They're Coming!

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This astounding image, captured above the Crazy Mountains of Montana on New Year’s Day, looks like the first sign of an alien invasion.
In fact, it is a lenticular cloud, which often forms in a UFO-like saucer shape, triggering reports of extraterrestrial sightings.
Lenticular clouds (referring to their lens shape) are formed when moisture droplets are pushed up a steep slope, condensing into cloud on their way and warming up to return to water vapor as they move down the other side. These clouds hover high in the air, usually over the Andes, Himalayas or the Rockies.
Bright colours are sometimes seen along the edge of lenticular clouds, which are said to be the single biggest explanation for UFO sightings across the world.
Source: Daily Mail

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0 responses to “They're Coming!

  1. Very pretty…you have quite the eye 🙂
    I heard it was 70 degrees in Rapid City the other day…
    if those clouds herald a short winter ,I want to see more…
    but an invasion fleet,maybe not so much 🙂

  2. I’ve lived in Alaska, Montana, South Dakota, Arizona, Texas, Illinois, Ca., Colo., Mississippi, the Philippines, Guam, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands. Some of them twice. I don’t ever remember seeing those in the past. It’s only the last few years, that I have seen them at all. Maybe I am just not as observant as I thought.

  3. Beautiful!


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