They Dwell Among Us.

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A New Subspecies    

I have seen these at numerous places, so they are evidently reproducing.

I can’t imagine they can run very fast with those short legs

~Steve~                             H/T    Jean

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0 responses to “They Dwell Among Us.

  1. It’s perfect! As we say up North in the deep bush, “It couldn’t be better….”

  2. I love it Steve!
    I wouldn’t call it evidence of Evolution, but it’s a pretty good example of mutation.
    If it spreads by virus, I don’t want my son to catch it.
    ~ TD

  3. His momma needs to walk up behind him and just slap the living crap right out of him! Semper Fi.

    • Vic, My Son turned his hat around and kinda lowered his pants…..ONCE!
      My wife grabbed him by the ear before I could get to him, lets just say that’s one thing not tolerated around here. To be honest it’s a pretty good neighborhood and the kids for the most part don’t walk around acting like thugs.

  4. So you all know who or what they are, the BREED IS CALLED:
    FU _ _ _ NG IDIOT!! AND unfortunately they multiply like rabbits as they have no idea what birth control is nor do the care. They can always depend (so they have been taught to believe) on their Uncle Sam!

    • Several years ago the federal gubbmint of Holland decided they had enough of pregnant young teens come whining to the State to support them w/their love child [I’m being sarcastic here]. So they LOWERED the age of consent to 13, and declared in essence that ‘As you feel you are mature enough to have a baby, we applaud your thinking and wish you all the best. You will no longer receive ANY benefits, but yr child will, from birth to age 18. We suggest you report back to yr parents and see about moving back home.”
      Well you can imagine how very well THAT went over w/the parents, who had grown comfortable w/the State looking after everything. I believe it took about five years and the teen birth rate dropped off a cliff, and responsible sex was the order of the day. If anyone has info more recent, please post it.

    • A.k.a. “Democrat”

  5. Not even attractive…

    • Not even ugly, just weird! Looks to be related to the ‘grey aliens’ I’ve seen in videos & UFO reports. So stupid they don’t know their waist size, or perhaps cannot count past ten in one breath….

  6. To anonymous……good call! I’m sure this one is still waiting for his free phone.


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