Things you're wearing that could kill you…


Silk scarves

In one of the most infamous death-by-clothing-item stories, 50-year-old ex-dancer Isadora Duncan’s silk scarf became entangled in the open spokes of the car she was in, throwing her to the pavement and killing her instantly. The scarf in question was a hand-painted Roman Chatov silk scarf that her friend Mary Desti (who also witnessed the accident) had given to her. So, kiddos, remember — two and ten, buckle up, and keep your hands, feet, and scarves inside the vehicle at all times.

Platform Shoes

Super-high platforms, stilettos, and wedges may give you a boost, height-wise, but anyone who’s worn them knows that one misstep, and you can end up with a twisted ankle — or worse. Allegedly, a 25-year-old teacher in Japan died after falling from a 5-inch platform sandal and fracturing her skull, and another Japanese woman died in a car crash when her stiletto-clad foot couldn’t get to the brake in time. Yikes.

Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans might be the everyday pant for most women, but wearing too-tight pants every day might lead to meralgia parenthetic (MP), a form of itchy, burning, tingling nerve damage on the pelvis and upper thigh. According to Consumer News, skinny jeans are also responsible for bladder infections, yeast infections, dermatitis, blood clots, and a condition called lipotraphia semicircular, when your skin develops depressions due to constant and uneven pressure.

Wedding rings

If you have a ring that you never, ever take off (for most, that piece is a wedding ring), well…you might want to consider removing the sucker every once in a while. Oftentimes, as fingers change sizes due to weight gain, rings become stuck, and can cause a nasty variety of accidental injuries ranging from bruising and circulatory damage to — in some gruesome cases — the accidental loss of a finger.
Says surgeon Monica Wood, MD, from Northwest Hand & Orthopedics, “I remember one patient—a charming senior who did no heavy work. She got up on a step to put something on a shelf.  The step tipped and she reached to catch herself on the shelf. She very nearly lost her finger. Her ring caught on the shelf and ripped through the tissue, lodging itself in one of her joints.  Ouch!

Colored contacts

While wearing the latest crazy shades on your eyes (ooh, violet) can look rad, it can also be really dangerous if you don’t go to an optometrist first. Since contacts lay directly on your eyes, they need to be fitted correctly, especially if you plan to be wearing them for a long time. They also need to be cleaned properly — the last thing you want to deal with is bacteria in your eyes. Using contacts that haven’t been properly fitted and cared for can lead to infections and, in extreme cases, vision loss, so check in with your eye doctor first, before you decide to invest in new lenses.

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Dr. Eowyn
Dr. Eowyn
8 years ago

Thanks for these useful tips, DCG! I’ve often wondered about those ugly platform high heels that are in fashion today. Can women even walk in them?

8 years ago

I gave all my high heels to Goodwill about 7 years ago. It’s flats for me all the way…