This American woman is fed up

Pay attention, GOP.

We voted for you in 2010, but you did squat.

We are informed and we are mad as hell.

This woman, Deborah Warren, speaks for MILLIONS of us.

H/t beloved Tina.


What have our Republican legislators done for us?  HUH?  What did any of them do when we came begging for help with massive amounts of information and evidence regarding financial fraud and the theft of our homes…racketeering in our cities and courts?  HUH?  I’ll tell you what they were doing while our lives were destroyed (and we dumbasses were still voting for them…and thinking they did not know!):  THEY WERE PARTICIPATING IN FRAUD, RACKETEERING, INSIDER TRADING AND COVERING UP THEIR CRIMES AND THE CRIMES OF THEIR PEERS.

Meanwhile, they were ripping us off with more raises for themselves, money laundering, gold standard benefits and medical care, expensive parties and travel and ‘retreats’…making back room deals with their criminal cronies and with entities who were intent on destroying our America…attempting no less than 8 times to change the requirement for President so they could install this piece of steaming excrement and his parasitic filthy pals in our White House.  Failing that; they went ahead and covered up his past, his lack of eligibility, his crimes, his un-American activities and so on.  It’s not that they did not vet him…they knew who he was and installed him anyway.  And all of them have participated in the worst Constitutional crisis in our history and the subsequent cover up…while more and more laws and Executive Orders and treaties are enacted against our will and in violation of our Constitution and our Founding values.

All sitting public servants are ‘lock stock and barrel’s invested in the tyrannical government which has declared nothing less than war upon the very people whom this country was built upon and who pays their self proscribed salaries and benefits.  None have publicly and loudly fought the insanity and most have buckled and voted to harm us further.

Donate?  Vote?  Support?  ARE YOU F……….G KIDDING ME???????  More money to compromisers, apologists, extortionists, blackmailers, cowards and thieves?  REALLY? REALLY???

No money (I don’t have any and am on the verge of homelessness, AGAIN, because of these criminals!)…no votes…no support….ZERO; until these ZEROES, LOSERS, CRIMINALS, TRAITORS AND USEFUL IDIOTS start working for their constituents and their country.  Until they honor their Oath and our Founders, they can go to HELL.

This is NOT a Republican or Democrat problem. This is a criminal problem and our fiduciaries on both sides failed America.  We are looking at the person; not the Party right now.  We are determined to see as many incumbent FIRED as possible.  That’s the result of their Treasonous failure.  We don’t trust any sitting legislators.

What good did it do us to bust our humps and donate and vote in all those jackasses (680 seats in 2010) who immediately joined the ranks of the establishment bent on destroying America and our Liberties?  How many stood up and told the public what was going on behind closed doors?  How many stepped up to fight Agenda 21 and all the money being funneled into the U.N.?  How many challenged the illegal Regime in D.C.?  The illegal Usurper in our White House?  The illegal Executive Orders and abuse of power and the use of our debt as a personal checkbook to reward and pay off friends and cronies?

Where the hell is the money you all come begging for supposed to come from?  We can’t fabricate and manufacture it the way those thieves we trusted have done.  We are struggling just to survive and keep from being thrown out on the street as a result of the theft and destruction wrought upon us by these liars and thugs who hide behind closed doors, refuse to talk to us directly or answer our questions and demands…and instruct their phone answering lackeys to lie when we talk to them.

Mr. Cornyn is my Senator.  He has sent me the standard canned answers and his office has lied outright to me.  When we came to him for assistance and answers; we were ignored and dismissed.  My life went to hell in a handbasket while he enjoyed raises and a life of royalty in a country where we don’t abide royalty.  The last king was run out of America on a rail.  He and the Republican Party have enjoyed my vote every year since I was eligible to vote at 18 and that is almost 40 years of loyalty to a Party that has collectively managed to spit in my face and the faces of my fellow citizens.

I can’t think of one good reason to make a political donation nor one good candidate in this election.

Deborah Warren


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Al Thompson

Unfortunately, this post is correct. Can’t work with a bunch of losers. I was a Republican for more than forty years and the political system is in shambles. A few more years of this nonsense we’ll look like Zimbabwe….maybe not that good.


Thankyou Deborah Warren! the cold,hard truth.



Alice Wolf

That’s right. We have to do something about the situation and right away!!!!! The only way to do it legally is to have Congress reinstate Glass Steagall, which would outlaw the bailouts of all the bankers and hedge fund gambling debts. The other debts, which are legal in the commercial banking sense would have to stand. Because the monetary system is now drained of liquidity, we will have to have Congress revert to the Constitutional method of uttering credit for projects that are deemed to be in the interests of We the People, for the advancement of civilization. To increase… Read more »


This country will not be saved through the ballot box.
It’s much too late for that.

12 Star Truth

I like Deborah Warren. Does she have a blog or a website??