This is a Hawaii Birth Certificate

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UPDATE (4.27.11):
Blogger Ann Barnhardt has posted an authentic Hawaii long-form birth certificate of a woman named Susan Nordyke, who was born in Honolulu on August 5, 1961, one day before Obama’s birth. You can compare Nordyke’s birth certificate with the one Obama released today, April 27, 2011, by going HERE.
This is a Hawaii Birth Certificate
By Ann Barnhardt – March 31, 2011

I can’t believe I’m actually going to say this, but I am starting to feel a teensy-weensy bit of respect for Donald Trump. Finally, someone in the mainstream is saying the things that need to be said about Obama’s fake nativity story. To clear up a lot of confusion, below is an image of EXACTLY the document that Obama needs to produce. This is the birth certificate of Susan Nordyke, one of a set of twins who were born at the Kapiolani Hospital in Honolulu on August 5, 1961. Obama CLAIMS to have been born on August 6th. Therefore, this certificate form is EXACTLY THE SAME as what would have been generated for Obama.

This form gives the name, age, address, race and description of the occupation of the father. It does NOT give the religion. It gives the name, age, address, race, occupation outside of the home and last date worked of the mother.
Interestingly, IT DOES NOT LIST THE RACE OF THE CHILD. Look for yourself. There is no field at the top for race of the baby.
So, given this, there are several things we can logically conclude:
1. The word “muslim” does not appear on Obama’s BC assuming he was in fact born in Honolulu in August of 1961, because these certificates make no mention of religion at all. So that can’t be the big secret.
2. Obama himself cannot be listed as either “caucasian” or “arab” because there is no field on the certificate for the race of the child. So that can’t be the big secret, either, assuming Obama even has a Hawaii BC.
3. I doubt that the father’s field would say either “Frank Marshall Davis” or “Unknown” because the baby was named “Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.“. If you’re going to go to the lengths of naming a baby “Jr.”, then there is no reason not to list “Sr.” as the daddy – even if that is a lie. If you name the kid “Jr.”, you’re in for a penny, in for a pound. Again, this assumes Barry actually has a Hawaii BC.
So where does this leave us?
A. There is no Hawaii birth certificate because he wasn’t born in Hawaii. Ann Dunham was present and enrolled at the University of Washington TWO WEEKS after Obama’s alleged birth date. He could have been born just across the border in Canada, and then Granny Dunham registered his birth with the state of Hawaii, thus automatically generating the newspaper announcement. This would have been done to fraudulently obtain citizenship for Barry.
B. He could have been born months earlier. Given that Ann picked up, flew across the Pacific, enrolled and began attending classes at UW all before August 20, 1961, it seems a bit much to think that she did all this at the age of 18 with a tiny newborn baby.
C. Obama could have indeed been born in Kenya, and Granny Dunham submitted a false certificate of home birth to get him US citizenship, again, thus automatically generating the newspaper birth announcement.
D. When Obama was adopted by Lolo Soetoro in Indonesia, his original BC was altered to reflect the new name “Barry Soetoro” with Lolo listed as the father. If this is the case, Obama MUST be a dual citizen of Indonesia, because Indonesia required citizenship of adopted children. Also, unless Obama legally had his named changed back to “Barack Obama”, his name today legally remains “Barry Soetoro”. This would nullify every document he has signed. If you don’t believe me, try signing this year’s tax return with the name “Peaches McAwesome” and see if you don’t get a visit from the IRS. Finally, and I think this is the monster issue, unless Barry formally rescinded his Indonesian citizenship upon reaching the age of majority, he is AT BEST a dual citizen of the US and Indonesia. If he presented himself as an Indonesian citizen after the age of 18 either to acquire college scholarships OR traveling under an Indonesian passport after the age of 18, then there is no way in God’s Green Earth that he can be the President of the United States. No person who has EVER, under any circumstance, claimed citizenship to any country other than the United States as an adult be eligible for the Presidency. That’s just common sense. The LEGAL standard per the Constitution is far, far more stringent than that. I realize that. I’m just talking about common sense. This is a no-brainer. Obama is a completely illegal usurper, a con artist, a liar, and he MUST be removed, not by impeachment, but by law enforcement. Impeachment only applies to legitimate sitting Presidents. Obama is neither legitimate, nor the President. He is a hostile invader and the enemy of this nation, its people and its Constitution. Barack and Michelle Obama SHOULD spend the rest of their lives being supported and secured by the tax dollars of the people of the United States of America . . . in lovely Florence, Colorado.
~Steve~                           H/T May

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  1. Mad Angel is on FB

    I have to add here that a high school friend of Ann’s claims she did show up for a brief visit WITH THE NEWBORN Obama…(she states she “had to show her how to change the baby’s diaper”)
    It’s my contention that Ann was returning from Kenya where she had NOT been welcomed, since BO Sr. already had a wife and 2 children there….her connecting flight to Hawaii to take the infant to Grandma to care for would have have been on the west coast..

  2. I agree entirely w/Mad Angel, and I must say this entire article is so hot it’s on fire! So away it goes to, where ten million will read it, and if THAT doesn’t send the right message to the creeps running the feral gubbmint, what else possibly could? Has the Congress ever had ten million messages sent to to it, even collectively? How much longer can they pretend this doesn’t exist? And why won’t they admit it? What do THEY have to lose?

  3. Peaches McAwesome

    This happens to me all the time.

  4. highschooldropout
    Look at Obama’s birth certificate. Look at box 7g. Notice the 2, or 8 in pencil to the left. Copy the birth certificate above from this page, and the one from the link I provided and lay them on top of each other in photoshop. Then reduce opacity on Obama’s (with it on top).
    Line up those two marks. Also notice the tick mark in box 5b. It has moved, but it is the exact same size, and at the exact same angle.
    I was not a birther, until today. The Obama released document is clearly a forgery. The birth certificate from this site was used as the model. This birth certificate (the one on this page, not Obama’s) is also on Wikimedia,
    It’s link is below.
    I am stunned. I have found several other places on the document that line up perfectly with the one on this page. It is clearly a forgery, there can be no doubt about it by any rational human being.

  5. Intersting that Mr. P was born a day earlier than Suzan, and his Birth certificate was registerd three days before Suzan’s
    However Suzan BC # is less than the other one

  6. It does matter if BO’s birth certificate is real or not. He is the president, and that means the US is the best! I think Emenem says it best. “GOD BLESS THE FREE WORLD” /D

  7. What makes you think that the birth certificates for the Nordyke twins are authentic? Have a look at the discrepancies of the dates on line 18b of the alleged birth certificates of the two Nordyke girls. If anything the scans seem to show that the Nordyke certificates are fakes.

  8. Steve, instead of vague and off topic comments about desperation, why not address the issue I raised? Do you have a theory that would explain the discrepancies in the dates on the Nordyke certificates?
    If there are date discrepancies, and there are descrepancies as you can see from the “scans” themselves, then it constitutes evidence against the authenticity of the Nordyke certificates. If the authenticity of the Nordyke documents is in doubt then they cannot possibly be held up as the gold standard for what a certificate should look like, and then the entire argument based on the Nordyke certificates falls on its face.

  9. hey Alan,who’s on first??

  10. tina,
    Yes, Who’s on first, What’s on second, I Don’t Know is on third.

  11. I too saw the discrepancy in box 18b of the Nordyke birth certificates…and I agree…while I dont believe Obama is telling the truth about his citizenship, I also dont want false documents being held up as the proof of that…if one area is in question, the entire document is in question…what is needed is an examination by a GROUP of forensic document examiners of the ACTUAL ORIGINAL birth certficate…until then all options are open.

  12. One more point. A lot has been made about the number on Obama’s certificate supposedly being out of sequence. However, who’s to say it was out of sequence? It all depends on how the sequence numbers are determined.
    Here is the most likely scenario. It all starts after hours on Friday, i.e. effectively on a weekend. Several babies are born over the weekend, including Obama (on Friday evening) and later that weekend the Nordyke twins are born. Along the way hospital fills in their part of on the individual document for each new baby born and puts the document in a pile with the other documents. Obama being born early on the weekend (Friday evening), his document get placed near the bottom of the pile, and the others, such as the documents for the Nordyke twins, are placed on the pile as they come along, i.e. nearer the top of the pile.
    Monday comes along and the regular shift picks up the pile and takes it over to the State Department of Health, or whichever state agency handles birth certificate records. The person at the Department picks up the first document in the pile and stamps it. This document happens to be the one for the most recent birth at the hospital, because it is the more recent births that get placed on top of the pile over at the hospital. The person at the Department then picks up the next document, which happens to be for a baby born a little earlier in the weekend, and stamps it with the next sequence number. In other words, the baby born earlier gets a higher sequence number than the baby born later, simply because it is determined by the sequence with which the documents were placed on the pile.
    Eventually the documents for the two Nordyke twins come up and are stamped with sequence numbers, and a little later the person at the Department works their way down the pile to Obama’s document, and it gets stamped with a sequence number, but the number is higher than the number for the Nordyke twins, even though (in fact because of the fact that) Obama was born before the Nordyke twins.
    Think of the alternative, namely that someone over at the Department decides to waste both his own time and the taxpayers money by performing the useless and boring task of going through the pile and strictly sorting the pile in such a way that the sequence numbers are stamped strictly in the order in which the babies were born… not too likely in my view. Far more likely would be that the sequence numbers are not in strict order according to birth date and time, for reasons noted above.


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