Things that make you go “Hmmmmm?”

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It always comes out in the wash”  A phrase that I have used many times.  A phrase that many others have used many times. For those that are not familiar with this phrase it basic meaning is ” truth will always prevail.”  I would never use this phrase when it came to anything government related.  I had lost complete faith in the government.  It appeared that all common sense had “left the building.”  Not enough people were “doing the right thing”.  The ones that did were punished or treated as if it didn’t matter.  That is changing.  Slowly but still changing……….  For the better.  I hope these documents are of interest to you.  They speak for themselves.

Part of why the letter was sent,

I have no doubt Kavanaugh will be confirmed.  What if all this was just an attempt to run out the clock.  Perhaps an attempt to delay FISA transparency.  Something to think about.

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32 responses to “Things that make you go “Hmmmmm?”

  1. Update: Now the 523 law professors state Kavanaugh is not fit for SCOTUS because he acted unprofessional on the stand when he got emotional. It’s only one page of reading, the rest is list of signatures.

    • This is absolutely disgusting. These have to be leftist judges. Kavanaugh has worked for years with even handedness and fine emotional temperament according to all reports. So a Man can be unjustly accused and his name tarnished forever, and he is supposed to act like a robot. An utter absurdity.

    • Deplorable Patriot

      Yes that seems to be the move. Accuse them for something that is totally off the wall and make your judgement on how they react. So happy the swamp is being drained.

  2. The Bolshevik Democrats were able to keep Kavannaugh out of the current Supreme Court sessions. Now Bolshevik Operative Ford must be fully exposed to clear Kavanugh, which looks like its happening. In addition, the Bolshevik lying MSM must be demonopolized and broken up, something I’m hoping President Trump will be able to do.

    “Who controls the media, controls the mind” James Douglas Morrison

  3. I had never believed that a soon-to-be (next month) 53-year-old professional psychologist with THREE psychology degrees knew so little about polygraph (lie detector) exams that, when she took one, was so unfamiliar with the polygraph machine that she was overcome with fear and nervousness. Now we have the sworn statement from Christine Blasey Ford’s longtime boyfriend testifying to her having coached people on taking polygraph tests.

    Ford is a liar, faker, and a fraud.

    • Deplorable Patriot

      Amazing isn’t Dr Eowyn. What if Ford was CIA? Looking like it is a strong possibility.

  4. The friend she was coaching for polygraph is Monica McLean, an FBI special agent, Los Angeles Division. There’s some info out there about her and a former agent, Geral Sosbee. McLean is also one of the women who sent letters in support of Dr. Fraud…errr…Ford.

  5. liar, faker, fraud, all marks of mental illness.
    Associated with the CIA, the FBI, liberal institutions, never trumper, her lawyer from hillary’s circle, father and grandfather former cia, brother worked for company asociated with Fusion GPS, can’t rmember where or when or who was there. It goes on, and on. Coincidence? Not likely. The dems are so stupid that they keep using connected people, doing the same stupid stuff, which only fools their followers.

  6. Yes she is a liar faker and a fraud. Not only did McClean work for the FBI in the infamous SDNY under Prett Bharara. She abruptly quit right after DJT was elected.
    I believe this is also where Bromwich was employed in the Cohen investigation. hummmmm
    And ms Dr Fraud was in Rehoboth,DE, the 4 days before her letter to Dimfi from the 26-30th was sent. Never guess who lives in Rehoboth DE-yes her life long fraud friend ms FBI agent McClean.
    What a coinkydink…

  7. I need hi-res full sized images of the documents in this post, and very quickly. Can anyone help with this?

    Note: please, when you post images of documents, link to the original, hi-res image or document. If they are not important enough to take that extra step, then they are not important.

    • Deplorable Patriot

      Those are actually the Original links that I have. They are embedded in the page. Right click on the document and click copy link address. If I do not have a Hi-res image, I cannot provide you with one. Keep in mind also that some of my sources I cannot and will not reveal for obvious reasons. I take many extra steps to provide content such as this. Some information I get I am forced to wait for the official release. At least once a day I have someone from the CIA, Mossad or any other intelligence agency, that is pretending to be a patriot, strike up a conversation with me. Just this morning I got accused of being an agent for Mossad. That would all change if I ran in different circles. Not going to happen. I have to know the truth. I have yet to see it in High Res. So you see I take many many extra steps. 98% of the time I provide the exact same document that I see. The other 2% is when the image requires help due to the poor copy I received. If you feel that the appearance is more important than the data itself, that is your choice. There is not much I can help you with that. Thanks for your reply. remember right click.

  8. Rachel Mitchell had to have known all of this already, when she questioned Dr. Fraud last Thursday. That’s why she asked her specific questions about polygraphs. Good job, Ms. Mitchell!

  9. Now I want to see all these lying bimbos prosecuted for false accusations. There HAS to be made an example of people who are willing to ruin anthers life with lies.

    • Now, don’t you realize, Lana, that most of the media has an entirely different perspective from the true American people? We often may wonder where that perspective likely comes from.

      “JDCA Condemns Rising Anti-Semitism in the Age of Trump”
      [Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA)]

      “Since Trump was elected, we have witnessed a rise in anti-Semitism throughout the country. In an interview this week, JDCA expressed deep concern that anti-Semites have been emboldened in the Trump era, as demonstrated by neo-Nazis running for Congress and marching in the streets of Charlottesville or Washington. On Sunday, JDCA responded to an anti-Semitic incident at the home of a supporter of Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ), which was targeted with swastikas, profanity, and racist graffiti. In response, JDCA condemned the attack, and reiterated calls for the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) to join us in opposing the neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and Holocaust-deniers running for Congress as Republicans.” [Scroll down at the link]

      • Deplorable Patriot

        Thanks for your reply. I’m not quite sure what it has to do with the topic. It looks as if you are pushing your left sided opinion. Good luck with that.

      • I have never once wondered where that perspective comes from! The thing that gets me is that those of a certain tribe have an agenda that will benefit them and only them, and yet there is no shortage of useful idiots White Black or otherwise who support these totalitarian Marxist viewpoints and have NO clue what they are supporting- but then again, I guess that is why they call them useful idiots.
        Anti- Semitism comes along when the gentiles finally realize ( too late) there is a parasite among them working to suck the country dry and impose a tyranny on them by a tribe who hates everyone but their own.

        • Lana, I did know that you were conscious and aware about the source of our primary subversive problems, so excuse me for placing the comment in that way, but just needed an excuse to add in the comment, just as I’m going to do with the one below, since I can’t find a better place in which to leave it to make this pro-abortionist known to everyone possible.

          “Male Feminist [the photo indicates a likelihood that it’s a jew] Roundhouse Kicks Pro-Life Woman In the Face, Knocks Her Out”

          A tweet reported that, “He has not yet been found”.

          [Toronto]: “These people have gone insane.

          People who think the solution to an “unwanted” unborn child is to violently rip it, limb from limb, out of his or her mother’s womb, usually have no qualms resorting to violence with people outside the womb.

          Case in point, this male feminist who roundhouse kicked a pro-life advocate:”

          • Flanders, please don’t take the exclamation point at the end of my statement for any other than being emphatic and rhetorical, so there is no need to apologize. I WAS ignorant of this problem until about 10 years ago or so. WE all move past the brainwashing in our own time.
            Funny I posted the same video of the nasty male feminist on another thread ! I didn’t notice his looks, other than being ugly, but I sure noticed the pentagram on his neck.

            • There now seems to be a second one in Toronato, Lana. Whether a regular leftist doodle-bug or a pentagram scarab, I don’t know. I can’t view the video with my present settings.

              “VIDEO: Second Toronto pro-abortion activist assaults pro-life demonstrators”


              • Yes, the little lesbian in this one needs to be arrested for assault and battery. Apparently these insane creatures now believe that anyone with different opinions than theirs can be assaulted at will.

                Someone needs to disabuse them of that idea.

              • All I can say is these homosexuals whether gay or lesbian seem to be anything but “gay”. They seem to be miserable, vicious, people with chips on their shoulders a mile wide, and often look to getting into it with someone. I’ve seen it first hand as well. Isn’t it interesting that both of these incidents were with homosexuals who should by any measure not be concerned with procreation or the aborting thereof.
                They are malcontents who have been justified by the liberals to take their misery and self loathing out on others.

    • The prosector who interviewed her during the hearing asked her twice about whether she had ever coached anyone for a polygraph. It is obvious to me that she knew about her helping her friend with hers. This is lying to Congress just like the other accuser who was referred for prosecution.

      We all know they are shameless and will do anything to get their way. Feinstein actually had the gall to ask that the results of the investigation be funneled through her before release so as not to damage Blasey-Ford’s character. Of course it was perfectly alright for them to drag Kavenaugh through the mud.

      These Marxists are sick and playing by their rules. One thing the investigation has brought to clarity is that Ford is not an innocent pawn, she is a willing agent. She should be prosecuted and Kavanaugh should sue her. He’d better get on it before she spends all the “Go Fund Me” loot.

      All of this is right out of the Frankist play book.

      • “She should be prosecuted and Kavanaugh should sue her.”

        Here here, and lets add the other two lying bimbos to the list too. They have to be made to pay for this not only for their own evil, but to deter this kind of crap from happening again. Take them for everything they are worth.

    • She made an error by counting on her friend to deny the polygraph preparation allegations. Her friend is either a former or current FBI agent with a clearance. Look beyond that a minute to the fact that she was a signatory on a letter of protest about this claiming how virtuous her friend was while she knew otherwise.

      Lying is nothing to a Satanist. Lenin used to instruct his followers to do the same. His direction was to apply differing standards to the opposition.

      • Maybe I didn’t read the article well enough, but you said she counted on her friend to deny the polygraph prep allegations. Yes she obviously did, but since it is the former boyfriend who outed Ford as lying, couldn’t the friend now working for the FBI deny the boyfriends claim? If so then Ford counted correctly and it’s two against one….which may not be the point you were trying to make but when you mentioned the word ” error” the first thing I think of is something that goes wrong. Can we count that the FBI chick is going to all of a sudden tell the truth? I think not, in which case it seems like Ford calculated correctly.

        I never believed Ford was caught up in something and used by Dems. She’s has been in the thick of it from the get go, and the fact that everyone keeps saying the poor darling was used by Feinstein and the lawyers and yada yada makes me want to puke….but then I guess they have to keep up that phony dribble ” because she’s a woman!”

        • What I meant was that she was a signatory to a letter attesting to Blasey-Ford’s integrity, etc.. Now, she had to know that her “integrity” wasn’t as advertised.

          I don’t think she’s an innocent tool either. I think she’s a willing accomplice playing dumb.

        • To try and answer your question, as I understand it, yes she could. And she might, since apparently she no longer works for the FBI and she may no longer need a security clearance. I don’t know about the second part.

          My point was that, if she was still working for the FBI and/or needed her clearance, she would be unlikely to perjure herself. My “real” point was that the prosecutor, Mitchell, who questioned her was very good (contrary to popular belief) and had some prior knowledge of this or she wouldn’t have asked her two direct questions about it.

          I doubt that anything will come of it. They should never have lost control of this in the first place. They should have consistently called it what it was and not given any credence whatsoever to her scam.

          They are not obligated to investigate on demand. They practically put themselves on the defensive instead of maintaining, correctly, that the burden was on them. Even if they had “proven” something it was 36 years ago. The allegation was basically that she’d been groped.

          What they did was to play along and make this seem bigger than it was.

  10. Diane Feinstein was put out to pasture by her own party as we approach the November Senate elections. Mincing no words….she used this “ammo” provided to her by Ford, strategically, even THOUGH asked to keep Ford’s identity confidential, to not only delay a vote on the Supreme Court —but, so as to affect the November Senate elections….and to secure her tenuous “hold” after so many, many, many years on her own Senate seat. TERM LIMITS ANYONE??????? I’ve become a believer in the intent of our founders for a “citizen service-oriented” government: Serve you district and then GO HOME to your district!!!! Forthwith!!!! n Fienstien, Pelosi, et al….are fine examples of what ails our country.

    • Indeed. The last thing we want or need is a professional parasite class.

      • Good morning, Lophatt!

        I found this discussion between the three of you to be of the highest quality, and my interest is based on that, so kudos to you all: I gave each of you a like button hit.

        First and foremost, it shows the very high level of civility here, and secondly, you all raise important points of substance, which is all too rare in public discourse.

  11. Hmmmm????? What if? I keep thinking, “Follow the money,” or maybe I should just be thinking, “Follow the trail of influence……” (????). What about that old reliable: “Follow the connections….?”


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