They Don't Want Rahm Emanuel For Chicago Mayor

Wayne Madsen is a longtime Washington D.C.-based investigative reporter. His sources in Chicago say Rahm Emanuel — Obama’s psychopathic chief-of-staff rumored to be leaving the administration sinking ship — is unelectable as mayor of the windy city. Can’t happen to a better guy!

Emanuel “unelectable” as mayor of Chicago

September 22-23, 2010
(This is an exclusive Wayne Madsen Report. Access to his exclusive reports costs only $7 a month for individual subscribers.)
The word from Democratic and Republican sources in Chicago is that White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel is “unelectable” as mayor of Chicago.
Emanuel is expected to resign well before the November 22, 2010, filing deadline but Democratic and Republican sources have said that Emanuel’s negative poll ratings are extremely high in Chicago.
Emanuel has been meeting with other potential candidates, including Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr., who reportedly told the White House chief of staff he would forego the race for mayor if Emanuel entered it. But other African-American leaders, especially in Chicago’s Southside, the home of President Obama, have reported that Emanuel is almost universally disliked there because of his treatment of and comments about the Congressional black leadership, some of whom, like Representative Charles Rangel (D-NY) lost their gavels as a result of Emanuel’s wish to limit the influence of the more liberal black leadership in the House of Representatives.
Although Obama is likely to endorse Emanuel, the president’s image is not better than Emanuel’s in Chicago’s Southside. The blighted neighborhoods just a few blocks from Obama’s gentrified Hyde Park residence near the University of Chicago have seen few benefits from Obama’s “stimulus” aid.
Emanuel has only run for office in the north Chicago Fifth Congressional District and he has no experience in ward-by-ward citywide politics. WMR has also been informed by our sources in Chicago that the “Man’s Country” gay bath house story about Emanuel and Obama has made its way around Chicago and in conservative Catholic, mostly Slavic and Irish wards, Emanuel is seen as a tainted candidate. In wards with heavy Muslim and Arab-American populations, Emanuel’s family’s ties to Jewish terrorists in Palestine and his father’s statement likening Arabs to cleaning women has made him a much despised figure among Muslims and Arab-Americans. For many Chicagoans who support former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, nixing Emanuel’s plans to run for mayor is seen as a political payback for someone who is seen as being behind the indictment of the former governor.
National Democratic Party big wigs sense the vulnerability of Emanuel and are seen as behind plans by former Senator Carols Moseley-Braun to run for mayor. Other names mentioned for the 2011 mayoral election include Representative Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) and incumbent Mayor Richard Daley’s brother, William Daley, who served as President Clinton’s Commerce Secretary.

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this coming campaign for mayor of chicago would be a great boon to the reality tv people. the discover channel ought to film and document every move and counter move by the clowns running for king richies old job. we can watch the black candidates trying to be more black then their competitors knowing that blacks will only vote for the black candidate.