This is how CIC Obama salutes our Marines

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First, he made a Marine hold an umbrella over him, in a light drizzle, although Marines are forbidden to carry umbrellas while in uniform.
The latest:
Obama chose to deplane Marine One after landing in New York for the United Nations General Assembly, carrying a to-go coffee cup instead of properly returning the two Marines’ salute.
Don’t tell me he couldn’t have given the cup to one of his flunkies to carry!
O's latte saluteO's latte salute1
The White House is so proud of the commander in chief’s dissing of the Marines, they actually posted this disgraceful pic on the WH’s Instagram.
No wonder the POS is held in such low regard by our military.
H/t FOTM’s Lola
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0 responses to “This is how CIC Obama salutes our Marines

  1. This narcissistic punk raises such anger in me that I can’t even respond coherently — my mind is going with angry thoughts like a pachinko machine loaded with super balls.
    Make no mistake about it, the contempt that he shows to others in public is only the tip of the iceberg. He really believes his own mythology, that he is a royal personage and entitled to rule over all he surveys, but all I see, all I have EVER seen in this imposter, is a shallow, self-absorbed, dim witted, burnt out doper.
    When will “enough” finally, at long last, truly be ENOUGH?!?

  2. Just what one would expect from an America-hating muslim communist P0S.

  3. If a soldier did this to a superior he’d get some stern words. Not cool.

  4. Can’t y’all just see that he’s waaayyyyy toooooo cooool to have to follow all that “protocol” and crap, and he is, after all, some sort of shitagoyesus, or something like that… /sarc off!!!
    I’ve N E V E R been so absolutely disgusted by someone holding the office of such an authoritative position in my entire life!

  5. This gives military courtesy a whole new dimension. Obama’s action would be even more insulting it the two Marines were combat veterans of Iraq or Afghanistan. Obama bows to the Saudi king, to whom I would flip the bird. Obama instead should bow to the Marines who protect him. I hope that soon enough they will react to his behavior, especially after being used as towel bearers and butlers at Camp David.

  6. Oh My Gosh. Tried to do something with my own comment – then gave myself a thumbs up to see if that would work – and to negate it – a thumbs down. Where is the “edit” button?!!? Never mind. My sentiments are the same. Still disgusted with the “coffee cup in command chief’s” salute. [Disgusted? No. But what I want to say really shouldn’t be said – certainly not in polite company from a “southern lady,” anyway…]

  7. Looks like he’s hiding behind that cup…. Wow, that begs for some choice comments!!

  8. One more comment – Have you noticed through the years that whatever this “man” does, it is not good for America? That became my yardstick from day one with ImPOSter #1!

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  10. Reblogged this on Ace News Desk 2014 and commented:
    #AND2014 – He wants to try fighting himself instead of thinking he is better than the brave lads who fought in the last war!

  11. if this event were reversed and he was a white man and the marines where black this half assed salute would be considered racist with a capital R

  12. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. It is my opinion that the king is holding a large drink on purpose, and that this is a direct insult to the U.S. Marine Corps. I am not at all surprised.


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