They're Watching Us On the Net

Useful info from the Wall Street Journal’s “What They Know“: on which marketers on the net spy on us the most.
The exposure index  is from “very high” (a lot of spying) to “low.” I’m relieved to learn that, the host of Fellowship of the Minds, has a “low” exposure index.
H/t BeatTheChip

Marketers are spying on Internet users — observing and remembering people’s clicks, and building and selling detailed dossiers of their activities and interests. The Wall Street Journal’s What They Know series documents the new, cutting-edge uses of this Internet-tracking technology. The Journal analyzed the tracking files installed on people’s computers by the 50 most popular U.S. websites, plus The Journal also built an “exposure index” — to determine the degree to which each site exposes visitors to monitoring — by studying the tracking technologies they install and the privacy policies that guide their use.

Site                               Exposure Index               Track                             Very High                              234                          High                                  131                                             High                                151                                High                                 118
photobucket                                            High                                 127                                                  High                                 207                                      Medium                                120                                                 Medium                                 89                                         Medium                                   117                                           Medium                                  106                                                 Medium                                  133                              Medium                                   72                                              Medium                                   72                                          Medium                                   83                                             Medium                                   81                         Medium                                  90                                           Medium                                   55                                               Medium                                 115                                                Medium                                   58                                     Medium                                   66                                            Medium                                   45                                            Medium                                   42                                           Medium                                    55                                       Medium                                   38                                             Medium                                    61                                      Medium                                 108                                                 Medium                                  60                                                  Medium                                   68                                            Medium                                    31                                                 Low                                           44                                         Low                                          36                                              Low                                          34                                Low                                        25                                             Low                                          32                                            Low                                          23                                         Low                                          20                                      Low                                          38                                           Low                                           21                                                 Low                                          59                                             Low                                          17                             Low                                           11                                               Low                                          14                                              Low                                         30                                       Low                                          41                                         Low                                           4                                            Low                                           8                                              Low                                         26                                 Low                                          6                                            Low                                        14                                          Low                                          4                                         Low                                          0

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