Third Oil Leak in Gulf

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The New York Times today says BP’s “Top Kill” attempt to plug the hole from the exploded Deepwater Horizon oil rig has failed. Meanwhile, scientists have found a third oil leak/plume.

From Washington’s Blog:

AP reported on May 27th that scientists had found a second giant plume deep under the water. The plume is 22 miles long and 6 miles wide.
Today, May 28, the Washington Post is reporting that a third giant underwater plume has been discovered:

A Louisiana scientist said his crew had located another vast plume of oily globs, miles in the opposite direction.James H. Cowan Jr., a professor at Louisiana State University, said his crew on Wednesday found a plume of oil in a section of the gulf 75 miles west of the source of the leak.
Cowan said that his crew sent a remotely controlled submarine into the water, and found it full of oily globules, from the size of a thumbnail to the size of a golf ball…. Cowan said the oil at this site was so thick that it covered the lights on the submarine.
“It almost looks like big wet snowflakes, but they’re brown and black and oily,” Cowan said. The submarine returned to the surface entirely black, he said.
Cowan said that the submarine traveled about 400 feet down, close to the sea floor, and found oil all the way down. Trying to find the edges of the plume, he said the submarine traveled miles from side to side.
“We really never found either end of it,” he said. He said he did not know how wide the plume actually was, or how far it stretched away to the west.

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0 responses to “Third Oil Leak in Gulf

  1. Joseph E Fasciani

    This is the email I just sent to my major Internet publisher,, as a comment on a link to your article published today:
    “This is happening because, as I wrote in my exclusive article for you, we have encountered one of Nature’s Three Laws of Thermodynamics, and it has no respect for us mere mortals.
    What we have here is an oil volcano, erupting at tremendous pressures, very hot at first:
    One of the first facts one learns in a HS physics class is that a liquid cannot be compressed. It cannot. Period.
    Precisely because it can’t, we use this principle to make small hydraulic jacks, so handy for lifting tons w/one hand!
    As we put pressure on the small piston’s liquid, it is forced into the larger chamber, where it pushes up that cylinder.
    So “ditto” for BP’s Deepwater Horizon…. Has anybody ever capped a volcano? Let’s not always see the same hands now!
    So no matter how much BP tries to cap this, the pressure MUST find a way of relief.
    This new plume is likely an offset from the main casing, prompted by BP’s efforts to “cap” the blow-out.
    Remember the Walt Disney cartoon movie of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”?
    And here we are! J

  2. BP is owned by the Zionist European Rothschilds, who have been waging war on the American people since 2001.
    They sabotaged this well, and prevented means to cap it that were available and proven, since day one, using stupid tricks that every offshore oil drilling engineer that doesn’t work for BP said were a joke.
    The pliant Zionist-controlled American media continue with the lies. Latest one says this “may be twice as big as Exxon Valdez.”
    Fact is, experts at oil companies said the gusher has been spewing out between 70,000 to 100,000 barrels a day. That would mean that the amount of oil spewed into the Gulf is at least equal to Twenty (20) Exxon Valdez’s, with no end in sight. It is time to confiscate BP’s asset to use to recoup the economic damage done to businesses in the Gulf coastal areas.

  3. The damage being done to the microscopic planktonic sea life is truly a historic disaster of biblical proportions. go to:

  4. Would it be beyond paranoia to think this ‘leak’ was planned rather than an accident?
    Anyone else think so?

    • Joe, I can assure you this was evil, not ignorance.

    • Joe, I would agree. This whole disaster was planned. Look at the the use of the dispersant Corexit. Produced by a company called Nalco(ties to Exxon), owned by The Blackstone Group. That’s right, Wall Street is benfiting in more ways than one from the “oil volcano” in the Gulf.

  5. Clueless ineptitude. This will be the death of all mammal life on Earth. BP will claim bankruptcy then wash their hands of the affair, leaving the Kenyan in the bright exposure of his pathetically underdeveloped leadership. As all of the fictions are finally uncovered all of life will perish. How unfortunate…

  6. I never met any of you but I must say that it was nice reading everybody’s opinions. We had a good run and I wish the best for all people and their loved ones. I do believe that we are on our way out soon. God bless. ….JTG

  7. I really feel that consumers around the world should join hands in protesting about BP’s actions (or lack thereof) by boycotting all BP products. I will never stop at a BP service station again….

    • while boycotting BP is definitely a start, maybe you should also consider more radical solutions than “never stopping at a BP service station again”.
      what then, about SHELL – or EXXON for that matter? I refer you to an article in today`s london guardian that shows nigerian oil spills due mainly to shell to be many times worse than the current BP spill…
      in light of such revelations, simply boycotting BP seems a bit, well, pathetic…

    • You left out Chevron, who owns (and shelved) the patents on the batteries which powered the original Volt car. “We” humans actually had electric cars which could run for 150 miles without a recharge, then could sit in your solar-powered garage overnight and hit the road again in the morning. “They” bought the rights to the technology, and stuffed it away where the sun don’t shine. The cars ? Were leased, then recalled over drivers’ protests. Went into the crusher.
      True story, look it up. Now they want to sell us “new” electric cars that can barely manage 50 miles. I’d buy one, but I live 30 miles from town.
      These guys don’t want your lunch, they already own your food supply.

  8. ******The company plans to use robot submarines to cut off the damaged riser from which the oil is leaking, and then try to cap it with a containment valve. The effort is expected to take between four and seven days.
    Why didn’t they do that earlier?

  9. Having been in Santa Barbara in ’69, I can assure you that this disaster is already far worse than any scenario the general public might infer from the News.
    Hurricane Katrina alone had a devistating impact on the viability of both fishing & living below sea-level in New Orleans. Even a casual assesment of the (sic) health of the Mississippi wetlands was a daunting proposition, with over 1,200 sq. miles of previously fertile fishing waters destroyed from nitrogen-loading upstream. To cite ‘Big Farming’ interests, (like ADM, Monsanto & Cargill,) at this point almost seems inconsequential, but it does lead one to closely evaluate the ACTUAL purpose of any GOVERNMENT, and the lip service we’ve paid to the purposes behind our once functional “EPA.”
    It’s time to Nationalize the Oil Companies, and publicly accept that water-powered engines, like Stanley Meyers, are the ONLY sane path to a liveable world.
    If BP liquidated every asset they have they would not repay 5 cents on the dollar in terms of the current price of a (SIC-profanity witheld,) clean-up.

  10. A sad day, with more for the rest of all living to come concerning this gushing. The devastation will be cataclysmic, and total, to a number of ecosystems, and species extinction should be expected. Scared yet?
    These people on TV and in government – continuous lies from the jump, with no meaningful corrections YET! Don’t want to create panic or unpleasantness, stiff upper lip, volunteer to help (911)…….
    I guess the most glaring thing to me concerning the planned vs. accidental models is this – Why wasn’t the US Navy immediately deployed to stop the flow of oil at the wellheads? With the trillions of dollars devoted to underwater salvage and technology that taxpayers have paid for, it’s certain they could go “fix” things, no? I know yes….
    Meanwhile, brainless coastie brass and former firefighter Emergency Management poobas (firefighter,911, don’t know much about history, engineering……..) are saying IF it reaches Florida, which the prevailing winds BLAH, BLAH
    Which brings me to the bottom line (to shouts of glee) – this hasn’t even got started good (well, bad). Even if the flow would have been abated a couple of weeks ago, people would have been taking mineral spirits and rags to clean off the tar after a day at the beach so you don’t mess up the car (true stuff, Lauderdale in “70s) for a decade. This pollution will be persistent at the levels today for decades, and will ultimtely end up on shore, everywhere, except for that thick deposit covering the bottom. I cannot emphasize how serious this is not being taken generally.

    • Floridian,

      It is an interesting 8 minute video explaining how naturally occurring microbes can eat the oil, producing non polluting waste products, then die off when the oil has gone.
      It has been done before so it can easily be done again.

  11. Where are all the Tea Party Republicans now? Wasn’t it Bush and his Neocon cronies that got us in this mess by letting Big Oil do whatever it wanted, environment be damned! The Bible mentions something about an event that will kill all waters in the seas. I originally thought it would be a comet striking, but perhaps this?

  12. It is beyond absurd to believe the oil gusher was “planned”.
    It is rediculous to believe the U.S. Navy can fix the leak. The Navy has neither the technology, equipment, nor the skilled personell to do so.
    The Navy DOES NOT train or employ oil field personell or practice.At 5,000 ft, only robotics can be employed; man is limited to about 1,200 ft.
    Allowing oil companies to drill at these depths without multiple back up systems, is like handing out shotguns without safety locks to boy scouts.
    Believing the U.S. Navy can fix this problem is as rediculous as going to a walk in clinic for a heart transplant. The Navy excells at what it does, but that does not include oil well work a mile beneath the ocean’s surface.
    It would be wise to mobilize the Navy for clean up work, then watch the screams of “big government” and wasting money start.
    Biblical prophesy was related to the times of the Roman Empire. Persons believing that bastardized text from the bronze age predicts contemporary events are living in a fantasy world.
    The reason “the Kenyan” is allowing BP to operate, is that BP and the oil services companys are the only ones with the capacity to shut off the flow.Perhaps President Obama should be known as “The Hawaiian”, for that is where he was born. Some people are stuck on stupid, sadly there is no cure.

    • Idiot erinys,
      You believe who?
      How the hell do you know for sure that obama was born in the US?
      You believe the Dempublician party?? The major JEW & Defense Industry owned networks?
      And the Navy is good at what they do???
      Say it FOOL! They are good at KILLING!!!!!!!!!!!
      Idiot, soon your type of “FOOL”ishness will be punished by economic death. In fact, tell me what you do for a living right now, so the attack can begin!
      DO YOU WORK FOR BP?????????????

  13. Foerget about him being born in Hawaii, myb guts rell me he wasn’t

  14. Well there you go, gerdelticw2. Thinking with yer gutz is like talking out yer butt……..

  15. Some people are stuck on stupid, no cure known for that.

  16. Consider the absolutely immense amount of benzene being released into the ocean from this gushing well. Anybody who doesn’t understand the significance of this, look up “benzene” in Google. The global consequences of this event may become much larger than even the readers of this site are speculating…
    Also, what about when other countries start expressing their outrage, upon eventually seeing the effects that this global disaster will have upon their shores and populations – who do you think will be held responsible, and made to pay for this global catastrophe? After the international lawsuits start being realized, where will the compensation to these affected countries, ultimately be coming from: Will it be BP, or the US government (i.e. the US taxpayer), or (?)

  17. This disaster is epic. It could destroy the US. Just imagine this thing gushing out oil for a year. The Gulf coast would be uninhabitable. This is serious.

  18. The writer of this story only adds to confusion of this topic by saying gusher and plume whan describing a free floating volume of oil that was most likely created by the original site.
    Gusher& plume implies that it is a new source of oil leakage,there is no evidence for that,you are the bane of the accurate flow of information.

  19. erinys
    the erynnies are some scary bitches – at least for
    some gullible jelly fish like subhumans.
    Not enough scary though to be able to obamanationally brainwash people into the believe, that “YES,WE CAN”…
    “We can” jack tittle de shit.
    America’s blue and clear waters are stained by abomination (like the lungs of a cigarette smoker) and you are held co- responsible, for helping to perpetuate lies. This is another thing my guts tell me.
    In a contest my guts will hand it to your furiously deluded brain any day.

  20. This is the one of the biggest disaster in the history of man-made disasters… for its effects would last for decades… It has already killed billions of aquatic life, and these oil plumes would continue to do so for years to come…
    This oil spill is very bad for the economy of Louisiana… The fishermen are gonna go bankrupt in the years to come coz there will be no shrimp or fish for miles… Tourism would be affected as the beaches would be full of oil and tar balls. Its going to end very badly…

  21. Country Pagan

    The pressure of the ocean drives the pressure at the breaches. What technology can stop these gushers? If not then, this will continue until all the pressure equalizes and all the oil in this cavity is displaced. Does the CROWN say, “earth be damned”? Seems so.
    Well, Guess what Mrs. Queen? , this is your grandson’s futures.

  22. Dave, you might want to try this to understand
    why the writer does NOT add to the confusion:

  23. My darling Saint;
    How do I know Obama was born in the U.S.?
    The birth certificate from Hawaii, the fact that if he indeed was born in Kenya, he would have been “outed” by his fellow “dempublicans”, the secret would not last long, and the consequences would be too severe.
    “punished by economic death”, Well ,we’re all in this together, you wanna hang alone or hang together?
    The navy is good at moving personell and equipment quickly world wide, and yes, they are very good at killing, that is what the military does. Guided missile cruisers , aircraft carriers, and fast attack nuke subs are designed for just that (if necessary).It is unpatriotic to suggest otherwise.They “get the job done”.
    ‘You think they rule the waves to hand out candy?
    “tell me what you do for a living right now, so the attack can begin!”
    It’s a little early for smoking crack, dear Saint; threats like that are not polite. If you don’t agree with my thoughts, please present a sane argument.Perhaps I’m with the CIA or FBI, perhaps I’m watching you through my binoculars right now… BOO!
    You wrongly assume I’m happy with things as they are. I am not, but I don’t believe the nonsense I’ve critized in my comments this morning.

    • 1. The BC was placed online (faked) and nobody has seen the actual bc in person, except apparently fact check (lol).
      2. I could care less where the monster was actually born because fact of the matter is his father was a british citizen thus making the creature ineligible to be president of the divided states of america: thats a fact.
      3. roll over and get a few more winks.

  24. “and you are held co-responsible for helping to perpetuate lies”
    What lies? Dude, I worked in the offshore oil industry in the 70’s; I kinda-sorta know a bit about what is happening, and it is a VERY big deal.
    I fail to see a link between Obama’s birth place and the BP blowout.
    There has been a way too cozy relationship between big oil, big pharma, the weapons industry, and the big banks since I was a kid.
    Shake the trees of BOTH parties, and rotten fruit falls like rain, you can’t blame Obama, the problem is systemic.Fantasy regarding his place of birth is rediculous.
    Repeating lies does not make truth.

  25. Nuke BRITAIN NOW

  26. “Nuke BRITAIN NOW”
    The lone crikett chirps…………

  27. When you realize that certain of the federal reserve families control British Petroleum, 80% of the US population wants the fed audited and that will likely result in its replacement with state banks (think greenbacks, Andrew Jackson, etc) and the same Federal Reserve families were responsible for getting the British to attack the United States in the war of 1812, one wonders if this is not a deliberate attempt to destroy a hugely valuable ecosystem as retribution for the loss of the ability to control money and print money to their own benefit out of thin air.

  28. Give it up ERINYES, much like Obama, it’s too late for your damage control

  29. Why would there not be an investigation launched immediately by the White House? Maybe because Obama works for BP and not the American people.
    You say It’s “beyond paranoia to think this ‘leak’ was planned rather than an accident?”

    • I live on the coast in Louisiana, and my brother is in politics here, as was my father. All of this is about not giving up their oil lease. By letting another authority move in on the situation for cleanup, BP would might lose their lease in the state of Louisiana through legal machinations. This is the largest oil reserve found in the last 60 years on the planet! BP is jumping through their asses trying to figure a way to greedily save what they found, so another oil company does not take it from them!

  30. From Deganawida, who created the Iroquis 6 nations constitution that GWB awknowledged was a major inspiration for the American constitution, to Alex Jones who forcast 911 being an inside job, and the rise of the NWO, to Cliff High of Half Past Human, who forcast the beginning of Climategate in Oct 09 and the death of the ocean food chain in Apr 2010, you will find ample warnings of what is and what is to come.
    Their predictions for tommorow have PROVEN to be more accurate then the Mainstream news’ reportage of things that have happened the day before.
    For those with eyes to see and a brain to think with…
    Google deganawida
    Red Dragon= your “Luciferian bankers”
    White Dragon= The SHEEPLE
    Black Dragon = The Chinese
    But don’t take my word for it.

  31. PS
    those same three bloodlines sneaked through hangin off of Noah’s (in the Book ofEnoch)/Ashburnipal’s/put your cultural hero here’s Arc.

  32. PPS
    Deganiwida tells of what to do when the SHTF.

  33. damn you people are easily distracted and divided. Keep your focus on the ball people.
    Two things will stop the oil..
    1. A Nuclear weapon…and we all know the results of that….
    2. A seismic event…..
    Either way I bet you 1 gold American eagle that the oil will flow continue flowing past March of 2011.
    Any takers……?

  34. Watch The Stupid People Work

    BP = Big Problems
    Oil = Generational pollution of the air, water, food.
    Obama = fool at the wheel.
    Congress = many fools at the wheel.
    US Consumers = ultimate problem to crisis.
    Oil Dependency = death to people on planet.
    Sun = infinite power source.
    Tesla = technology ignored.
    Just a few of the obvious connections to the continuing state of confusion that surrounds life in America. Problem after problem after problem….everyone is just standing there with their pole in their hand.

  35. Judi Pope Koteen transmitted the following prophecy as it was told to Ghost Wolf, a Lakota pipe carrier and ceremonial leader:
    “I will tell you a prophecy given to me by a Grandmother of the Seneca people.
    “Men have become sick with ego, sick with greed, lost in confusion. ..
    “There will be great plagues that you do not understand. Many of these plagues are born from your scientists whose intentions have gone awry. Your scientists have let these monsters loose upon the land. These plagues will spread through your waters and through your blood and through your food…
    Go to where the eagles fly, to where the wolf roams, to where the bear lives. where the water is pure and the air can be breathed. Live where the trees, the lungs of this earth, purify the air. Go to where the trees give, from their breath to you, the cleansing and the purity, to where they protect you from the plagues…The veil between the physical and the spiritual world is thinning; it is coming back to life…”

    • Add the HOPI Indian’s prophesy from White Feather of the Bear Clan: This is the seventh sign: You will hear of the sea turning black, and many living things dying because of it. (oil spills).

  36. The solution to the BP oil well disaster is simple. I call it the 9-11 solution.
    The solution is so simple, that the failure to implement it is obviously an intentional act of war. In asymmetric warfare, failure to defend is a positive act of war. (Perhaps some Pentagon brass are refusing to send US soldiers into a third war, against Iran, to the sole benefit of China and BP.)
    When you drill a well, you “drill out” an outer hole in the bare earth, and then you immediately line that outer hole with a welded steel casing. One of its functions is to protect the well sidewalls from erosion by the oil flows. This is especially the case in loose sandy soils. The outer hole (bit diameter when expanded) is probably 48″ or so and the ductile steel casings, which are welded together as they are inserted into the drilled hold, are probably 36″ in diameter with 1″ sidewalls. (Actual numbers are irrelevant).
    The well tip, or point, has reportedly been drilled to 30,000 ft beneath the sea floor, which is another 5,000 ft. below sea level. Based on observed videos of outflow at the orifice, there is not that much pressure differential between the pickup point (deepest point) and the well head, which is under atmospheric pressure plus an additional 5,000 ft of water pressure.
    The solution is to simply remove 30,000 feet of welded steel casing.
    Without the casing to protect the sidewalls of the boring, the fluids will cause flow against the unprotected sidewalls of the well. They will erode and widen, which will slow down (and thus waste) the oil velocity. Eventually the sidewalls of the bored well will collapse back in hole and closes off the well.
    Breaking momentum of the confined column of oil (slowing down its velocity) is VERY IMPORTANT!
    The problem is not the pressure differential between the well point at 35,000 ft below sea level and the surface of the earth. Soils are self-supporting structures and don’t “weigh” against each other like a fluid does. Nor is the problem the apparently deminimus pressure differential between the well point and the well head, based on the observed low velocity of discharge (on an order of magnitude of one to tens of meters per second, plus or minus). The condition is steady flowing, but not shooting.
    The problem then is MOMENTUM. We are dealing with a long column of incompressible fluid that is flowing inside of a geometrically confined space. At 1 to 10 meters per second, a column of oil 30,000 feet long, has the same momentum (orders of magnitude here) of a freight train, roughly the same length, moving at roughly the same speed (1 – 10 miles per hour).
    You are not going to stop that kind of momentum by throwing concrete bricks in its path.
    So, how do we slow down flow … break up the momentum? The answer is the 9-11 Thermate solution … remove the geometry that confines the fluid.
    But how do we to remove the steel casing?
    Thermite was invented for underwater use in bridge demolition. It was also used to melt the 16 core structural columns in the two towers of the World Trade Center on 9-11-01, each of which had 5-inch thick sidewalls, and each of which were totally melted down to blobs of molten steel. Thermite turns 5-inch thick structural steel into a blob of molten steel, like butter in a microwave oven.
    (BTW, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Thermite was also used to bring down the drilling rig itself. The fires on the deck on the drilling rig did not cause the underwater legs of the rig to suddenly melt and give way. It is easily visible that that was what happened. When the rig collapsed, it first gave way underwater. Someone pulled the underwater legs out from underneath it. There was no underwater fire to melt the underwater steel down!)
    9-11 the well casing! … Dump thermite on it. The fact that the termite reaction will be underwater will have no effect whatsoever. If it starts a perpetual underwater methane fire … great! The highly exothermic reaction between the weaponized aluminum and the elemental iron in the steel will melt (really smelt) the steel casing to a single blob of molten steel. It can keep right on going straight down, to China, for all I care.
    9-11 the BP wellhead … with the confinement removed, the flow will slow down, and the sand sidewalls of well perpetually “cave in” on the well, eventually closing it off.

  37. Well, I’m no oil expert but, judging from the other plume, any chance at stopping the flow would involve cutting it off way below the surface, if that’s possible.
    As to doing this “on purpose”, believe me, not because I think it’s “below” them, I doubt it. If they wanted to they’d do it. I just can’t really see the advantage.
    Very little happens by accident. These guys aren’t stupid. Evil?, yes. Stupid?, no. These risks have been around for years. That’s why there were prohibitions against drilling of the California coast for so long. Comrade Soetoro lifted those and it didn’t take any time at all to see the results.
    This all boils down to whether we wish to be “ruled” by greed-driven corporations or to govern ourselves. It looks like that “choice” has bee made for us.

  38. Emery, please site the facts that lead you to believe the oil rig disaster was an act of sabotage, THEN please explain who gains what.
    Molecule, the rig “legs” did not collapse. The rig was a semi submersible, it is NOT bottom supported.
    Thermite is not something new, I was on a crew in ’73 installing a bank vault. We used thermite in a process called “Cadwelding” to splice rebar.
    I have also used “ultra thermic” burning rods to cut steel underwater, and 5 inch steel does not exactly cut “like butter”; 1 inch steel cuts pretty well as long you are working shallow and have a good supply of oxygen.The rods are hollow, and serve as a path for pressurized oxygen which keeps the “ultra thermic” process going, cut off the oxygen and the fire goes out.
    The comments at this site are interesting, but many of the commentors are working on fantasy and half truths.If I used this kind of logic at work, I’d be gone in 60 seconds.
    The best minds on the planet are working to stop the gusher and clean up the mess. It is in the best interest of all involved to stop it as fast as possible.

  39. It was deliberate. About six weeks ago Obamao suddenly made a positive statement regarding oil drilling. Totally out of character for him. April 20 (surprise surprise) the explosion of gases in open atmosphere occurs (dubious). Now the waffling about to delay the stopping of the flow. This is a global plot to bring about 3 things-
    1) Green energy development and drilling restrictions.
    2) Nationalization of another sector (energy)
    3) Global taxes for number one up there..
    We must punish ourselves for this!
    4) Increased oil prices in a flagging economy (they have been sagging)
    Cap and tax wasn’t going anywhere, global warming was outed as fraudulent. This is global tax maneuvering, and to hell with the environment. And it will work.
    Winners: U.N. , Oil companies like BP, environazis, and president no-papers.
    Losers: everyone else.

  40. 4 things. 🙂

  41. Tim,
    Do you know anything about geopolitics?
    About peak oil?
    About the “New Great Game”?
    Your comment lacks any sense of critical thinking.
    I’m begining to think the commentors at this site live in their mom’s basement and play video games all day long.

  42. “the solution is to simply remove 30,000 feet of welded steel casing.”
    (Um, from a mile under the sea, piece o’ cake!)
    After that, “we’ll” build a stairway to heaven, a bridge to the moon, then put on our jet packs and drink martinis ’till we puke.
    Good one, molecule!
    It must be cool to be a rocket scientist………..

  43. Are you ready for the Re-evolution, now? The time to retake the dream of the framers of the Constitution of the United States of America is at hand. We are the American people and the government is of the American people, for the American people and by the American people. Our Constitution and the subsequent ammendments give us the authority, power and duty to replace the government , by force if nessescary, when it fails to respond to the American people from which it derives its authority.
    Again I ask if you are ready for the Re-evolution to begin? I am .

  44. someone certainly benefits from letting this get out of hand.
    erinyes, a shill who doesn’t think she is a shill.

  45. why argue with this half-wit left over from the 60’s revolution where all they did was do drugs to combat the worlds problems?
    yeeeaaahhhh mannnn peeeaaccee and luuuuuvvvv will heal this wound in mother gaia…..
    she’s probably so happy about obama being “her” president that she’s almost let go of all her white guilt, at least til she turns on the tv again. probably turns a blind eye to all the trespasses of obama and blames it on the previous bush administration.
    when in doubt, blame bush!

  46. Yes John, commander Zantor from the star group beta 13 is making a bloody fortune as we speak.
    Would just ONE commentor explain WHO benefits and WHY?
    Please prove it. or at least offer a credible argument.
    The oil companies don’t win because it will turn the population against offshore drilling.
    Obama and crew don’t win because a segment of the electorate will blame him for action/ inaction.
    The Coast Guard doesn’t win because they look like weenies.
    Right now, the only “winners” are the spill boom manufacturers, the responders, and the makers of the dispersant.
    Jim offered a list of “winners”, but no explanation.
    How would the U.N. and oil companies like BP win?
    What is an “environazi”?, how do they benefit?
    What is wrong with getting on with “green technology” and away from oil?
    I come back to this site looking for answers, but get only snark or lack of logic.
    Common, guys; you’re supposed to be the “conservative voice”.
    When I was a young man there was a saying, “if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem”, then there was ” lead, follow, or get out of the way”.
    Standing on the sidelines babbling nonsense solves nothing.
    And John, I’m not a chick or a shill.
    One thing I have to say is none of you guys has been profane or real mean, I thank you for that!

    • erinyes,
      “Common, guys; you’re supposed to be the “conservative voice”.”
      I haven’t responded to any of your comments, but I will now.
      Will you STOP dissing this site because you’re displeased with how other commenters are responding to your pearls of wisdom? You and the commenters with whom you’ve been arguing are NOT regulars of Fellowship of the Minds. You are ALL newbies who came here only 2 days ago because of’s referrals. So when you complain that “this site” does not live up to your high standards, blah, blah, blah, you are speaking to the newbies.
      It’s typical of a narcissist that if people disagree with you, you dismiss them as not living up to your high standards. It’s also typical of a narcissist to be a RUDE guest, which is what you are. You are a guest on Fellowship of the Minds, yet you have the audacity to trash this blog.
      Since you find “this site” so disappointing, why are you still here arguing with the cretins? Kindly leave. I can assure you no one will miss your scintillating intellect.

  47. John, I’m laughing my butt off as we speak. You have no idea who you’re talking about, my history, or gender.
    “When in doubt, blame Bush”.
    Crap, dude; all Bush wanted to do was ride his bike , clear brush, and strut around like a banty rooster.I blame Chaney and his neo con pollo handlers.Obama was just dumb to want the turd sandwhich, shoulda letMcCain/ Palin eat it.
    Oh well, enough about what shoulda/coulda.
    There’s gotta be a passage in Revelations that ‘splains it.

  48. Zimbabalouie, a revolution will screw up your credit score…………

  49. Eowyn,
    My intention was never to trash your site.
    If the commentors are newbies from Rense, what can I say?
    I don’t claim to know everything about everything. I have over 30 years experience in underwater construction / demolition/ and structural inspection, and don’t have much tolerance for “gut feelings” , fabulous “theories”, or “biblical prophesy “explanations, especially in relation to the work I know well.I tried to engage the commentors, but was offered nonsense.Anyone who thinks the Oil “Volcano” caused by the joint actions of BP/Halliburton is an intentional act for political reasons is out of touch with reality.It is a huge blunder and environmental disaster caused by pushing the envelope of technology, buttressed by lack of oversight by the MMA. You’d think it would be “patriotic” to come together at this time, and leave politics out, I guess that’s the narcissist coming out………
    I’m sorry if I appeared rude.
    I was both entertained and amused by your newbie commentors.
    I’m home with a knee injury, and the computer is my entertainment for the next several days.
    Signing off……………..

    • Erinyes,
      Thanks for explaining and apologizing. I misunderstood you that you were trashing the entire Fellowship of the Minds. I, therefore, owe you an apology and retract my invitation to you to leave.
      I have found the points you made in your rebuttals to others to be well made, especially your query as to who might benefit from this disaster. As for your point about those responding to your comments “not being profane or real mean,” Such comments are deleted and the commenter banned from the Fellowship because they violate this blog’s policy (see “About”). FYI, there was actually a response to you from someone who will remain unnamed who wishes you to go “back into [Hitler’s] ovens.”
      Sorry about your knee injury. You are welcome here, as long as you remain courteous!
      Best wishes on a quick recovery. 😉

    • I read several days ago a story that indicates that the cause of the disaster is totally the fault of BP. The story relates to the Coast Guard inquiry on how the explosion happened in the first place. The evidence of witnesses points to a disagreement between the rig engineers and an official from BP. The issue of the disagreement was the process for closing down the rig. Please excuse my ignorance on the matter, but the issue relates to the fact that the BP executive was insisting that the shutdown used saltwater as the fill. I do not understand the process, but it seems that the BP executive wanted the engineers to use a process that was dangerous. The result of that insistence from the BP executive was the gas bubble that caused the explosion.

  50. Tim is so right…unfortunately!
    “Oil spil” is just another scenario. The reserve scenario. God put to shame glodal warming theory partisans with the coldest winter in many, many years. Soft path failed. So the globalists take on the hard path to reach their goals to impose one world government and “green” economic sistem.
    Nothing can stop them. But i am still amazed how apathic, lethargic, people have become. It seems we can suffer everything and do nothing. And is not fluoride, chemtrails, food additives etc to blame for !
    They train us that abnormal is normal, that bad is good, that ugly is beautiful. Our children are no more growing with rabbits or deers, but with “good” dragons and deadly (but good too…) robots. Or even with good demons! Lady Gaga is a model for our little girls. The evil is no more hidden, is part of every day life, and we’ve lost the ability to oppose it.
    The solution is not “let’s throw out cars and close plants!” They told us: You must make sacrifices to save the country, to save the planet! but the same “they” are who destroy our countries and our planet!
    Only one thing can change that. A moral style of life, a restoration of true valors. Not in Avatar style, but in Jesus style. Do you ask yourself why the Christian Church is so denigrated and attacked this days? Why they teach us that our ancestors were monkeys, and initially even a green euglena born in oceanic soup ? Why Discovery Channel say John was a poor mad old man, physically infirmed when he wrote “The (apocalyptic) Book of Revelation” and that events he descriebed actually related to the Roman Empire era, instead of a warning of our future? They are all sons (spiritually) of the Old Snake, the Old Dragon. And like their father, they mix little truth with a big lie.
    “In the New Age we break free of centuries of false doctrines, destructive indoctrinations, absurd ideas, and children’s stories about God, education, medicine, and love. The corrupt foundations of false society crumble. This time of crises is not the signal of the end of the world. What comes is not the end, but the beginning. The dream humanity has lived for centuries ends and we awaken to a bright new day, a bright new way .” The Serpent is speaking again…And they are preparing us for that new beginning.
    Most of you wellcome “The new green era”, “The New Age”. But watch out, it will be built on your neck and on your broken soul!
    Don’t forget that the peoples have leaders they deserve. They come between us and from us. They are evil because we are evil. Once in command they work to make us more evil. We must break this vicious circle.
    P.S. Please, judge my thinking, not my grammar. I am from a latin european country.

  51. Thank you too, Dan! You are very wise as well. In a nutshell, the exact problem with the world, is that people call good, evil, and evil, good. I learned yeseterday from our priest that the one sin that is unforgiveable, the sin against the Holy Spirit, is exactly that. The Spirit is Truth. If you call good, evil, and evil, good, then you violate the truth and will never be contrite, and thus, never will be forgiven. And, you can bring the moral reality to the crisis we have in the Gulf, BP’s actions – based on greed, slothfulness in not performing their duties properly and making sure everything is safe, and so on, and so on. We must remember though, that the president at the helm took 39 DAYS TO LOOK AT THE PROBLEM!

    • Joan, you and your ilk are an addictive jest! Y’all are lost souls. I know y’all check your e-mails every morning to see how many computer-generated messages y’all get from websites like these, think about it! But, you can’t help it can you; you have to check, even if you don’t want to. Marshall McLuhan: “The medium is the message!”

      • And you, Anteater, don’t make any sense with your non sequitur comment about McLuhan and the medium, blah, blah, blah. You are gratuitously rude, obnoxious, and stupid. By hurling insults at Joan, a co-founder of Fellowship of the Minds, who has done absolutely NOTHING to warrant your abuse, you are banned from this site. I’ve also removed you from the blog update e-mails you had requested. Bye!

  52. Come on people. Get real, asphalt volcanoes have been spewing into our oceans for hundreds of thousands of years. BP didn’t do anything that nature doesn’t do. It’s not going to end all life on Earth or we would all be dead already. Petroleum is a natural biodegradable substance that will only cause temporary problems. They won’t fix it because they want us to see how much safer (and cheaper) it is to drill closer to the shoreline. There is a place in my back yard where I used to drain the oil out of my vehicles, it is just as green and healthy as any other spot.

  53. Dan, anyone that judges you on your grammar or spelling is not worth listening to in the first place.

  54. You understand now their goal ? Bye, bye national sovereignty! Wellcome world government! European states debt crisis is part of the same scenario.
    We will go from one crisis to another (after economic, biological – don’t forget swine flu – and ecological crisis follows war crisis), till “our saviour” arises and takes command of world government, which was prepared for him.
    P.S. Antlion, you are the living proof that what was written before is right. “Indeed, we are living in topsy-turvy evil times — where evil is good, and good is redefined as evil.” If we are lost souls, you maybe reach illumination? So, you must be an “illuminati”…

    • “If we are lost souls, you maybe reach illumination? So, you must be an “illuminati”…”
      Very clever retort and most wise observation, Dan. I love it!

  55. Recently posted in the respected journal Science, top environmental scientists and economists are warning more than ever that “Human-made Crises are outrunning our ability to deal with them”. These researchers cited “Energy, food and water crises, climate disruption, declining fisheries, ocean acidification, emerging diseases and increasing antibiotic resistance are examples of serious, intertwined global-scale challenges spawned by the accelerating scale of human activity”.
    They went on to say that nations alone are unable to resolve the sorts of planet-wide challenges now arising.

  56. Time for top kill containment procedures,
    as reported by
    Tel Aviv

  57. Of course, in these times, some “smart people” make a lot of money from disasters. And yes, it’s about money from me and you. But don’t stop thinking here ! They are only servants who receive a “good meal” from their masters. Who are the masters ? No, it’s not Rothschilds…The masters are Raels “Elohims” and Benjamin Creme´s “Masters of Wisdoms”. And they are not humans! And they are not interesed in your money, but in your soul!

  58. to the question:
    Who proffits?
    as with 911 when they tracked back the financial bets against the airlines to those in the CIA and then STOPPED…
    Goldman Sacks Bet against EVERY RIG IN THE GULF THE DAY BEFORE
    they Knew!!!!!!
    Also check out overlooked saftey inspections showing disaster likely
    specifically for that particular rig.
    and yes I am not a regular….
    I beak off when ever I can…
    The PEN Is MIGHTIER then the SWORD they say.
    Thanks for havin me on your site…
    May the path of peace find your feet.

    • Excellent points, Danbones! Esp. about Goldman Sachs. I had forgotten about that most curious fact.
      And…a warm welcome to the Fellowship. Do check back when you can. God’s peace and blessings to you. 🙂

  59. erinyes wrote : “Would just ONE commentor explain WHO benefits and WHY?
    Please prove it. or at least offer a credible argument.
    Jim offered a list of “winners”, but no explanation.
    How would the U.N. and oil companies like BP win?
    What is an “environazi”?, how do they benefit?
    What is wrong with getting on with “green technology” and away from oil?
    I come back to this site looking for answers, but get only snark or lack of logic.”
    You will find answers for many of your questions here : (Prognosis 2012: Towards a New World Social Order)
    And in my comments above.

  60. The financial trusts that some of these ancient banking families who wish to rule the world are “managing” have been traced back
    to the Temple Priestesses of Babylon who’s wealth Banking was invented to service.
    As you may have noticed corporations have been givin the rights of people…
    that alone can be construed to make Dan’s comment sort of correct.
    godess “core”
    in corporation
    etc…just ONE little example
    the term Luciferian is axian but the spirits are much much older…
    Semyaza is another name…
    note the root word” sem” there…
    Reagon made constant use of an astrologer for example as do certain of these bankers….just where do oracles get there motive force?
    hey don’t take my word for it…
    this stuff is ALL Google-able
    Happy brain shock.

  61. Eowyn,
    Dan, I’m familiar with Global research, thanks for the link anyhoo.

  62. OOPS, pain meds kicking in, I’ll try again….

  63. Eowyn,
    The Hitler’s oven comment is a hoot!
    At 56, my skin is thick.

    • erineyes,
      That Hitler’s oven comment was the worst comment I’ve ever seen on this blog. No excuse for such vileness.
      Your skin may be thick, but my ability to get outraged is hair trigger, as you discovered, unfortunately. LOL

  64. I don’t believe that this mess was “planned”,I believe that the globalists will (and currently are) using monetary pressures to achieve their goals of global currency,submission of Americans,etc.
    It would appear that this was a fantastic field of oil(macona) and that the combination of huge pressures and some screw ups led to it.
    Since the Rothschilds own BP,don’t expect any liquidation of their assets,only higher gas taxes on the gullible,apathetic US Goyim to fund their needs.

  65. The United States of America has been under attack by the power-mongers, which I will refer to as globalists, since their secession from the Colonies. The civil war was funded by these enemies on both sides – to make this land and its people controllable.
    Andrew Jackson was the only President to have both federalized the “federal reserve”, AND brought this country from deficit to SURPLUS. He was attacked by a man with blood, money, and marriage relations to the powerful ones. This man lunged at him, stuck 2 pistols in his belly and pulled both triggers. They both failed. This man had relations to the globalists’ societies.
    President Lincoln ended their investment in the civil war by keeping the country intact. He also instated “Green-Backs”, which were legitimate US dollars and not the banks’. Booth, who shot him, was connected to a society of elite down south and up in Canada. He was primed and pumped up to kill Lincoln. The Greenbacks were gone.
    A wealthy and powerful group of men met in the early twentieth century at Jekyll Island. They drafted a means of controlling all the money of this country, circumventing all proper procedure and laws. They got away with it, and were effective (The Fed).
    JFK, working with Brother Bobby, was going to break up the corruption he perceived in the CIA, Mafia, and US government in general. He learned too much about “black op’s”, the black budget, secret technologies being used against Citizens. He also was planning to federalize the “Federal Reserve”. They shot his brains out.
    Immigration laws were purposely curbed. A HUGE influx of really poor and disaffected non-citizens was a very effective weapon against these United States. It has ruined the job availability and wage structure for 30% of American Citizens. They burden our medical system, and all social services everywhere they go. They are granted huge amounts of money thru programs deliberately sabotaged by pressure from the top thru corrupt Politicians, of whom the globalists power structure have about 70% “on the hook” (dirty pix, etc…). They run cocaine and heroin, kill cops and anybody else who gets in their path, bring diseases, and are granted “amnesty”. WHY? Because a nation is weaker when IT MEANS NOTHING TO BE A CITIZEN ANYMORE.
    Around 1990, there was a big meeting of the super-elite in Miami, I think. This was NAFTA’s launching pad. American Protesters were shot and killed by a well-prepared and pumped-up police force in formation and full riot gear.
    NAFTA removed the benefits of import tariffs and existing trade laws, and freed rich corporations to trash their facilities and workers, selling everything from under their feet. Horrible work conditions, child labor, and massive pollution don’t hold a candle to the brilliance of increasing one’s profit, apparently. MILLIONS LOST THEIR JOBS. CHAFTA, which I call “SHAFTA” is a nice follow-up to a stinging barrage. Millions more citizens lose their way of life. They look to GOVERNMENT for help.
    9/11 happens. FEAR! TERROR! We look to GOVERNMENT for protection. Billion$ more are funneled around to God-knows-who, and we invade another country, all based on lies.
    Next, nothing really big happens at all !!! Oh. Hmm. BOOM !!! A really weird, difficult-to-believe “accident” occurs. Now GOVERNMENT must take over this HUGE TERROR !!!
    We have little toys 100 million miles away on Mars, running 7 years past their warranty. The Titanic was 2.5 miles down while Bob Ballard climbed all over and inside this ship, sorting dishes, going thru walls. He even helped James Cameron make the big movie, in addition to taking him down there to see it.
    The Gulf oil-leak has a surrounding pressure of about 2200 psi. this is two and a half times less pressure than the Titanic. We have powerful robots down there goofing off, taking videos, smoking cigarettes as far as we know. I researched the differential pressure at the well-head, and got figures from 20 psi, to 100,000 psi. Wow. If they get thing capped, the oil might all turn into A HUGE DIAMOND.
    I would guess the pressure at around 100 psi, not much more than household plumbing. Even if it is more, it could not stop a huge tapered plug from shutting it down. The momentum issue would be addressed by this needle-valve type approach inherently.
    A swaged fitting could be hydraulicly compressed around the 21-inch pipe and bite into the steel, to which then could be attached, with hydraulics, a plug. Yes, even a valved plug. BP doesn’t seem to want to put anything on this expensive hole that can’t be opened up later, when the news coverage dwindles, and the majority can relax and be distracted from the plight of those damaged.
    I look to the fight in Arizona for their right to enforce the Constitutional Laws, to guide us – inform us of who is for America and who are the destroyers. I hope the bible was right – that God will return and ruin the ruiners of the Earth – Hopefully all of them.

  66. has a Eco friendly solution to clean up the tragedy British Petroleum has created, please watch the video animation: and pass this along to as many people as you know.
    One person can still make a difference in this world, is that simple interactions have a rippling effect. Each time this gets pass along, the hope in cleaning our planet is passed on.


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