though I have aprised them of the knees. I must say, however, that they have always been very respectful and empathetic with me. I really don’t think they like doing this either, and I think it also embarrasses them. Clearly, the problem is the lack of sharing of critical information and the coordination of what to do with that information is the problem. The issue is, what… Read more »


My husband has a pacemaker and I have two medal knee’s My Husband also has to take a sleeping mask and container for breathing at night. so we are fully loaded with stuff and cards about what is going on from Dr. They still check us from tip to toe. It is ok if they will just watch those who wear flocks that you can’t see under.