They hid George Washington’s statue at MLK rally in SC

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This is the State House of South Carolina, in Columbia.

columbia SC state house

See that bronze statue in front of the steps?

It’s a statue of George Washington, leader of the American Revolution, Founding Father and first President of the United States of America.

Here’s a closer-up view of the statue from Shutterstock:


On Jan. 17, 2011, the NAACP sponsored a Martin Luther King Jr. Day rally before the State House in Columbia, SC.

This is what the NAACP did to the statue of the father of our country.

MLK day Columbia SC

John O’Connor reports for The State that photos from the MLK event showed a three-sided box with Washington’s statue visible only from behind the stage.

South Carolina NAACP Executive Director Dwight James said no offense was intended.

Yeah, right.

They were not trying to hide the statue.

Yeah, right.

The 3-sided box was intended to display a rally graphic and serve as a photo-and-television backdrop for the event’s speakers. “What we had constructed was a background with a graphic to be placed on it. We weren’t trying to obstruct anything.”

Yeah, right.

However, the graphic was not finished before the rally and could not be put in place.

Yeah, right.

The group had draped the founding father’s statue at previous rallies. MLK Day organizers have built similar structures around the statue dating back at least to 2007, according to The State newspaper’s archives.

However, most State House rallies, including an anti-abortion rally the Saturday before on Jan. 15, do not conceal the George Washington statue.

This what I think of the NAACP’s “explanation”:


H/t my friend John Molloy


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0 responses to “They hid George Washington’s statue at MLK rally in SC

  1. How disgusting.

  2. racist thugs

  3. Jerks!

  4. wow, how could someone do that??

  5. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this important post. We all know they have no right whatsoever to cover up this statue of President George Washington, which is the property of the people of South Carolina. I express my outrage at such evil and presumptuous behavior! Their excuses are _________!!!


  7. NAACP… skin color (and Leftist) first, American whenever it’s convenient.

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  9. More bizarre stuff that seems too stupid to even comment about. Why couldn’t they choose another spot, off to one side? It seems as if someone went to TOO much trouble on this, IMO.

  10. What I find so incredulous is that there is no purely “Black African” today in the USA…our families are mixed through centuries of immigrations, importations, migrations…and it’s even MORE confusing today (esp here in CA) with more than 2 races being mixed….so I have Black Hispanic Eurasian students…….And of course….every third student thinks they are Cherokee Indian on their grandma’s side….My point is…in reflections on this post……WTF are they representing? What color? How much of it? What do you have to do to qualify these days? Is there a “blood quantum” like in the various Indian Tribal Constitutions? Our OWN POTUS is NOT “Black.” He is at least 50/50 Black/Caucasion…AND…furthermore (can’t figure out why no one has thumped on this time and again yet) his Black African heritage was NOT from this continent….he NEVER shared a history with our American Blacks who descend from Blacks transported here from West Africa He does NOT share the same history of misery and oppression…and yet he pontificates as tho’ he did….as tho’ he has something in common…and to ME..this is the most strident example of racism ever—to claim heritage solely on COLOR, and not heritage or experience and culture. CHEAP POLITICAL TRICK.


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