This beaver is a better dad than many humans

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Beavers mate for life.
A male beaver who lives in a Martinez, Calif. beaver colony, was suddenly left with three young kids to care for when his devoted partner died of an infection. They had previously raised 12 other kids together.
Heidi Perryman, president and founder of Worth a Dam, told Discovery News, “We were worried about their (the three kids’) safety. Would Dad be able to provide for them and could he care for them as well as she did? Would they learn everything they needed to know without a mother?”
But daddy beaver more than stepped up to the plate. He not only built the family home, he also regularly repairs it. In addition to tackling care-giving basics, he gave the kids beaver-back rides and taught them how to dive. He brought them gourmet tender new shoots for dinner.
“Dad’s transition to single parent was a seamless one,” Perryman said. “All three youngsters have survived to adulthood.”

Daddy beaver most certainly is a better father than three Tennessee men — Terry Turnage, Richard Colbert and Desmond Hatchett — who fathered inseminated 46 women with 78 children but do not pay child support for any of them.

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0 responses to “This beaver is a better dad than many humans

  1. As a strong believer in individual rights & personal liberty, I hate to say this but sometimes I wish a license was needed to procreate. Pathetic.

  2. Happy Father’s Day. 🙂

  3. Aaaaaah, but the animals can only BE what God wills for them & are therefore never separated from the Father’s Plan.
    We on the other hand, have the great responsibility of a choice.
    Tim Tebow Draws More Than 20,000 for Father’s Day Church Event

  4. Must you bring religion into every little thing? This is a nature story, not yet another waste of space on Tim Tebow. Honestly, what were you thinking? Never mind. I know.

      I find it amusing that a commenter who refers to herself as a “goddess” in her e-mail address is upset about another commenter referencing religion! I’m sure you’d feel differently if Tebow were a wiccan instead of a Christian.

      • And, she is missing the point. Nature reminds us of God and brings us so close to Him. Additionally, this is about a dear little beaver father who is a giver and protector, very valiant, kind and exemplary! Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this touching post which I thoroughly enjoyed, including the music!

    • Must you be illiterate? Did you not notice this is a conservative Christian blog?
      Honestly, what were you thinking? Never mind. I guess you weren’t.

    • In the immortal words of Sgt. Hulka, Lighten up, Janet.


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