These people vote!

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Watch this video and weep.

H/t our beloved Miss May.

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0 responses to “These people vote!

  1. How is that possible??? US has most of the best universities in the world? How can a country with such high standards in education be housing a bunch of ignorants like those? Schools can’t be that bad?

  2. Scared of that. Even if anyone learns anything, it gets shoved right out of their heads watching dumbed down programming – I mean Snookie? Celeb Rehab? All those shows show “pretty” stupid people. I put quotes around pretty because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but also because this is what they are being taught is “pretty”. Gotta be a good airhead!!

  3. (Ok, they aren’t necessarily “pretty” on Celeb Rehab, just stupid. But look at Jersey Shore!)

  4. I can’t watch those segments…yet another argument for
    home-schooling. I tune out just as quickly as when
    OSotero or his minions start their lies.

  5. Behold, the Demo-rat base for 2012… you can’t make this stuff up.


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