This is "entertainment" on VH1

A new reality show aired on Sunday on VH1. It’s called “Wicked Single.” Here’s the premise:
“Work hard, party harder –that’s the motto this wicked single group of Bostonians lives and plays by. As these twenty-something friends fumble towards adulthood and turning 30, they are united in a mission to strike the perfect balance of advancing career goals, hooking up and reveling in the hijinks that come with their FOMO (fear of missing out) lifestyle. Whether it’s “Monday Fundays” or “Tuesday Boozedays,” they search for answers to those age old questions such as “How do I find love?,” “What am I doing with my life?,” AND “Why I am this hung over on a Wednesday?!” 
Growing up is hard to do when you are WICKED SINGLE…they’re loud, they’re real, and they’re ready to party!
Good grief…watching this video will make your head explode!
Their parents must be so proud. Pray that the majority of young Americans are smarter than this bunch.

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Trail Dust
7 years ago

That’s the side of Boston I don’t like.

7 years ago

And these ” enlightened ” people of the N.E. consider us in the neanderthals .! Hey boys and girls , there’s more to life than acting out childhood fantasies every night of the week. You gotta grow up sooner or later . Can you imagine trying to have an in-depth conversation w / the aforementioned clowns ? They look like they have an i.q.level of a maggot .

7 years ago

Pray that none of these losers breed.

7 years ago

Wow! One of them actually has a job?