This is fun..I think. How Long Will You Live Calculator.

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I made it to 80

I made it to 80


Watch your age in the upper right corner!

Kinda fun to watch your age go up and down as you answer the questions.

Now this is interesting, give it a try….

How long will you live?

This is a calculator that estimates your life expectancy.

It was developed by Northwestern Mutual Life. It’s interesting that there are only 13 questions. Yet, they can predict how long you’re likely to live.

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0 responses to “This is fun..I think. How Long Will You Live Calculator.

  1. 91 yrs; that was a fun game!

  2. 230 !!!,no !!!

    • My husband, who’s had 2 heart surgeries and has COPD (from pipe smoking) and prostate cancer, got a score of 102, which means he’ll outlive me. That’s how accurate and reliable the “how long will you live” calculator is. [Snark]

  3. NaturalBoredCitizen

    While I’m in my 62nd year 168, 6′ 1/2″ 30 inch waist and Dr. Eowyn can attest as doc has seen my current picture I don’t look it and don’t feel it, the calculator said 87. Mostly because I never see a doctor and that seat belt thing and oh yeah the beer thing. It failed to ask if I eat wheat tho which is what is really killing everyone who eats it (and it’s in everything and whole wheat is WORSE! on the glycemic chart). I haven’t had any wheat in 2 years and haven’t counted a calorie ever since while eating like a caveman keto/paleo up to 5000 calories some days I have estimated 40% protein 40% fat and 20% low glycemic carbs (sometimes-love those fries). However, my wife is a Lab Director at a major Catholic Hospital group and I get my blood work done often and it’s text book 25 year old and my bp is most excellent @ Sam’s club/drugstore. I take zero medicine and can outwork as a general contractor any young buck whoever walked on my job site and can jog five miles or walk up the Empire State building any day of the week. So, don’t doubt me it’s the wheat. I gave up wheat because of one fasting glucose 2 years ago that hit 100, lost 15 lbs. in 3 weeks eating like described above it was because the only source of glucose of significance in my life was wheat and beer, well… beer won. My glucose is now perfect. Read a book called Wheat Belly you’ll quit after the intro page.

  4. NaturalBoredCitizen

    Yes sent it in a text early last week. Will send again.

  5. Is idiot test, no one can calculate. My wife was get one years more from my. but she are super are to heavy and she have a bad diabetic use insulin. Who believe any Doctor will live long. What abut accidents? you walk on street and drunk driver run on you an kill? Are 1000 ways for die.

  6. Genetics…grrrrrrrr.

  7. Dennis H Bennett

    90….if I change from Gentleman Jack to Wild Turkey!


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