Think popular culture's dark threads are benign?

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Corriann Cervantes


by BOB PRICE 9 Dec 2014

HOUSTON, Texas — A Houston teenager, Jose E. Reyes, stands trial in Houston for the satanic mutilation rape and murder of a fifteen-year-old girl. Corriann Cervantes, aged 15, was allegedly murdered and raped during a satanic ritual that involved gouging out her eyes and carving an upside-down crucifix on her stomach before killing her. She was also allegedly sexually assaulted during the tortuous attack.

Breitbart News reported about the murder when it occurred in February of this year. That article stated that Reyes, then 17, and a 16-year-old boy, Victor Alas, were arrested and charged with capital murder. Reyes confessed to the crimes and told Harris County Assistant District Attorney John Jordan they doing this to sell the 16-year-old’s soul to the devil. Reyes said he had previously sold his soul and the younger boy asked if he could do it as well according to Jordan. Both boys are standing trial as adults.
During the opening of the trial this week in Houston, Jordan continued the devil theme and said the two boys disfigured the girl’s body by carving an upside down crucifix on her stomach according to the Houston Chronicle. Jordan told the jurors the two boys took the girl to an apartment after a night of alcohol and marijuana.
“Whether or not the devil was involved, what happened in that apartment was sadistic and inhumane,” Jordan told jurors. “He said he had no regrets.”
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Next time you see performers like Marilyn Manson strutting around on stage, remind yourself, these performers have real victims. Innocent people like this girl are the real victims, and there are many more than her.  ~TD

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0 responses to “Think popular culture's dark threads are benign?

  1. I think I saw a “Zombie Barbie” in Target’s toy department today. What do we expect from our children if we are loading them up with this garbage?

    • I was talking with a few fellow older folks yesterday about the current zombie, vampire, werewolf and demonic themes that seen to be making up a core in entertainment???? targeted toward younger generations.

  2. What a horrible story!!!

    • Yes Siegfried, that is the reason I posted it. We need to be aware of what is going on, and not be lulled into a stupor by the popular culture.

      • I agree with you, traildustfotm!!! We need to be aware of what is going on. The sad part is that there are so few programs I can watch nowadays… the same with music!!! Pop culture has become a gigantic pile of trash, with very few exceptions… sad!!!

  3. Our souls cannot be sold because God is the proprietor

  4. I believe that some people can be indwelt by Satan. The music and movie industry have stars who flat out say “they made a pact with the devil”. Some have gone so far as to blaspheme against the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The adversary Satan looks for people to do his dirty work. A whole list of stars and musicians boast about giving themselves over to Satan for riches and fame. It comes with a price. The late Robin Williams stated that his comedy was successful due to the demonic spirits acting through him. I believe that some people, like the young murderers in this story, give themselves over to Satan. Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nix is a priestess of darkness and dabbles in the satanic occult, Kanye West, Morgan Freeman, Katy Perry, Bob Dylan, Beyoncé, and even Elvis Presley gave themselves over to dark forces. Some entertainers have said “some other power comes over them” that they can not control. Look at the trash music, kids listen to these days,which is from the pits of Hell. We have a generation now, raised by parents who followed Dr. Spock’s advice and it’s payback time. I never did like Elvis Presley and some people thought that was weird for my not liking him. I did not like the Beatles, because my discernment gave me warnings to not be pulled into their music. A group called the Eagles, sing about the occult, such as Witchy Woman, Hotel California, etc. We all have the choice of “free will” and we are responsible for what we fill our souls up with too. This generation is a death culture that carries on the work of Satan. Marilyn Manson makes my skin crawl from the evil he (or it )exudes. The murderers in this article should never be allowed into civil society and I hope they are put in prison for the rest of their devil lives and do some serious rotting. Leeann

    • Amen!

    • Leeann, that sums it up perfectly. I am horrified at the willingness of some people to be played like that by the devil.

    • I would disagree. These are still very young people – nowhere-near having their full physical neural facilities.
      I think we’re all in this together; for each person we throw away, we’re losing a part of ourselves and the chance to grow beyond ourselves & rise to the challenge of helping them properly. Seems to me they were brought-up in an already-rotting society, so how’s prison gonna be any different?
      And it’s not just the music industry that’s full of them, they’re chock-full in politics & big-churches as well.

  5. the worst part is that most incidents of this nature dont get discovered…

  6. Horrifying, but very important post, TD!

  7. Horrifying but necessary post. Which way to go on this? Manson heralded in a new wave of crime, yet he had a horrible childhood. Men in power had fairly decent childhoods, yet gave us a number of wars predicated on lies, and their decisions resulted in the deaths of millions.
    Yep. Thanks, George W. Bush, for helping us win the Culture Wars! To paraphrase Bob Dylan, “Here is your vote back, thanks for the loan….”
    We have to isolate ourselves from this debased culture to the extent we can. Wiemar Berlin has nothing on us!

  8. Does anyone know of a complete (almost) list of stars/celebs, etc., who have turned themselves over to the devil? We need to inform those who are unaware.

  9. We’re in the Last Days, folks!


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