This Dog's Got Talent

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This dog, Pudsey, won the Britain’s Got Talent Contest on May 12, 2012.

Pudsey not only won the BGT prize of $800,000 for her mistress, 17-year-old Ashleigh, offers for sponsorship and TV deals have been rolling in non-stop. The offers on the table reportedly include dog food endorsements, television shows, stuffed animals, dog toys and even a children’s book revolving around the talented dog.

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0 responses to “This Dog's Got Talent

  1. “And it tells me I have a chance to win in Britain, with my spoon playing !”
    Only if it’s your dog doing the spoon playing, Terry. LOL

  2. pretty cool… all the fun and games end when obama eats her dog. also why after the act ended and the camera panned back to simon c. why was he unbuttoning his shirt? was he going to breast feed the dog?

  3. My dog’s that smart but good luck getting her decrepit owner to roll around like that…


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