They've already built the Obama Presidential Library…

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Yup, That about sums it up.

Can you imagine…..
…and its already full of everything he knows.
~Steve~       H/T   Jean

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0 responses to “They've already built the Obama Presidential Library…

  1. It’s hard to tell from here, but is that a single seater or a two?

  2. A fitting tribute to the first “Shovel Ready” president!

  3. …better make a second story so the’bitter-half’ can have her wing

  4. perfect!

  5. I think they built the same one for Ted Kennedy and John Murtha! If not they SHOULD. TRAITORS TO THE BITTER END! They OVERBUILT the ones for Lincoln, Regan, Carter, Clinton, Roosevelt, Bush Sr., Eisenhower,
    Ford, Johnson, and Nixon some of the WORST presidents and now heroes
    , that gives a bad name to our REAL HEROES! WHEN are the American going to wake up and realise that these people helped run America DOWN, NOT help it UP? Like Ron White says” YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID”! Taking up for CROOKED POLITICANS makes America weaker! They SERVE us OR they are supposed to, and that is the difference, John Kennedy tried to end some of the BS, they killed him for it. I’m supprised Ron Paul is still alive, because the NWO hates him! Semper Fi.

  6. When they buried Murtha pallbearers were in short supply so the put him in a garbage can…only two handles so the problem was solved! Good riddance to that lying POS worthless scumbag. He was never a real Marine.


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