Thief caught on video

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Furry Lives Matter!!!

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0 responses to “Thief caught on video

  1. OM Lord….this is making me sick at my stomach watching this LOL.
    Where was the camera? ADORABLE.

  2. Squirrels are wonderful to watch. Have em in my yard, they are always busy hiding goodies for later use. Great video.

  3. That was just too damned funny. Thanks for the break from the hideous daily news. MUCH appreciated!!!!!

  4. He doesn’t have a leg to stand on in court, caught red handed. Great coverage. Refreshing to watch.

  5. fun!

  6. He’s got some sharp claws!

  7. Cute!
    But I must have missed something. What exactly was the squirrel doing — and stealing???

  8. It must have been something that resembled food. It seems it was transmitting in real time so the guy could locate the camera.
    But maybe not, maybe he was watching the squirrels and just followed it.
    It’s really great the that commie DiBlazio introduced the concept of martial law to the nation, using snow for an excuse.


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