They Came, They Lied , They Trashed the Capital

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In typical liberal fashion, the union thugs/pigs come in to Madison, Wisconsin carrying their signs and spouting lies and they leave the capital trashed with their garbage. These people are truly dispicable, the lowest form of human being.
Gov Walker, please DO NOT backdown or compromise with these thugs, the majority of the people in this country ARE behind you and support what you are doing.
If these protestors do not return to work soon, I say fire them. Also I say that these so-called physicians that are passing out work excuses to the protestors are committing fraud and should have their state medical licenses suspended/revoked immediately.
Tom in NC
Photos courtesy of the Roycroft Report and Althouse blogs

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0 responses to “They Came, They Lied , They Trashed the Capital

  1. Mad Angel is on FB

    interesting….CNN told a completely different story this morning

  2. Quite a contrast to what the Tea-parties and the recent March for Life in D.C. left behind. NOTHING! But of course, not even pseudo-conservative Fox News covered the March for Life.

  3. Ha ha! Love the headline.

  4. Bet, they’ll all do something to symbolically “hug the planet” on Earth Day.

  5. ha, one of the signs, “they care for your child”….yet so much for caring to clean up after yourself. Absolute pigs!

  6. Collective responsibility: “Social justice” means not having to be considerate, charitable or possessed of any kid of cleanliness.

  7. Not surprising. I live in Wisconsin and I think the Milwaukee Public Schools have a 55% drop out rate. So, we pay all these teachers very well and give them golden handcuff retirement and health care, but they cannot even motivate 50% of the students to stay in school!!!
    I’m sick of hearing what martyrs they are. Then to look at this mess they make — makes a person wonder if they’re humans or PIGS.

  8. CNN will always spin a story to positively influence the Libtard agenda.
    Gov Walker should do a “Ronald Reagan” on the strikers and start fresh.

  9. “useless idiots”

  10. Wow I sense a little “Deja Vu” here like say after the presidential election, the so called “one nation” fiasco and every other lefty get together.
    Keep it up guys you just keep making our point.


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