This is feminism: Obese model Tess Holliday gets Cosmopolitan cover

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Feminists claim “body positivity” and “empowerment” are the way to love and accept your body, even if you are obese.

Model Tess Holliday is 5’5” and weighs 280 pounds. For someone here age, a normal weight range should be 111 to 150 pounds. She is classified as OBESE CLASS III.  There is NOTHING healthy about being so obese.

Yet feminists continue to promote this dangerous trend. The latest example? Giving an extremely overweight model (a size 26) a cover on Cosmopolitan magazine.

From Tess’ Instagram post:

“Phew, I’m literally a COSMO GIRL!! Can’t believe I’m saying that! Thank you @cosmopolitanuk & @farrahstorr for this incredible opportunity. If I saw a body like mine on this magazine when I was a young girl, it would have changed my life & hope this does that for some of y’all. Issue hits stands 8/31! Photo by the incredible @wattsupphoto #effyourbeautystandards

Hopefully this Cosmo cover will inspire some women to change their life in a more positive and empowering way than one that leads to obesity.

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26 responses to “This is feminism: Obese model Tess Holliday gets Cosmopolitan cover

  1. Cosmo has really gone into the sewers. It is also promoting adultery: The cover shows one of this issue’s articles as “The Other Lover: Why I vetted my wife’s affair”.

    • This seems to be a “hot” media trend in clickbait lately. Yahoo! is running a weekly piece from NY Mag’s Sex Diaries series (lurid, of course) and getting “What is this, Penthouse Letters?!” or “This is why our society’s falling apart!” in response.

    • Not sure it has gone to the sewers- it was there from the beginning. I remember picking up a copy when I was stuck in a hotel room in an out of town wedding some 40 years ago and was shocked at some of the articles – one of which was on bestiality. So that rag has been pornographic trash forever.

  2. Disgusting! I guess the upside is, more surface area for all the tats.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  3. I guess they’d have to put her in the centerfold…..if they wanted to show her entire body, which I would prefer not to see.

  4. Fat-positivity or something…

  5. Yikes!!! It’ll take a lifetime for all that grease to burn out. Betcha it would be a savings to the taxpayers to use that lard to light the city of New York.

  6. Some info on Helen Gurley Brown — the woman who ensured the survival of Cosmopolitan ragazine when its subscriptions were slumping:

    “Illuminati Taught Young Women to Trade in Sex”

  7. Karl Marx once opined that “capitalism contains within it the seeds of its own destruction.” I am NO FAN of Marx, but, in looking at the Sexual Revolution and Cosmo, could it be that he had a point?

    As I’ve said before, my late mother had a life-long battle with obesity, one in which she scored a major victory by shedding some 30% of her extra weight and keeping it off for the last eight years of her life. (Mom passed in 2012, and she did not have internet access, so she was not informed of all the developments that had been available at that time). So although Mom and I disdained obesity, we never saw it as something to make fun of, or as something to celebrate, either. (I, too, suffer from obesity, and I can afford to lose about 40 pounds).

    This being said, it seems to me that Cosmo, the brainchild of the late Helen Gurley Brown, made, packaged and sold a false bill of goods to my generation of women, namely, that they could “have it all”—looks, great sex and POWER. After having read Dr. Henry Makow for the past nine years, he has mapped out the terrain properly: Men go for the power and women should surrender their power to their husbands in exchange for love. (It worked for my parents and millions of others in their generation; My generation and the millenials seem to have quite a problem with that).

    But now we’ve come to the point where Cosmo itself—still as snarky as ever—seems to be pushing that pseudo-ideal of “body positivity” whereby big fat feminist crypto-lesbian slobs can “have it all” in the “Platonic” sense: In other words, instead of selling women the actual power my parents had (Dr. Makow has posted about a book he recommended, “The Power of Sexual Self-Surrender”) Cosmo is out to convince these unfortunate and frustrated women the false idea that they do “have it all” wherein they really have NOTHING at all.

    In other words, Cosmo is the Playboy for frustrated women: Just as Playboy sold an image that really was a closeted homosexuality for men (see Dr. Makow’s “All Porn Is Essentially Gay”), Cosmo sells a false reality to unfulfilled women—and it is now reaching out to the second or third generation out from that generation that inaugurated or witnessed the Sexual Revolution.

    In other words, it’s a big fat NOTHING BURGER.
    Cosmo, like Penthouse and Playboy before it, is SELLING AIR.

    Just like the Sexual Revolution, Cosmo is selling stinking fish! Rotting meat! Decaying vegetables! It is working with the fumes of what’s left of the Sexual Revolution, which really was a demonic display of magic in that it promised unlimited ecstasy in exchange for what that Revolution was really all about, namely, HUMAN EXTINCTION.

    If you give me a major premise, and you give me a minor premise, I don’t have to ask you for the conclusion: I already have the logic, and I can draw the conclusion.
    So the “transvaluation of all values” sought by Nietzsche was nothing but a magic show that promised fulfillment but ends in T.S. Eliot’s “Wasteland.” And the history of the past 130 years is replete with examples of famous people—politicians, artists, musicians and writers—whose lives were nothing but TRAVESTIES, MISCARRIAGES OF JUSTICE: The solipsistic Nietzsche, who “had it all,” all right. The benzedrine-addled Sartre and his muse, Simone de Beauvior. Susan the Lunatic Sontag. Ernest Hemingway (a real power-charged example of the Man of Gusto who, at least, had a life that had some real adventure in it). And the list goes on and on.

    But those one generation older than I failed to take the examples of Kinsey, Hemingway and others to heart. (My parents, however, did). Namely, that if these people were disasters-in-training, then their examples were to be avoided AT ALL COSTS.

    But this is what Cosmo promised to its first generation of readers, and it’s the same thing it’s promising to its third—and last—generation of readers. It’s a NOTHING BURGER. Helen Gurley Brown is dead (Thank God). And it is using Tess “Built-like-a-planet” Halliday to sell the same nothing burger, the same wasteland that Helen Gurley Brown devoured to the next generation of suckers.

    Cosmopolitan magazine—like all pornography before it—contains within itself the seeds of its own destruction. Hardly identical to the Promise of Eternal Life Made and Paid For by Jesus Christ.
    So when your granddaughter points to Cosmopolitan magazine in the store and asks, “Grandmother, what is that?” just tell her to RUN LIKE HELL!!!

  8. Notice the ‘Miss Piggy’ tat. 🙄

  9. I see more and more of this every day. Fat, homely girls wearing little girl dress (that show maximum cellulite), saddle shoes, green hair, lots of piercings and absurd face paint.

    While I don’t pretend to understand this, it seems clear to me that it is designed to end attraction as we know it. This woman is a walking antecedent to E.D.. She could get a job at a priapism clinic.

    The tattoos are grotesque as well. I see more of this all the time as well. Massive, ugly tattoos that cover most of their bodies seem to be “normal” now. I do not find that attractive.

    I don’t think this is designed to redefine attraction. I think it is designed to destroy it. They want queer boys and lesbo women. It’s a breeding strategy. Having a magazine push this garbage just identifies it as Odorist.

  10. If you wanna walk around her, you need a lunchbox !!
    The world is become weird. Who would buy this sh…?

  11. Supermodel… How about Hogzilla.

  12. What’s gonna happen to all those tattoos if she loses 100 pounds of lard?

  13. All those who want to see her naked, please stand up.

  14. And I thought seeing pigs like Ashley Graham on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue was bad…


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