They Die For You

I pray that those who would destroy our country and our way of life would just acknowledge this simple truth. But I doubt that they will.

The truth will set you free.

~ Grif

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Reuben G.
Reuben G.
3 months ago

Ain’t that the truth? That they’d have the ears to hear…Kyrie eleison.

Steven Broiles
3 months ago

I do not agree with everything American foreign policy has wrought. Nor do I agree with the Presidents since Truman who have lied their way into war for the benefit of either the military-industrial complex or other nations (read: the UN or Israel). But I thank and salute the men and women of our great Armed Forces who gave the Ultimate Sacrifice on America’s behalf. Not having served is one if my regrets, but I was a screwed up kid 40 years ago. As America and the world move farther into unchartered territory, we are going to need God’s Grace—and… Read more »

3 months ago

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